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Leg And Butt Toning Workout, 10-Minute Workout, Class FitSugar

strengthening your lower body makes everyday activities easier so join us for this great lower body workout to build your strength endurance and coordination all right you guys I got my favorite fit sugar girls here Susie and Alana and we’re ready to get started grab a pair of free weights anything from five to ten pounds it’s going to give you a resistance for the workout we’re gonna start with your basic squat great exercise to start warming up the lower body you want your feet about shoulder width apart you’re gonna go bending those knees you want to get those hips back lower down come up nice and tall you want to keep that chest high keeping the weight on the heels of your feet good nice job ladies up and downs is a great warm-up for that low back Lutz quads and we’re just getting it started looking good looking good up and down keep working back and forth now we’re gonna go one more you guys come up and we’re going to go into a nice little reverse lunge so feet start together you’re gonna take a step back you want to bend that back knee gentle come up nice and tall you can keep your balance or touch together whatever you’ve got in your balance today and in that strength on that leg lower it down come up nice and tall keep your abs tight so your chest stays nice and high and you’re not hunching forward that’s really important back and forth good you guys got your valleys nice work ladies it changes daily all right all right good one more here and then let’s switch so bring that foot down dropping the other knee down oh my balance is getting tested on this side and that’s why it’s good to work both sides of your body individually sometimes you are stronger on one side and the other yeah it’s important to try and balance that off oh good dropping it down yep bring it back I like that this is a stretch and then Moodie yeah exactly and make sure you press through that heel on the way up really activate your glue that’s really important good and relax okay nice job you guys okay so next going into a sumo squat you want your feet about shoulder width apart okay a little wider toes slightly pointed out can have those weights either in here or just dropping into the middle we’re gonna keep them right tall squat it on down bring those knees out wide keep those glute muscles tight and then come up nice and tall good lower it down nice and easy good and come up nice and tall this is really important to keep that posture you really want to keep those knees out wide keep that chest up high and you’re working that inner thighs glutes how you feeling good awesome we’re gonna go down and up get a couple reps and then we’re gonna hold it we’re gonna pause here at the bottom really getting a nice little pulse ready ladies uh-huh let’s pulse good squeeze those glutes this really focuses on the low glutes I feel that you got a squeeze squeeze the glutes as you’re pulsing as you come up a little bit nice work this one’s tough good and come up nice and tall so quads everything’s working now we’re going to go into a nice little side lunge and curtsy combo okay so you’re going to take a step out to the side you want to keep that knee and toe forward keep that chest high come up you can either balance or lightly touch down and they’re going to go into a little curtsy lunge this is very dynamic so if you have to practice this a few times slow and then get into it you’re up curtsy lunge good balance in the middle is really hard you’re going nice little side lunge and curtsy using those glutes you guys can do whatever you want with those weights you can either add a little curl okay we’re just keeping them down to the side just hanging a little arm motion yeah good let’s go with the other side you guys ready right side lunge good chest high coming up and curtsy drop it back side lunge I like how this gets the inner thighs out me – yes exactly going up drop it down and it requires that balance or inner and outer size is important to work that lateral side of the body inside and out side good last one here you guys look awesome one more to the side curtsy nice job now we’re gonna go with a single legged hop keep your weight in your hands if you want okay but this is challenging with a little extra weight so I wouldn’t blame you if you set him down alright just firing up that lower leg calves yeah jailbot good work now we’re gonna stay on that same foot balancing we’re going to do a one-legged touch so bend that knee then that hip touch it down come up nice and tall if you have to touch in the middle that’s okay but you’re going down with one leg bring that knee up drop it down good balance you guys awesome work ladies I always be honest in my lower leg like your calves calves the outside of the shin yep my arch everything’s working so important to work the muscles of the feet and the calves and the shins last one and then let’s switch other side single legged hop down low nice work you guys nice little hop a couple more seconds – feeling that burn and then we’re going to pause here we’re going to go down to the touch so bend that knee and hip touch it down come up tall bend that knee and hip come up nice and tall you guys look awesome I know your booty should be work and you want to keep a flat back here really important to use the hips so bending that knee bending that hip last one whoa awesome we’re gonna let Suzy take us down to the floor all right I’m gonna we don’t need our weight to the next exercises and we’re gonna come down onto all fours alright now we’re going to do some leg circles with just the knees you’re gonna bring the right leg out to the side Circle it back and bring it down and do that again out to the side back and down you’re really focusing on moving just the leg in the hip socket keeping the pelvis nice and stable mm-hmm so working the deep muscles around the glutes they give you a little bit of lift of your booty so we want exactly important to work we’re going to do two more in this direction last one now we’re going to reverse so you’re going to go back to the side and in back to the side and in keep circling that leg we’re confi lling your low abs point up to help keep your pelvis stable as the leg moves so yeah that makes a big difference yeah all right good two more times this direction great now we’re just going to lift the leg out to the side and kind of pause squeeze it at the top and bring it down out to the side and down up to the side I really feel it on my stability leg to the one that had on the ground yeah it’s kind of nice doing double-duty mm-hmm wait till we get to the other side always fun I like working the small muscle groups of the hips yeah one more on this side right now we’re going to switch sides we’re going to do the circles on the left so the left knee goes out to the side it circles back and down out to the side circle back and down keep on going so remember those low abs are working and really focus on moving the leg and the hip socket that’s important not shifting the hips I just think that it makes a big that it makes it easy if you let your hips rotate it’s no cheating no TD two more in this direction we’re going to keep you honest okay now we’re gonna reverse to go to the back to the side and in the back side and in this direction always feels a little bit more awkward but it’s harder to stabilize the pan but I feel like if it’s awkward it’s got to be effective you know it’s doing something great we’re gonna do one more here and fill my arms with yeah okay now we’re gonna just open out to the side so I’m gonna look feel like out to the side down out to the side and down think of squeezing it a little bit at the top once again focusing on just the leg moving keeping the pelvis stable we’re halfway there that pause really makes a difference posit yeah nice little squeeze burn two more great all right now I’m going to pass it to Z and she’s going to teach us the clam perfect alright so let’s get down on our left side here cradle our head in our hand nice and stable and you’re gonna open your knees keep your heels together and close open close there you go I try to keep your hips stable you don’t want to shift back and forth stability through your core through your hips you’re really working through your hip flexors here if you’re getting deep into those stabilizing and rotating muscles working your glutes ladies I feel that right through the upper glutes incise outer thigh all the way down going it’s really hard not to compromise and rotate those hips exact to keep them still is tough and focus on the movement when you when you’re mindful of what you’re doing when you really pay attention you’ll feel a deeper burn great so you might be shaking now which is great it’s really maximizing put the burn here and that’s all good keep it going all right we’re going to switch sides okay get in our right side same movement just as good ladies open let’s keep those heels together and you can use your other hand for stability as well you know but really try to challenge your core to stabilize yeah sometimes I like to put my hand on my top hit to like monitor what’s going on with my oh good tip Suzy I like that right more who and that’s a rat I love it you
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