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LEFTOVERS Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S2 E17 | Sorted Food

(bright music) – I don’t know what to do! (bright music) (egg cracking) (flame burning) – That’s annoying! – Looks terrible. – [Mike] We’re hiding these. – [Ben] Ow! – What is going on here? – This is a joke! – Where’s the dish? – This should be really obvious! – [Janice] Oh dear, oh dear. – Here we go again, what we doing? – [Janice] Today’s theme is fridge raid. I would like a delicious dish using any leftovers you can find in the fridge. Top marks will be awarded for creativity, so feel free to think outside the box. – Don’t say that! Top marks for creativity
is just basically pouring petrol on a fire! – My expertise is raiding the fridge. I usually do it during
the middle of the night, not the middle of the day
but I’ll make it work. – Well we’ve got 50 minutes,
have we got an order? – [Janice] The order will be decided on who has the smallest middle finger. Smallest to largest. – I wondered where that was going. So hang on, I reckon James is probably on the long finger brigade. Come on, look at that! Line your knuckles up. – Okay. – Whoa! – No let’s get it this way. – Same, same. – Photo finish, photo finish. – Mine’s longer. – Ebbers, good luck. – See you in 10. (cheerful music) – [Janice] One at a time, the boys have 10 minutes to cook and
add to a final dish. The remaining team will have
no idea what is being cooked until they step into the kitchen. (buzzer) – Right. Found some absolute
delights in the fridge. Got a couple of ideas. We’ll start by heating
up the chicken stock. That presumably is stock
leftover from our roast chicken and then I’m also gonna
make some lovely veg. I’m gonna do a combination
of courgette and leek, so green kind of relatively
fresh summery veg. Chunk up, I’m gonna use it with garlic to form the basis of like, a
purée thick soup kind of thing but then to stir the
purée through the grains, you get this kind of really
sort of silky texture that all of our chicken which, I’m gonna actually leave it there but I’m gonna let somebody else
work out what to do with it. Essentially the use of leftovers is how do you take the same ingredients and take them to either a
different part of the world or a different style of
food, so you don’t get bored of the same thing
two nights in a row. That’s my plan. Little bit of oil. We’ll start off with the leek. One clove of garlic
going in with the leeks and one I’m just gonna crush and put in with the chicken stock and I’m gonna go heavy black pepper. Janice, you couldn’t just pop
that full of water, could you? – [Janice] It would be an honour, Ben. – Thank you. (Ben laughs) She’s very accommodating today. – [Janice] Well, new year, new Janice. – Janice said to think outside the box. I don’t know how original,
well it’s not original at all but I think quite cool is
if you’ve got Parmesan, which is the cheese I nearly
always have in the fridge and a little bit goes quite
a long way in so many dishes but today I’m just gonna
make some Parmesan crisps and I think some of those
on top of whatever we do, just takes leftovers to– – [Janice] Your jug’s full. – Thanks, Janice! Just four or five
minutes, high temperature. It’ll be perfect for Jamie to take out. Leeks softening, courgette going in. Stock to cook the fregula but I’m gonna make kind of
the almost thick soup meets purée with a little bit
of dairy in the courgette. Oh I don’t, I want to do a lot more but I also don’t want to do any more ’cause I know it just gets,
people get wound up with that. Oven is up to temperature, about 200. These are gonna go in and
I really hope he looks. (buzzer) I’m as excited as you are to
see whether this turns out. I’m gonna give myself a
strong seven and a half. Jamie! (whimsical music) (buzzer) – Whoa! ♪ There’s some smells in the house ♪ ♪ There’s some smells in the house ♪ ♪ There’s some sme– ♪ Ooh chicken wings. Leftover chicken. What’s going on here? Oh that is foamy AF, what is that? Is that leeks? I can’t see, it’s too steamy! What are these? I have no idea what those grains are. I’ve gotta do something. I’ve got to do something. Surely those grains need
to go in some boiling water and they boil and then they cook. – [Izzy] J, what’s in the silver pan? (Jamie sighs) – Mm. I’ve just had a thought. (Izzy laughs) – [Izzy] Shut up! (Jamie laughs) – I’ve just had a thought
that wasn’t guided by anybody else in the
studio apart from in my brain and my brain alone. What if I put those grains in this garlic stock? Why don’t we drain the garlic out of this? The garlic’s done its job,
that’s something chefs say. We can throw that away,
that’s absolutely fine. They’re gonna go in here
and they will do something. Ebbers, what is that? Right, I have absolutely no idea what this dish is going to be. That’s some cooked chicken,
why don’t we fry that off to get some heat into it? We’re gonna cut up the chicken and we’re gonna put it
into a pan, you know, it’ll become somebody
else’s problem again. For me, leftovers are great
for putting into other dishes, so take some leftovers,
stick it into an omelette. Take some leftovers, stick it into… You know, a sandwich. (Jamie sniffs) That’s oil. Probably. (Jamie sighs) No, we’ve just got– Ooh yes. One of the things I love to do with my leftovers is add flavour in the form of harissa. Does harissa go with whatever that is and whatever they are? We will find out. Yeah! Some chicken in there. (buzzer) Think we can all agree that the maximum I deserve there is two. One (Jamie laughs) for putting grains into garlic water and another one for adding harissa and starting to fry some chicken. Other than that, I did nothing. Barry, it’s up to you! (upbeat music) (buzzer) – Okay! This is my sort of thing, leftovers. What we got going on? What the hell is that? Smells cheesy. What smells weird? Something smells weird and
I can’t work out what it is. – [Janice] Proclaimed Barry,
whilst not checking the oven. – There’s a bit of funk to
it, is it from Parmesan? (upbeat music) Must be. What? What are we making? I think it just needs more
stuff, what have we got? Lime pickle. Oh stuff it, let’s just go colour. Beetroot! Right, I’ve just picked up
things that I’ve been using quite a lot at home recently. What are we gonna do? Janice said be creative, so I’m listening. Lime pickle in with that chicken. It’s gonna be brilliant,
it’s gonna give it some heat, it’s gonna give it some sharpness. It’s some bold, nutty,
bonkers flavours in this one but I think that’s what it needs, everything’s a bit bland at the moment. Sure this cous cous is
done, so let’s drain that. I’m gonna grate this straight into here. Bold flavours, Baz, I’ve just gone for it. Hob off Barry, ’cause that’s hot. Going in the cous cous,
I don’t know what that is but it’s going in ’cause
I think that will work. It’s vibrant, it’s bonkers, look at that! Look how cool that is! And I’ve got a minute left. I could do something else. Why the hell not, Barry? What else is in the fridge? There’s so many things in the
fridge that could be used! Anchovies. Anchovies! Umami! (Barry laughs) Little chef tip: add some
anchovies to your dish for a hit of umami straight away. Am I going in? Going in, natural umami. (Barry laughs) I’ve been silly. I’ve really enjoyed myself there, so I’m gonna give myself an eight ’cause that’s all that
matters, enjoy yourself. James? Don’t hate me. (rock music) (buzzer) (frenetic music) (James chuckles) – Okay, what have we got? We’ve got some giant cous cous. Oh. Got some chicken. What the… Jesus Christ. I feel like Ben might
have put those in there. There’s anchovies in this. Weird, weird, weird. I think we’re gonna go
heavier on the beetroot, make it really really pink hopefully. I might turn the cous cous
into like, a yogurt-y thing if there’s some yoghurt in the fridge. Why is there harissa? What is going on? Where’s the dish? That’s classic. That’s a thing. Look, I raided the fridge. I hope it’s yoghurt,
I think it’s yoghurt. This is gonna go in here, shall I do it? Yeah, I’ll do it. I’ll do it. – [Janice] Nice to see James buying into the attitude of the episode here. (James laughs) – It’s like, that might’ve
been a mistake, you know? Yu… Ooh. Yum. I feel like it could take more lime pickle and I don’t know how chopped it is. I’m kind of going from bit
to bit here, I don’t like it. You can tell I’m confused ’cause I’m like, going
from element to element. There’s only two elements. This doesn’t have a
lot of room to be good. Oh no, no! That was meant to go in there. Well, we’ll embrace it. That doesn’t taste that bad. I’m cool with it, that’s fine. What’s in the fridge? Not very much. Okay, I’m thinking maybe this needs to be a little salad-y thing or something, so I’m gonna do some cucumber ribbons. Not cucumber, you know
what I mean, courgette. Uh… – [Janice] Here we go again, people. Yep, he’s gone and Spaffed it. – Just a little bit of oil. You’ll notice that I
just completely ignored the Parmesan crisps. Either Ben put those in and
nobody checked the oven, which I just cannot even
imagine to be the case after however many Pass It Ons or somebody else put them
in, thinking this was gonna be a very different dish. (buzzer) I don’t think I did very well but I think we have to
take into consideration what I walked in on. I’m gonna say I moved it
along and give myself a seven. Yeah, Mike! (upbeat music) ♪ He’s the man ♪ (buzzer) – Okay, okay. It’s not too chaotic, which is good. What is this? That is so random. What else is there? I don’t know what this is. Oh guys! (upbeat jazz) What on earth do I do with this? What am I doing with this? How are we picturing this dish? Let’s plate it up. So… What am I doing here? (upbeat jazz) How do I picture this? I don’t, that’s the problem! This has got two components with about 47 ingredients in each. (upbeat jazz) Here goes. Oh no! I hope it tastes good. I have no idea what I’m doing
here, it’s stressing me out. I’m literally leaving it there. I’m gonna wipe it because you know, don’t want
it to look bad or anything. I’m not confident in adding anything in case it completely ruins it. Does it need any fresh herbs? Maybe something. I’ll do some fresh herbs. I’m gonna raid the fridge! I’ve got a bit of parsley,
not that it needs it at all. This is purely for looks and
I know what you’re thinking, “Mike, it already looks amazing!” (upbeat jazz) (buzzer) I feel like I was backed
into a corner of failure and could I have done something different? Absolute yes. Three. (upbeat music) (applause) Okay guys, would you like to de-blindfold on three, two, one. I don’t even want to see your reactions. – Yeah that’s exactly what I expected. – Not dissimilar. – Whoa! – [Ben] To what I thought. Funny colour. – [James] Looks good. – What? Does it look good? – [Barry] I’m okay with it. – Well let me just say, I had
no idea what I walked into, had no idea what I left and I have no idea what’s on that plate. So all in all, yes. – [Janice] The boys have
made pink beetroot fregula with harissa chicken, courgette ribbons and lashings of lime pickle throughout. – So I picked up a bunch of ingredients. I thought chicken, Parmesan,
courgette, fregula. – You thought Parmesan? – I grated some Parmesan
on to some baking tray and put them in the oven to
make some Parmesan crisps. I put them in as a left, thinking they’ll only
need four or five minutes, Jamie will sort that. – That makes sense. – Mm. – I was tasting things, and I was going, “Why
does it taste cheesy?” It was the aroma from the oven that was– – They were still in the
oven when you were there? – Yeah. – Oh Ebbers, look at them. – Delicious! – Look at that.
– Well done you. – Parmesan crisps is a great
use of leftover cheese. It’s a shame they didn’t make it. – You know what, they are
pretty bad, aren’t they? – Yeah.
– [Mike] Acrid. – How’s that so bad? It started off okay. – [Mike] It grows on you, doesn’t it? – Wow! Right, I’m excited by this. – Cheers. – Cheers. (upbeat music) There’s a lot of lime pickle everywhere in that, isn’t there? – You’re right, it tastes
of nothing but lime pickle. (Jamie laughs) – I mean, it tastes delicious but you could also just
eat some lime pickle and save yourself 50 minutes. – Yeah. That is one of the most
disappointing for a long time. – Ebbers, what did you rate yourself and is this a pass or a fail? – I gave myself a seven and a half. I think that’s a fail. – Yeah, you should downgrade yourself. – Yeah. Seven and a half is almost as punchy as the lime pickle in that. I thought I did pretty well,
so I gave myself an eight. (Jamie and Mike laugh) I’m joking! I gave myself a two. – Good.
– Okay. – That was for each of
the things that I did. (Mike laughs) – And pass or fail? – Oh Ebbers, don’t even bother. – For me, it all worked and I don’t know what
you’re talking about, I really like that dish. I gave myself an eight and
that is a fantastic pass. (Jamie laughs) – Eight out of 10 and a pass! – I gave myself a seven. It’s horrible but I give it a pass. – Pass? How can you justify the pass? – [Ebbers] Based on what? – I like lime pickle. (laughing) – Okay, so I think I gave myself a four. – [Janice] It was a three. – ‘Cause I didn’t do anything. I’m astounded that a dish that contains so may
different flavours can overwhelmingly only taste of one thing and so, for that reason, I’m
gonna have to give it a fail. – Oh! – [Barry] So close, it was so close. – [Jamie] It’s the right answer. – I was making my way over to– – I’ve lost the will to live but over to you, what do you think? Comment down below. Was that pass or was that a fail? And put us in order because… – But that’s genius. – It’s not anything to do with that. (Mike and Jamie laugh) – So I’m guessing you
guys don’t want leftovers. – [Mike] Have you ever got
to the end of a long day with no ideas, ingredients
or energy to cook? Takeaway? Mm, it’d be the fourth this week. Well that’s why we built our
revolutionary Meal Packs app. Thousands of people are
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in its entirety for free for a whole month and see if it’s for you. The link is in the description box below. (upbeat jazz) And now for the blooper. (beep) (Ben claps) – Oh god. – I wouldn’t be able to
find my hands to be able to do that, very clever.
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