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LEARNING TO DIVIDE: DIVISION | Educational Videos For Kids

[Music] hello friends welcome to a new happy learning video today we’re going to learn a very easy and very necessary mathematical exercise today we are going to learn to divide [Music] dividing is the most generous mathematical operation because it means sharing dividing is taking a quantity of something and sharing it in equal parts for example if we have six bananas [Music] and we divide them between three monkeys each monkey gets one and two bananas we already know that dividing is distributing but how do you do the mathematical operation well it’s very easy using this sign which is like an angle there are other signs that also mean dividing like these but we’re going to use the angle if we have four buckets full of water and we have to divide them between two thirsty camels in the middle of the desert how would we do it well it’s very easy we place the four which represent the buckets that we have to divide here and the two which represents the camels that are going to receive them here and very easily we divide the buckets [Applause] and each camel gets two buckets so four divided by two is equal to two how cool apart from dividing we have also given the poor camels a drink knowing how to divide is really important for day-to-day life we do it all the time but what happens when we have a very large amount let’s imagine that we have 16 carrots and we have to divide them amongst four rabbits how many carrots do they each get let’s calculate it by performing the mathematical process step by step it would be to write 16 which are the carrots we have to distribute among four which are the rabbits we have to distribute the carrots to we have to know that dividing is the opposite of multiplying so to know how much sixteen divided by four is we have to know what number multiplied by four gives us a total of sixteen that’s why it’s very important to know the times tables let’s try four times one four four times two eight four times three twelve four times four sixteen ah here we have the number we were looking for and we put it here now we subtract 16 from 16 and as we don’t have anything left under the 16 we put a zero so 16 divided by 4 equals four and we don’t have any carrots left over the division is exact look how happy the rabbits are but what would happen if instead of 16 carats we had 17. let’s see what number multiplied by 4 gives me 17 well let’s multiply 4 times 1 4 four times two eight four times three twelve four times four sixteen four times five twenty oh no that’s too much so we’ll have to go back to the previous one the four so we put the four here and the 16 here now we subtract the 17 and the 16 17 minus 16 equals 1 which we place here so 17 divided by four is still four but we have one left we have one carat left and since there is one remaining this is an integer division and not an exact division like the other one dividing is still really fun and easy right we already know what it means to divide and we also know how to do the mathematical equation now we are going to know the parts of the division that are the dividend the divisor the quotient and the rest the dividend is the amount that we are going to distribute in this case it is the number 17 because there are 17 carats that we are going to distribute the divider is the part between which the dividend will be distributed since there are four rabbits the number four is the dividend the quotient is the amount each pot gets if each rabbit gets four carats the quotient is number four and the rest refers to the amount that is left over in this case we have one carrot left over which to the displeasure of the rabbits is what we will keep for the next day we already know how to divide but there is something we have to remember and that is that zero divided by any number always equals zero because if there is nothing to divide nobody will get anything that’s pretty clear right well now that you know how to divide you’ll have to go over the times tables the times tables are essential for dividing because if you know that 3 times 2 equals six you will remember that six divided by three is two and that six divided by two is three goodbye friends dividers or distributors see you in the next video [Music] you
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