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LEARN HOW TO COOK – Handle It – Steak Bacon ‘N Cheese Eggroll (feat. Tony Hawk!)

says it’s not exactly Epic Meal Time this is handle it every Saturday we teach people how to cook on Tuesdays we make the big meal Oh what’s up suckers welcome to handle it instructional cooking show our Lee aka sauce boss aka the rabbi of realness I’m Tony Hawk you know that one skateboarder they compared snow so today on handle it we’re gonna make it whatever Tony wants cuz he’s our guest so we can make today Chinese egg rolls all right an egg roll like a big egg roll we’re gonna put inside of it meat sake what else cheese what else bacon a good law said so we’re going to make an egg roll of steak and cheese and bacon alright so if you want to make this bad ass egg go and follow along with us here are the tools you’re gonna need got a frying pan these are baking sheet these are tom this is a spatula destin a cutting board mixing bowl sauce pot and this is a deep frying lowering operatic you can use whatever you want them figure it out here are the ingredients you’re going to need 1/2 a cup of ice water too large and just cups of all-purpose flour clicking oil boneless steak seal jalapeno peppers 2 white onions steak seasoning and 1/2 pound of cheese of your choice ok first thing you want to do is dice up your onions and your jalapeno peppers and I leave the seeds in because I like it spicy so deal with it then you want to lightly fry the onions and jalapenos and you keep minier until the onions become translucent know what that means writers we’re going to do first things first we’re going to take one egg then you want to take your cold water add half of it beat that egg up okay now take your flour add a little bit of all of it keep mixing that up once you add your flour add water slowly if you’re anything like me you’re severely annoyed right now the a ball this sticky dough under your fingernail so it made a little flour surface take your dough and drop that cheetah tiger’ palm that dog Tony how you do it I going from translucent transparent so there area so we got to get some steak in there yes then you want to slice up your steak at it is mix also this slice give it a good stir all right so take some a little bit of oil spread over your baking sheet now we’re going to take our bacon and we’re spreading across our baking sheet make sure you leave some space between your burps all right so I just put the bacon in the oven for 10 minutes 300 85 degrees Fahrenheit now it’s time for my good friend palm to bring this oil okay preheating now will be heat your oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit or you can roll the dough using your hands we like to get a stupid about amuse Jameson bottle if it’s sticking to your bottle put some flour on it all right so we’re going to be rolling it out into somewhat of a circle shut up add meat this is me one I’ll make sure you Center it because it’s an egg roll you have to roll it into the meat keep it on the sides then you do the second batch of meat last ingredients cheese and seal it up so I’m going to fold the short sides in first egg wash them one long side wash egg wash makes the side stick together so you don’t have an egg roll that collapses before your eyes we are ready to deep fry we’re deep fry this egg roll we have I use this spatula as an apparatus be careful to super delicate it’s also very dangerous keep it in four to three minutes all right that’s it that’s our angle say third is a steak and bacon cheese egg roll we made that right here on how-to instructional cooking show make sure you subscribe for more recipes pick up a cooking sets that you can follow along more easily I’m Harley I’m Tony make sure you check out his youtube channel slash ride channel yes right here click here click that so it is youtube catholic this you can come back over here but click this now and subscribe please remember you don’t need to know about cooking in order to cook just need to know how to do a flip from oregon to upset video game you like playing games check this playstation greatness awaits trailers easter eggs in this trailer unlock game content for over 1500 greatness is worth waiting for what up PlayStation [Music]
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