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Lean & Toned Arms // PIIT

– Hey guys, Cassey here. So today we are working
on a part of your body that you may have neglected. Oh, I see you clicking on
those ab and butt videos, but everyone seems to neglect arms. So today we’re going to do your
leaned and toned arm’s pit. Not arm pit, but the arm’s pit. Anyway, you guys, you need your
arms to carry grocery bags, your purse, your backpack,
and just the weights of life. So we need to work that upper body and plus working your
back and your shoulders and everything will open you up, make you stand taller, look
slimmer and look more confident. So if all those things don’t interest you, then I don’t know what will. I want you to go ahead
and put on your shoes and get ready because this
is going to be seven minutes of pure fun for your arms. Let’s go ahead and get started. All right I have my
Blogilates HIIT timer on. We are working for 45 seconds
and resting for 15 seconds. You have seven moves. If you’re following the calendar, just do this video one time. And if you are doing this
workout, entirely just for today, then I want you to do this
four times back to back to get an intense sweaty
leaned arm pits workout. That’s going to be right under 30 minutes. Okay, I’m having way
too much fun with that. Here we go, and push start
and it’ll me count down. All right, put that right here. Okay guys, the first one
is dancing arm circles. So hands up, palms to the ceiling and never let them drop, okay? Here we go. Now you’re going to bring
your toes right in front. Just like so, okay? But you’re gonna keep circling your arms. So essentially these are golf balls. Well dancing. Yes, because you’s fancy. Very good. Now keep those biceps nice and tight. Good stuff. Point those toes. Link in those legs. Tiny, tiny little circles. Breathe. In through your nose and out through your mouth. You look so good. You got 15 seconds left. Come on. Come on I know it’s a
little bit of coordination, but you’ve got it. You can do this. You
got nine seconds left. (exclaiming) You breathing? How are you feeling? Very good. Two, one, rest. Okay really weird talking
with my own voice. Okay next one is the prayer pulse calves. So heels together, elbows together. What you’re gonna do is
bring your elbow to your chin and to your nose, ready? Here we go. You’re gonna lift up. So your heels are lifting
up at the same time that you’re lifting up your elbows. Now notice how my elbows are not touching. I mean, they are together. So you cannot have any
space between your elbows. I’m working my shoulders,
my pecs right now, even my biceps. With every lift I feel everything
in my upper body, okay? Now pray and you are gonna get this. Come on, lift, lift and up. And you can’t even go
faster than me if you want. Just make sure you’re paying
attention to your movement. Okay, make everything count. (panting) Very good. Lift. – [Phone] Two, One. – Hold it. And relax. Okay, the next one is
your squat lunge combo. Okay, get that heart rate up. You’re going to squat down and then bam. And squat. Just like that, okay? – [Phone] One. – Let’s go. Squat, lunge. Squat, switch, lunge. Squat, lunge. Squat, switch, lunge. It’s like a dance. Make sure you’re pushing
(exclaims)through your heels, okay? And can you sit that booty back? You don’t want this work
to be about your quad. You want this to be about your butts? Good stuff, come on. Get low. Less than 20 seconds left. (exclaims) Nice work. Legs burning yet? Mine are. Good stuff. Nice. (pants) Get lower. Come on. One more. (screaming) Shake it out. Okay, very good. Now we’re going to go into
your walking push ups. So what I want you guys to do, you want to go on your knees,
you can, or on your toes. Basically hands out right
underneath your shoulders. I want you to walk out to
one side, press it down, walk to the other side, press it down. Make sure your eyes are looking forward. Okay? Good. Inhale through your nose. Exhale through your mouth. I’m inhaling on the way down. Exhale (exhales) on the way up. Keep your core tight. Belly button in. Hey, no booty sticking in the air. Please, I want you to have perfect form. And if you feel like the
plank is not working for you, then go on your knees. There’s no shame in that. Building up your strength
in the proper way is how you’re truly going to get stronger. Four seconds left. Last one. – [Phone] Rest. (exclaiming) Okay, very good. I feel everything. Now we’re going to go into
plank jacks, all right guys? Let’s check it out. All you’re going to do, go on your hands just like so, feet out. Go like this, okay? Out and in. out and in. Just like that. (exhales) Good. Come on, legs out. Now, if you need to, you
can walk it out and in. (exhales) Good, come on. Heart rate up. It’s feeling good. Less
than 30 seconds left. Come on, work it for me. (exhales) And breathe. And breathe. Very good. (exclaims) 15 seconds left. Want you to go a little
faster, come on, push yourself. It’s in these moments, when
think you’re going to die. You are getting stronger, come on. Get those toes up – [Phone] Three, two, one, rest. (screaming) Okay guys. Now we are going into
our parachuter pulse. I want you to come down right here, okay? Elbows out in a football post position, goals, whatever thing, 90 degrees. You’re going to lift up like so and come down. As you can see, we’re working your back. By working your back you’re
gonna have better posture and you stand taller. Just like I said in the beginning. Keep your eyes forward. Good. And exhale. Lift and down. I want you to lift your
quads off of the mat, off the floor.(exclaims) And down. Good stuff. Come on, lift higher for me. Excellent. I want you to slightly
hold when you’re up there. Slight hold, very good. (exclaims) And down. And then we have just one more after this. Really fun. Gonna get your heart rate
up and work those arms. One more. Hold it. And up. Okay, our last move is
called the Russian dancer and you’ll see why. So you’re gonna have your
hands right behind you, fingertips towards your booty. All I’m going to do is kick the legs up. 45 seconds let’s go. Kick it, kick it. (exclaims) See, this is fun. It’s like dancing Let’s go kick those legs out. Flex the foot. (exhaling) And breathe. I scored. How you doing? You look amazing. Come on let’s go. Kick, kick. Yup. I honestly, I don’t know how those like
real Russian dancers do it. You know, with their
arms across their chest. I tried once and I fell. So now I’m just gonna support myself with my arms on the floor. Keep going. Nice work. Kick those legs out, come on. Come on you’ve got this, stay strong. (exhales)Breathe. Abs in. Legs long, chest forward. Two, one. (exclaiming) Okay guys. That was amazing. So, that was round one. If this is your only workout today, do this four times through. And before we go, hold on before we go, I got to show you my outfit. So this is another Pop
Flex Active exclusive. It’s actually been really
cool seeing you guys wear all of your Pop Flex on Instagram. Like every time I creep on you, my heart just like dies when
I see you wearing the outfit. And you look so good. So keep posting, hashtag POPFLEX. Thank you so much for all of your support, and supporting your PO
(foreign language) Yeah. All right, guys, I’ll see you next time and keep training hard. Bye. (upbeat music)
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