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Lean Arms & Abs Workout ♥ 10 Minute No Equipment Pilates Style Exercises! The Banks Method

this video is made possible by our loyal patreon supporters visit patreon calm hi it’s banks I have a arm workout for you guys so you don’t need any weights just yourself so for me I feel like it’s a waste just to do one body part so I’m gonna show you guys what the added legs then but if you want to do this seated you totally can’t just focusing in on those arms I’m gonna add in some legs hey guys I’m banks and this is the banks method the banks method is my unique combo of ballet barn Pilates exercises designed to maximize lengthening and strengthening of the muscles I’ve created several miniseries to target specific body parts like the ABS but legs thighs arms and back as well as a collection of total body toning and trimming workouts so we’re gonna start in wide second here Y in and out those feet toes are turned out knees right over the toes cores and tight tailbone is tucked under shoulders are over the hips we’re gonna bring those arms out palms are facing up towards the ceiling we take those arms circles rolling the shoulders down the back tiny little dime sized circles we’re gonna hold it here for a second since we don’t have those weights we’re gonna do a lot of reps today staying in that water King zone keeping the tension on the muscle so the shoulders are rolling down the back we’re feeling the shoulder muscles we’re feeling the biceps you got a little micro pin elbows palms are facing up for eight seven seeing a little bit lower in that wide second six five four three two now we flip the palm up and press the balls back behind you work the back muscles work the shoulder rotating the elbows down towards your mat and then up to the ceiling finding all of that rotation in the back here to the back muscle they’re working like crazy good keep those arms up don’t drop them breathe almost there eight seven six five four three two last one we hold it back preservation little back and back this is where we finished keep those arms up fingertips are in line with the shoulders think low and that wide second legs are working to full bodies working opening through the chest we’re gonna do that entire thing one more time food to really feel those arms as a Circle it out find those dime sized circles one more time don’t let those arms drop you got it Circle now let’s Circle it the other way good sink a little bit lower in those legs and now let’s put those palms it’s up and back up and back really press those arms flip the palms rotate in the shoulders up and back core tight and back up almost there last set we just press back with the arms to finish it off this is our last set really feel the burn presses are intentional movement with the arms imagine there’s a wall behind you you’re finding that tension in the arms final eight seven six five four three two one toe heel those feet and roll the shoulders down on the back and then we’re gonna get into the PEC muscles here so again if you want to add that extra challenge for the leg bend the knees and then even more you can rise up on those tippy toes focusing one point in front of you cores and tight I’m gonna keep my heels down and start I’m gonna rise up a little bit later so goalpost arms elbows are in line with the shoulders keep your gaze forward core in tight now we squeeze the arms then working the pecs we open up we work those back we in and out keep it elbows up right in line with the shoulders don’t let them draw out the whole time we’d squeeze it in and out really trying to get those elbows to kiss and then really press the elbows up and in and out a little bit quicker in outwards the chest works it back in and help breathe now you’re gonna add those legs in here rise up to those tippy toes think they hips down load in and out speeds a chest the back good you got to breathe eight seven squeeze those elbows a little bit harder for three on this few counts – oh and let’s hold it in now bring the palms together squeeze the elbows we lift the arms up to the ceiling really working those pecs really lighting up those pecs here good reliving those elbows above shoulder height we’ve elbow them the entire forearm is touching we’re breathing for eight seven six five last four three two and now let’s hinge our upper body board we’re gonna get into triceps here arms are back fingertips are in line with the shoulders stick straight arms keep them stick straight the whole time start to lift those arms so chorus tights it’s really important to keep a tight core as your hinge forward to protect that low back so we like to lift that imagine you have a wall in front of those hands you’re pressing that wall away fine tension in the arms meter lift let so don’t let those fingertips drop below shoulder high you got it breathe for eight seven six five four three two take it to a tiny bend stretch bend stretch fingers a reach away energy through the fingertips for eight seven I’m feeling it even with that way six five you got him four three two flip the palms face down open up the chest lift those arms be lifted breathe reset that core lift those arms for eight seven six five six straight arms three two take it to that Bend stretch we’ve been this Josh Danny stretch open up through the chest fingertips reach away from the shoulders fine lengthen the arms lengthen out those triceps last four three two flip the palms to face and we squeeze in those arms so we’re hitting all three heads of the triceps here flipping those palms allowed you’ve hit all three heads keeping those arms up high we’re almost out of it you guys squeeze the palms in together lengthen the arms along now let’s take it back to that lift final eight seven six five four three two one roll those shoulders down the back so coming down to the floor we’re gonna do some tricep dips here so fingertips are right next to your booth and then plants peak down onto the ground they’re about hip-width distance apart and parallel ginger glutes one-inch awesome huh it starts to bend and take it down and up let’s flex if you come on to the heel so the glutes swing clothes are in between the hands so make sure here the elbows are point is back behind you we’re not doing this in the shoulders the shoulders stay down the back now let’s hold it low fine I’ll hold this down up down up back through the arms or working triceps are working shoulders down the back now let’s plant feet down onto the ground right leg lifts up to the feel like squeeze the inner thighs four four three two cross the ankle at over squeeze those inner thighs four three two one lift that leg up or three to lower back down switch it left like squeeze the inner thighs knees are zipped together two one let’s cross it over just four three almost there two one lift it up last four three two one final four three two roll out those wrists and then we’re gonna swing those legs around we’re gonna go into a high plank to low plank so we start in our plank position you can always do this one down on the knees as a modification or we’re up on those toes we start with the right arm we take it down down we press up with the right arm up and up switch it left left arm comes down to our forearm plank press up with that left arm you got it now right arm press up with a right switch at left arm press up with the left right down down press it up left down down up two more finish off with that left side press it up hold it up we’re going into push ups right away you guys on the knees or the toes I’m gonna try a few on my toes to start and then if I have to go down to my knees I will so shift the weight forward onto those toes we take it all the way down exhale on that press up down and up so notice how I’m not dipping my hips keep your hips in line with the rest of the spine just like you’re in a plank position just bending and extending from Elvis down and up so if you’re on the knees bring the heels close to the seat to work the hamstrings almost there you guys down and up final four breathe through it three last two next one we hold it low one inch lower find that lowest point how low can you go we pulse it down an inch up and it for eight seven six five four three two oh one awesome job press back into a child’s pose real quick just let the forehead melt down onto the ground breathe final our exercise so we’re gonna come into our plank position one more time hands are below the shoulders and then widen out this piece so you have a nice base here we tap the right size then the left side hand taps to the shoulder keep the pelvis still one side then the other we’re just here for thirty seconds you guys and tap so notice how I’m not rotating I’m keeping my hip bones Square to the mat we tap and tap you got it almost there we get a stretch after this you’ve got it last eight seven six five four three two and one drop the knees down and let’s take a few stretches for the arms to finish off we’re gonna bring your right arm across the body hook it across the body and then look over that right shoulder get a nice stretch for the shoulder that tricep 50 breaths here and then bring that right arm overhead grab for the elbow press the forearm into the head with the ribcage down cords – take a gentle Bend side gazing up the channel like that besides body we bring it up let’s switch it over to the left side gazing over the left shoulder hooking the left arm and with the right let’s bring the left arm overhead grab for that although take the bent side bending towards that right side gazing up towards the ceiling stack the shoulders core in tight slowly come back public interlace those fingertips open up through the chest it feels good you can take fold for it here just letting the fingertips come up to the ceiling letting the forehead rest down and let’s take the two final breaths to feel it all in take it deep inhale bring those arms overhead open up the chest stretch out the back and he’ll arms back overhead exhale bring your hands thank you so much for sticking in there with me today you rocked this work down I recommend doing this three to five times a week to really see the difference in the arm and I encourage you to mix it up with some my other full-body workout videos where we work the abdominals the glutes so you can really see the change in your full body [Music] be sure to subscribe and click the notification bells so you don’t miss any of my videos if you haven’t already follow us on social media for tips tutorials giveaways and daily inspiration introducing yoga plus offering a free series every month with over 300 different videos take control of your health workout anytime anywhere yoga plus download now for free [Music]
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