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Lamborghini Sian – The Most Powerful Lamborghini Ever Made

she’s getting tips from media here about whether or not I should wear my cap for the video it was cap on right what’s up guys supercar blondie here at the IAA in Frankfurt this is the global launch of Lamborghinis C on the first ever hybrid Lamborghini and I’m going to show you around this car today we have got access here with me as well media we’re gonna speak to him he’s gonna lead designer or head designer at Lamborghini it has a v12 with special hybrid technologies the new hybrid technologies we’ll talk about in a second it has 819 horsepower which actually makes it the most powerful Lamborghini ever made that’s what you’re looking at right now so 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds or just under 2.8 seconds top speed 350 kilometers and the name see on you might be wondering what this is it’s actually these are the initials for Ferdinand Pierre who was the former chairman of the VW Group and of course Lamborghini is underneath the VW Group he actually passed away a couple of weeks ago and he was a really special person in the eyes of Lamborghini as a brand because back in the 90s he actually acquired at Lamborghini under the VW Group so he was really instrumental in bringing Lamborghini back to life and pushing that brand and getting Lamborghinis to the point where they look like this today so that’s why you see Zeon and fpp 37 on the back 37 stands for his birth yeah what I really like about this is they’ve got like the pinnacle of what a supercar and hyper car has been up until now so a v12 naturally aspirated engine so it looks to the past of supercars and hyper cars but it also it’s looking to the future because of the hybrid aspects of the car as well so you’ve got kind of a are not to the past and the future in this one car what I think is so cool you guys is this is going to go down in history as the first ever hybrid Lamborghini as Lamborghini looks to bring out more and more electric powered vehicles hybrid at first of course but as everyone all the major brands look towards electric power vehicles in the future this is the one that started at all and we’re right with it here only 63 people in the world will get their hands on this car so 63 will be made because Lamborghini was founded in 1963 so that’s a recent thought now media who is the head designer of Lamborghini we’re going to chat to him a sec he has promised every single one of those owners that no to see ons will be the same if you order a see on that looks like this and these colors no other customer in the world can have a see arm that looks exactly like that okay let’s get down to the dollars all up including taxes it’ll be around two and a half million dollars for the CR so 63 I’ve got a nice little 63 in the side what I think is kind of cool about this is because it has hybrid technology for the first time in your life you’re going to see a Lamborghini drive around in complete silence because what happens is they’re going to use the electric power that it has to be able to drive in Reverse and parking situations so in very low speeds when you’re reversing or parking the car it will use the power from the electric motor so I think that’s kind of cool to think about because when you think about Lamborghini as a brand you think loud right popping screaming loud like roaring engines while it does have that it’s the first time you’re ever gonna see a Lamborghini drive around in silence that’s crazy look at this design detail here with this wire line now you might recognize this this actually came out this design feature on the tert so millennia the concept of which you can see right here see these on the roof here this is actually like frosted so you can’t see out but when you’re inside there’s a button yeah but like untrusted so that you can actually see out at the top of the roof which is quite just getting tips from me in here about whether or not I should wear my cap for the video it was cap on right yeah its cap on there you go this is media he’s the head of design for Lamborghini and we’re talking about what’s the army our side what I told you yesterday yeah lightning bolt exactly exactly what style polonaise dialect in Italy I did my research I remembered everything oh my god the pressures off so yeah last night we were talking about a couple of the details but today we thought we’d grab you and get you on camera to walk around the car and just see what your favorite details are and what why is it that you chose these kind of color for the Lord because we wanted to do something special again no we are about colors it started with the Mueller more than 60 colors on the Mueller and the 60s so that’s in 60s yes that is you know why we are famous for colors right it is a Lamborghini color I wanted to have a traditional pregnant yeah but with a more open and more modern and more luxury aspect so it’s a kind of 11th on color but yeah I love this contrast between the gray green and the rose gold feature here it’s a you know there’s also some golden flakes in the color so they are matching perfectly with with the golden one of the details and this is only a number unit can you get actual gold flakes in the paint yes that’s what I want a lot of clients already SPECT out their cars has anyone ordered gold in the maybe eight gold specks oh I mean in the end of nobody all right I’m sorry maybe I ordered the gold yet the gold I mean at the moment I mean my challenges first of all to have the time for all of them but it’s a beautiful you know avidly because you know they’re flying and they’re coming to Santa gotta we have a chat you get to know the you know the clients we spend two or three hours really to dress the kinda perfect way some are insecure some know very well what they want so you have to direct more some people and less so your other videos guys if you want to meet meteor the head of design for Lamborghini all you need to do is spend two million dollars and pop it on his desk and say I want to see arm it’s not easy really it’s more actually it’s more than three million you just have to save up a little bit more than she can remove yeah so what’s the real one of my favorite perspectives for me I feel because if we did it the tattoo millennial because there’s a and shape when you see the rear wing wanted to have it integrated yeah so I didn’t want it to have exposed how high does this actually it’s great it’ll fit here these wings those wings are also there they take inspiration for the montage from the 67 teams yeah but in a very modern look at this and you know what i just love i love the louvers here that kind of separate the body parts body parts as you were saying before that I’ve never really seen before it or it carries all the way from the front thank you so much no it’s really like floating together oh we are really happy you know we are should we get in of course let’s do that first one first one inside oh that’s crazy alright let’s have a look thank you very much come join me chewing at me oh my goodness okay so 63 we’ve got the little number here so zero zero under 63 it is also the interior is really warm and welcoming and it’s a perfect contrast to the exterior color it is also called wanna throw a letter that tone is called the terrace and I gotta balloonism okay I like that it’s a full of innovation so for example if the air vents are the first time that the car manufacturers using 3d printing technology are so they’re coming out of the 3d printer into the car oh really okay look at that so these are all being 3d printed yes he’s events right here so it’s the first time that a manufacturer has done that and look at this center console this is beautiful as well every time you break it recharges the electric power so that when you come out of a turn you break into the turn the electric power is recharged and you you push on the accelerator out of the turn and you’ve got this immediate boost every time which is really really cool the first time actually for this technology they’ve got the electric motor in the gearbox what’s interesting is they don’t have the traditional lithium battery that powers most our hybrid vehicles they have different technology which is actually three times as powerful and three times the lighter so this is the first time that Lamborghini is using this technology in the acceleration this car is actually going to use the power from the electric motor all the way up until 130 kilometers an hour at that point it actually detaches from the electric motor so from 130 kilometers upwards you’re not going to be using any of that power anymore you’re just going to be relying on the naturally aspirated v12 very much enjoy the car thank you thank you all right that’s it guys that is the world premiere of the Seon make sure to LIKE the video subscribe to the supercar bloody family if you’re not already a part of it I’m hunting down the coolest cars in the world massive thank you to Lamborghini for having me here today and massive thank you to media who took me around the car love you guys I am [Music]
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