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Lake Yoga Workout – Fluid Yoga Stretches For Flexibility, Toning & Stress Relief – Cool Down Workout

this is fitness blenders fluid yoga stretch in this workout we’re going to be moving slowly through a series of yoga stretches and you’re not going to need any equipment for this routine whatsoever except for an optional exercise mat so let’s go ahead and get started with our first stretch we’re just going to be an overhead stretch – plus a forward bend so bring those arms up over your head take a nice deep breath in slowly drop down towards those feet just a regular toe touch right back up again as those hands come up over top of your head just nice and slow control that breathing exhale on the way down inhale on the way back up just keep those lungs open make sure you don’t hold your breath let’s do two more nice and slow hands up over top your head deep breath in slowly exhale down stretching down towards those toes keep those legs nice and straight back up again for our last one nice deep breath in exhale down towards those toes and let it relax when I switch off to a warrior pose next so those feet really nice and wide about two to three times shoulder width apart drop down off to one side with that foot turned away from you other legs mean nice and straight keep those arms parallel to the ground pointing in opposite directions and moving to a modified side angle elbow down onto that bent knee hand comes up over top of your head stretching it up keep that chest open breathing normally then down to a low lunge so dropping down over that bent knee even more dropping those hips down as low as is comfortable hands down to that mat again keeping those lungs open and slowly come back up we’re going to the same exact thing off the other side so Bend that opposite knee off turn that toe out to the side arms nice and straight parallel to the ground keep those lungs open slowly move off the five side-angle elbow on that knee hand up over top of your shoulder keep that chest open make sure you’re not rolling those shoulders down towards the ground you want to keep them perpendicular to the ground and slowly down to that low lunge hands on the ground dropping those hips down towards the ground as close as comfortable keep those lungs open and let it relax go and move to a downward dog next so feet just about hip-width apart walk those hands out trying to make a triangle off of the ground so a nice straight line from wrist to hip and from hip to ankle try to keep those knees as straight as you can go and bring one leg up for a downward dog split so trying to keep that leg up as high as you possibly can then bend that knee bring that heel back down towards your butt for a hip opener slowly back down we’re going to a modified pigeon so that leg that was up you’re going to bring and tuck underneath you lay down across it again keep those lungs open just breathing normally let’s slowly sit back up keep that leg position the same you know tuck your heel the one back behind you up towards your butt grab that foot pulling in as close as is comfortable a little extra stretch that quadricep the front of that five that foot you’re pulling back then back to a downward dog feet again shoulder width apart or hip width apart pressing those heels down into the ground legs nice and straight straight line through that chest bring that opposite leg up for that downward dog split then that hip opener talking about heel to your butt and slowly down for that modified pigeon pose lay down over top that leg in front keep those lungs open breathing normally slowly sit back up nice and straight with that chest tuck that heel in back towards your butt nice and close just bring it as close as comfortable rotating those shoulders slightly and let it relax one more downward dog so keep those hips up off the ground you don’t want to actually touch back that downward dog slowly back that upward dog again keep those hips barely hovering off the ground push it back up again just nice and slow back and forth keep those lungs open you’re not holding your breath if you want a specific breathing pattern you can inhale as you go to that upward facing dog exhale ease go the downward facing dog and those are last one right here that upward facing dog those hips up off the ground hovering slightly and let it relax and go to a cat cow so bring those knees or anything hands on those shoulders arch that back up really nice and high kind of crunching those shoulders and hips in towards each other then nice and slow drop that lower back down dipping as low as you can for that cow position just nice and slow all turning back and forth again keeping those lungs open and exhale as you crunch those hips and shoulders arching that back up nice and high then inhale as you drop that lower back down really nice and low I’ve got just a couple more to go nice high arch slowly extend that lower back down as low as you can go back up again nice high arch crunch those abs and exhales you slowly let it drop back down move on to Child’s Pose next sit back in those heels stretch ups hands out away from you nice long stretch with those arms trying to stretch out to the front shoulder through that chest just a little bit as well as feeling it a little bit in that lower back and slowly let it relax come sit back up take a nice deep breath and you are done good job everybody this workout is complete
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