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KYIV (KIEV), UKRAINE, Is This Europe’s Most Underrated City? 🇺🇦

hello and welcome to kiev the capital of the ukraine a country i’ve never been to before i just arrived yesterday from kazakhstan in this video i’m going to be exploring a few sites in the capital city which has a fair bit to offer not so touristy by european standards but actually quite an interesting place to visit right now i’m beginning here at this set of monasteries which is supposed to be one of the most interesting things to see the whole complex is known as the chievo pachersk lavrov the holiest of holy sites in the ukraine sprawling across a large area you can see on the hilltops here and behind these walls [Music] 40 to enter in the local currency that’s about one pound fifty you also have to pay extra if you want to go at the bell tower and if you want a tour guide it’s going to be a lot more than that but just to roam around on your own not much at all you’ll see different monks and nuns around here too doing their daily things and some pretty impressive structures already [Music] you [Music] for many people this monastery complex is the holiest ground in the three eastern slavic countries of belarus ukraine and russia coming out of one of the spectacular monasteries we can see a great view of kiev the yapper river other monasteries with the golden domes and in the distance there the motherland monument [Music] for an extra 65 you can walk up to the bell tower that’s around two pounds four spectacular 360 views of kiev [Music] absolutely spectacular views again the nepa river the motherland monument i’m traveling around the ukraine with zanda over the next 10 days give him a follow on instagram hello link will be in the video description after taking uber we’re now here at the besserabski local market in the city center and i’m going to be showing you a few places in the city center it’s selling mostly fruit vegetables local produce bargaining is the main practice here that’s done by most people nuts and dried fruits spices fish caviar russian caviar raw meat different sauces here all these jars of pickles gherkins and onions inside the market you’ll also find a few modern stores mixed with the more local stuff it may well be worth having a ukrainian friend if you’re shopping here because most of the stalls are run by pretty fierce by bushki people that will cut you very hard for a deal i think so after stepping out of the market you will find yourself on crush attic street which is a neo-classical soviet style many of the soldiers when the invading germans came during world war ii actually took refuge in many of these buildings which were destroyed and then rebuilt into the war classic style it’s one of the most up market streets here in kiev and has a ton of shops and places just walk down it during the day or early evening bit quiet now is it’s only around 4 p.m but i’m sure in a few hours time it will be a lot busier [Music] following crush attic street all the way down past different shops which you can take a look at you’ll reach independence square [Music] so just a bit of an extra walk away from the independence square is kiev’s oldest cathedral saint sophia’s in this square again another one with neoclassical buildings more cathedrals with golden domes in the distance as well very picturesque city believe it or not kiev if you haven’t been to kiev you might just dismiss it as a european city with old soviet blocks and not too many pretty things to see well actually that’s not completely true and hopefully that’s come through in this video climbing up to the top of all the bell towers do be aware that there are many steps to conquer so if you’re not really a fan of that then just letting you know in advance for less than one pound you can enter into the same sofia which is my favorite of all of them that i’ve seen so far today [Music] so [Music] just come down from the bell tower behind me and in the gardens around it’s so peaceful and relaxing different benches to sit on and chill walking around some of the green spaces in kiev here after leaving the saint sophia cathedral the mark of a good city is no longer having to follow a map or a route of places to see here and there just kind of going along and still finding interesting stuff and that’s exactly what’s happening right now there was a great viewpoint just a minute ago of the nepa river music playing you can hear in the distance this park area why lampposts and either side and trees real pleasant it’s a nice city lots of space and you feel like you can breathe the fresh air [Music] kiev is a city of many hills and thus a city of many viewpoints and i found another one here lots of people around enjoying the views as it’s now around 7pm still light is it’s the summer [Music] so thank you very much for watching the kiev video before i wrap up i just want to talk about something quickly solo traveling is something i really encourage everybody to try at least once there are also some risks though to solo traveling and many people might have some concerns about if they decided to go somewhere on their own geozilla lets your family know where you are in real time low battery consumption levels also battery tracking ai driven analysis helps identify if something happens outside of the norm real predictive algorithms analyze and identify your user behavior and lets your family know if something out of the ordinary is going on you can check up to two weeks of location history on geozilla so if you do happen to go quiet for a week your family will always know where you were last and that’s an amazing feature to have in my case it’s really a pain to sometimes have to tell my mum and dad i’m now here in this town of course we love keeping in touch but it gets a bit tedious especially when someone like me travels pretty much full time so take a look in the description you can download the app the next video is going to be from chernobyl after this one so i hope you enjoyed it stay tuned you won’t be disappointed the footage i’ve got i’ve just been editing it and i can’t wait to show you one of the world’s most mysterious places
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