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KULA – A Community Of The Heart

Hey, what’s up? everyone Adrienne here And I hope this video message finds you well I’m coming at you with a quick Invitation just something that we’ve been nurturing and growing together as a community for quite some time but maybe not everyone knows about it, so I’m here to invite you to the Fwf G Kula Now first you might ask me wait. I still don’t know what Kula means and if that’s true You’re not the only one so Gulen is the Sanskrit word for Community so a gathering of people and in particular the word Kula kul a is Really referencing a Community of the heart so a gathering of people around the heart space which can get a little crazy personal people But if you you don’t try too hard to define it and just kind of go with the feeling community of heart I don’t know about you, but it feels really good to me So we’ve been waking up these different communities faces on different platforms And we decided that based on all the needs of our community and the requests and just the vibrant conversation That’s going on some of it deeply personal some of it really light-hearted or fun some of it’s strictly about yoga and yoga asana and some things just Everything under the Sun we decided that due to this vibrant community and its needs we really needed to have a space that was private and safe and solely dedicated to the conversations that we’re having together I Think that these conversations are what makes this community special. I think this also. Helps us all continue to discover and rediscover And learn how to take our yoga off the mat and into our daily lives So please take this as your official invitation to come join us at the fwf G Kula everyone is invited it’s completely free and My team and I have worked really hard to create a safe space that feels really good and fun and that caters to your needs your interests and your desires so in addition to it being private you know off Facebook off YouTube off these other platforms It’s really unique in that you can customize your experience there So you create a profile you can select your location in the world Which is really cool to see how many people from all over the world are engaging in conversations But you can also sync up with more ease into people in conversations in your area We have a lot of cool of meetups you can also pick certain topics to follow and certain topics that you don’t want to follow so you can select things based on your Interests so you kind of curate the kinds of things that you see in your feed, so you’re not just seeing everything Necessarily, but you can kind of help guide The experience so that it serves you best so once you set up your profile Sarah our amazing kula manager community manager has set up a wonderful resource for you It says start here first And that is one of many beautiful resources that Sarah is created to make your experience More awesome now. I just want to acknowledge that change is hard So even for me. It’s been difficult to fully integrate into the new F wfg kula, and it’s Something that I played a big hand in creating so I just want to Invite you to have an open mind and to check it out if it’s not for you You can turn it off pass on it But I really think that this could be the beginning of something really special it already is really Special for those of us who have been there conversing and connecting and for anyone who’s watching who’s been in there Thank you so much for being a big part of the foundation of this group I think the Conversations again are really valuable and really important as we move forward and go deeper in our practice so giddyup Hop to it get in there you can cheer comments. You can read things you can be a Wallflower You can chime in you can share all sorts of things now again based on your interest I just really love this group, and I can’t wait to kick it off All right, my darling friends so giddy up get on over there and unlock that space. I’ll be spending a lot more time there I’ve set intentions to really nurture that space a bit more And I’m going to be doing that in January during the 30 days of yoga, we’re gonna Have a group there that you can join and just share the experience with And cheer each other on and all that jazz start a car I know it will be spot where the gin is cold and up here hi All right from my heart to yours. Thank you again for sharing not only your yoga practice, but your life with this community It’s such a great honor to be in this family with you. Thank you so much
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