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Knee-Friendly Fat Burn Cardio Workout | PIIT28

– Hey guys, Cassey here. So today, we are doing a custom workout from the PIIT Pocket app. I know a lot of you guys
may have some knee injuries, so that doesn’t mean you can’t work out. What I did was, I picked all
the moves that were friendly on the knees, that are easy on your knees so that you can still get an
intense, hardcore workout in without being so intense
and hardcore on your knees. So in the app, I have
put in plank punches, pushing grasshopper, side lying leg circles, the side press up, sideways scissors, roll-ups and we’re gonna
end with some swimmers for your back and your posture. So we are 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. You have seven moves and you can repeat this video four times, or you can go write all these moves down in your PIIT Pocket app, and
it will count it down for you. Okay, you guys. Oh, another thing. If you fancy seeing me suffer, I’m gonna open up the forum
for you to torture me. What I mean is, I want you
to actually create your own revenge workout for me. That’s right. After all this Food Baby workouts, that hundred burpee challenge
and all those crazy things that I make you do, if you feel like you
wanna see Cassey suffer, now I want you to go in the app, go under Custom Workouts and
put together the worst moves. And I think, you know
which ones I hate the most, put them all down and I’m
gonna pick the worst one. I’m gonna pick the worst one and I will do it in the next video. I hope I don’t regret this. Okay guys. Anyway, let’s go ahead and get started
on our knee-friendly PIIT, which I hope won’t be that bad. Well, definitely won’t be as bad as yours because I’m thinking you’re
gonna give me a lot of burpees. Okay. Anyway, not giving you ideas. We’re gonna begin our workout
with our plank punches. Alrighty, you guys. So go ahead and come into plank. What I want you to do is place the hands underneath the shoulders
and punch forward. Punch forward, belly button in, legs nice, long and strong. If you need to modify, come onto the knee, just like that. Plank and push and push. We’re working the upper body. We’re working the core as we’re doing this and try not to sway your hips
too much from side to side, you wanna try to keep it
nice and firm and straight. Okay? You are a plank. Forward. Punch forward. Punch. Eyes slaving in front of your mat. How you doing? Good? Cool. You got 10 seconds. Let’s go. Punch (exhales). Exhale (exhales). Tight. Like you mean it. One more. Okay. Very good. Now you get your 15 second break. Well, there you go. I am telling you exactly
what you need to do next. You’re pushing grasshopper. So coming down on the mat, knees super wide into a diamond. Hands around your diamond sky mat. Hands here. You’re going to push. Pressing those elbows into your shirt, lift. So this is your pushing grasshopper. We’re working the chest, the triceps and the lower back and booty all in one with this move. Keep your neck in line with your spine. Okay? I don’t want you looking
down at your chest. Look forward and really take
your time with these moves. Tiny little movements, but each one, so, so, so effective. Come on now. Let’s lift. Bring it down. Knees up. Elbows pressing back. That’s really essential that
you are working your triceps. One more. Okay. Very good. Next we have, well, there it is. Side lying leg circles. I might as well just not
announce these moves anymore. Okay, you guys. Hand down, hand in front right here. We’re gonna open and give me a big circle just like that. Let’s go ahead and come forward just like that. Keep that belly nice and tight. And your chest is forward. We’re working the inner and outer thighs as well as your booty and your obliques with this move. Okay? Perfect. Now you guys, I don’t know if you had
a chance to download the PIIT Pocket app yet, but honestly, my favorite feature on it is
the custom workout section, because sometimes when
you’ve done all the PIIT or maybe you’re really
bored of doing everything a bunch of times, or you wanna just customize like, “Hey, I need things with tons of cardio, things with not so much cardio.”, you can pick from your
entire library of moves. I’m gonna keep adding new moves, you guys, so you’ll always have something new. – [App] Three, two, one. (bell chimes) Rest. – Alrighty. Next up, we have– – [App] Side press up. – Side press up. You guys, hand underneath like so. Other one right in front of your shoulder pressing through and
you lift just like that. Okay. Super tricep and shoulder. Let’s go and chest up and down. You’re allowing that
top leg to slide gently across the bottom leg. Whoa. Now this is an arm burner. Remember, in your second set of moves, make sure to switch sides, you guys. Ooh, let’s go. Remember there are four rounds for a complete 28 minute workout. You can also download the app, and I’ll count through everything for you or play this video four times too to switch sides on every other. Ooh, let’s go. We’re up and down. And breathe. Good, you’re gonna exhale, lift. Inhale, down. Press. See, no pressure on the knees, but we’re still getting great workout in. Push. – [App] Three, two– – One more. – [App] One, rest. (bell chimes) – Okay. Very, very good. – [App] Coming up, you’ve
got sideway scissors. – Sideway scissors. So, lying on your back, hands pressed into the mat, lift those legs up. You’re going to open and
cross just like that. Open and cross. Inner and outer thighs. Let’s do this. Out and in, out and in. (exhales) We’re gonna inhale down, exhale up really using your thigh
muscles to bring your legs into center (exhales) just like that. Pointing the toes hard. Really squeezing your legs. I know they get a little bit
heavier every single time, but that’s good. That’s good. You’re just using your body weight and you do this workout
literally anywhere. Come on, guys. Breath in through your nose,
out through your mouth. (exhales) Don’t slow down. You’ve got this. Tighten those abs. That’s gonna help you bring
the legs together and in. Come on quickly. – [App] Three, two– – One more. – [App] One, rest. (bell chimes) – Very, very good. Okay. – [App] It’s the roll up. – It is the roll up, you guys. So feet forward, heels pressed,
toes pointed, hands long. Inhale through the nose, on the exhale, let’s go ahead and lift. We’re lifting up and we’re down and exhale up, inhale down. Come on, lift and lower. (exhales) Just like that. Now, if you need to hold
onto the knees as you… to help bring yourself
up, that’s cool too. Okay. Working that core, getting it in. Exhale, lift, inhale down. (exhales) Good. You guys, how are you doing out there? You’re doing good? Perfect. You guys are doing so good and you’re probably already thinking of to have revenge workout for me. I am scared. I’m really scared for what’s gonna happen ’cause I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty. (exhales) Okay. Very good. Last one, you guys. You are going for a nice
little swim on your mat. Onto your belly now, hands long and forward. Eyes right down on the mat– – [App] Two, one, go. (bell chimes) – Lift everything up and we
swim for good old 45 seconds. You guys, try to keep those
arms long and straight, fingers pointed, toes pointed. This is so good for your posture for making you look more confident, look taller. Okay? Keep going. Straight arms. Straight legs. Paddle, paddle, paddle. You’re in the ocean. Let’s go. You’re swimming away from those sharks. I’m not gonna let them get close. You’re swimming towards the dolphins. Come on. Breathe in. 13 seconds left. Come on. This one always kills me. Whoa. Breathe in through your nose,
exhale through your mouth. (exhales) You got it, we’re almost there. – [App] Three, two,
one, rest. (bell chimes) – (exhales) Okay. Very good. – [App] You crushed round one. – We did crush round one. You guys, that was fantastic. Alright. So if you are going to
finish your knee-friendly PIIT workout today, make sure to replay this
video three more times or download the PIIT Pocket app and then write down all the moves that I told you about at the beginning, then insert them into the custom section and you have our very own workout. And if you don’t like any of them, switch them out, do
something that you do like. That is the purpose of
the custom workout section because I don’t know
exactly what you need, but I think you do. I think you do. Okay. You guys, I love you so much and I will see you for my
revenge workout next time. Okay. Bye. ♪ Just keep on doing what you do ♪ ♪ Doing what you do ♪ ♪ Doing what you do, doing what you do ♪ ♪ Doing what you do ♪ ♪ Do what you like to ♪
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