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Kitchen Gadgets Tested Are They Clever Or Never? | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann 
Reardon and this is … Dave Reardon!  And welcome to another episode of Clever 
or Never, where we test different gadgets   to find out if they work or not, so you 
don’t have to buy them if they don’t.  You can t the difference with 
the commodity and works of arts.  It’s like one of those motorcycles 
from Tron. Remember that?  So I thought what we’d do in typical Clever 
or Never style is do a competition between   traditional chopping and the gadget, so do 
you want the gadget or the chopping? Uhhh,   gadget. Gadget for you.
Ready, steady, go.  I’m not particularly fast at chopping garlic but 
we’ll see which one’s better. So I chuck one in?  How’s that gadget going?
This is useless …  It can’t be that bad, it has knives in it.
This is as useless as a fart in a thunderstorm.  Where is that saying from?
Oh this is alright.  Is it chopping?
Yeah, but it’s the fun of it as well, it’s   not just the chopping, this is … so much fun 🤨
Maybe I’m supposed to empty it but I’m just   jamming it in there.  Alright so tip yours out 
and we’ll do a comparison.  What do you think? The knife or the Tron garlic 
cutter? Tron. Knife. Look you’ve got big chunks.  That’s the way Tron likes it.
I feel like the knife does a much more even job.  Super clever! Vote for me ✅
Put your thumbs up or thumbs down in the comments.  This gadget is Worker Ant Party Picks. You can 
see that we have here a big fat ant. Not a spider?   It’s a little bit terrifying 
like a spider, like an Australian   black widow. But it has a big spike on 
top and you put your party goodies on top,   like so. Let’s give it a go, cheers. 🐜
Do you eat it off the pick, like this? Yes.  If you were having a kid’s bug-themed 
party, with bugs and spiders and stuff,   perfect for theming that. There’s not 
a lot in a packet though, only 12.  Just give them a little wash.
Are you concerned about people chewing them,   like kids putting them in their mouth?
Possibly, or just eating the whole thing,   thinking that it’s all part of the goodness.
Maybe not for a kid’s bug party then.  No, but they are cute and they work.
They do work,   so Clever or Never? I’m giving it a 👍🏻👍🏻
This next gadget is supposed to make a spiral   garnish out of different vegetables and fruits. 
And let’s twist. Something’s happening. I can hear   it slurping away and it’s coming out the other 
end. Now you’re supposed to take that bit off   and pull it through. Open it up.
Oh look at that.  And look, a springy cucumber.
C’mon that’s awesome!  So that’s pretty impressive I reckon, I don’t 
think you can do that without this gadget.  How far can we push it, do you 
think it will work in a banana?  Well, it might be a bit soft 
but we can always give it a go.  You want to try it?
Alright, you ready? Look!  Did it work? Can you get 
the rest of the banana off?  Well I think I can.
Look at that. I have never seen a banana   that shape before! Imagine that on a dessert.
I think that’s pretty impressive, that’s getting   a Clever from me 👍🏻 Definitely, Iike it too 👍🏻
So for your next gadget Dave you asked me to   make you an unbaked apple pie. I know apple pie 
is your favourite so is your gadget the oven?  Yes, thank you Ann, you’ve done 
very well. Thumbs up for Ann.  No, I happen to have … a gadget!
Look at that. Now this is a pie crust   fabricator. Fabricator. It’s a pie flux capacitor.  An edger. Otherwise known as an edger, that’s 
it’s non-technical name. It looks like an edger.  Look at that. It works.
Here we go.  It’s the prettiest pie.
Very nice, I think all that’s left to do is give   that a Clever or Never. What do you think? 👍🏻👍🏻
It’s simple but it’s clever, a lot like me.  You’re not simple at all.
No, and not clever at all.  You are very clever because 
you asked for apple pie.  These are cookie cutters and fondant 
cutters that are spring loaded.   When you’re doing the cookie bit of it, you 
just want to get the cut shape, so you just   push down, pull up, you can push down to 
get it out but we don’t want the pattern.  So we don’t want the words? The words are 
just for the fondant because if you try to   do the words it’s just going to bake out and 
it’s going to get stuck on it and everything.  So cut me some stars.
Cut me some stars bro ✨  Okay so once they’re baked and you’ve let them 
cool, this is where this really starts to come   into its own. I’m going to go with the star first 
and if I cut, just like we did with the cookie   but then push down because we want 
to indent that ‘best wishes’ pattern.  I’ve got ‘love’ lots of love.
Then put a little bit of water on the back   and put it on your cookie and look at that, 
you have this Best Wishes cookie and if you’re   thinking well fondant tastes awful … fondant 
just tastes sweet. So if you mix into the fondant,   just like this is white fondant that has 
been coloured with green food colouring,   also add a flavour. So for the green you could 
add some mint, for the red I’ve added raspberry   flavouring so it tastes more like a lolly 🍬
This reminds of when we were in that long   lockdown last year, made cookies, 
biscuits for everyone on the street.  I did, that was fun actually. If you’re in 
lockdown right now, I made cookies like this   put them in a bag with a note that said ‘Meet Your 
Street’ and we had a Zoom meeting with a code for   the Zoom meeting and a time so that we could talk 
to everyone on our street, get to know if there   were any other little kids on our street.
You know what else you did in lockdown?  What?
You wrote an   amazing cookbook! Congratulations Ann 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I did write a cookbook, so if you haven’t   already got it, get it.
Available worldwide,   CRAZY SWEET CREATIONS by Ann Reardon.
So for the next gadget, you asked me to get   you the ingredients for damper, which I know the 
Australians watching will know what that is but   for everyone else you might need to explain it.
Well every Australian kid learns how to make   damper, generally once in our life and it’s 
kinda like campfire bread. It’s not very   hard and you cook it on an open fire and it’s 
pretty delicious and very memorable as a kid.  That’s right and it’s got no 
yeast, it’s just baking powder,   so it’s super easy but what’s your gadget?
Oh so what if you happen to find yourself in   the Australian bush 🇦🇺 and you don’t have any 
surface or any implements to knead the dough.  So you don’t have a bowl to mix it all together?
Nothing! Because you just crashed your truck and   you just find yourself out amongst the kangaroos 
🦘 and you think to yourself I could go a bit of   damper right now!
And you happen to   have the ingredients and a gadget?
It’s very convenient and you happen to have   this gadget, a tremendous gadget.
A swimming cap.  It’s a swimming cap yes straight from the 
Aussies finest hour in the Olympics. And this   is something that could replace a bowl, you don’t 
need a bowl you just pour in your ingredients.   Give it a go.
That’s milk. If you want   to make damper I’ll put these quantities 
on my website for you. That’s flour with   a little bit of baking powder and a little 
bit of salt. And this is just melted butter.  Buddah as we say in Australia … buddah.
So normally you would stir that together   in a bowl and once it’s coming together 
you would get your hands in and knead   it together until you’ve got a nice dough. So 
I’m assuming that you’re going to do all that.  I’m going to give a crack, oh wow!
It’s coming out the top!  All right I’ll hold it up 
while you try to knead it.  You knead it with your knuckles right?
Yeah just until you’ve got   it all mixed into a nice dough.
Look at that, damper on the way … you beauty!  Coming together.
While you’re kneading the damper,   let’s take this moment, given it’s a good 
Aussie meal, why don’t we teach the viewers,   the fine viewers here, a little bit of the Aussie 
venacular. Some slang words, some sayings…  Flat out like a lizard drinking,
Flash as a rat with a gold tooth,  Thick as a banker’s wallet.
I’ve never heard Australians say   these Australian sayings…
I say them 😃  There are lots of words we say though, 
like … let’s go to Maccas … want   to come over for a cuppa and a barby?
And if you don’t know what these things mean,   how about you put them in the subtitles. 
You might not know that but Dave does all   the subtitles for my videos for people who can’t 
hear or people who need to watch with no sound, so   if you’re just reading the subtitles 
this isn’t going to make sense,   but read the subtitles so you know 
what it means. What else is there?  You could CHUCK (put) a SNAGGER (sausage) on the 
BARBY (barbeque) this ARVO (afternoon) before you   watch the FOOTY (AFL football or rugby).
Want to come over for that MATE (friend)?  All right I reckon this is 
done, so given this is silicon   what are we doing now, are we putting it in the 
foil to cook it … that you also happened to have   in the back of your car when you broke down?
Of course well it’s very convenient I was   on my way to a damper convention 
when my truck broke down.  But you didn’t have a bowl?
Well I had a silicon bag so I didn’t need a bowl.  This actually worked really 
well, can we cook it in that?  Well we could cook it in there in 
fact, how interesting would it be,   silicon is good in ovens right?
Yeah you can bake stuff but I think   an open flame might be hotter than an oven.
So say my truck did break down in the Aussie   bush and I happen to just have this silicon bag 
and a lump of damper but I also managed to get   myself a kangaroo steak (yes, we eat roo).
Could I use this to cook the damper   and what would we do with the kangaroo steak?
Cook it over the barby.  With my silicon?
No. You have that bit of   damper dough, you cook that in that. I’m taking 
the other half and I’m going to wrap that in   foil like we normally do, double wrap and we’re 
going to cook them both and see what happens.  Sweet!
Put the damper down the bottom near   those hot coals and chuck the silicon bag with the 
damper on the other side. Oops that kinda unfolded   as I put it on let me straighten that up.
Hmm, it appears to have a bit of a hole   already down the bottom corner … uh oh! 
Look it’s on fire, obviously flames are   too hot for silicon. You can put it in the 
oven but you can’t put it on an open flame.  Let me just put a kangaroo steak 
on so we can have that with the   damper.
🦅  Cheeky bird! Now we can’t have that.   And the silicon damper, obviously we can’t 
eat that one because the silicon hasn’t melted   it’s just turned into ash. There’s no smell 
off it, it’s just gone into this white ash.  The damper in the foil is looking good 
though, ready to eat. It’s a bit like   a bread but it’s not as airy as bread, 
it’s just good filling campfire food.  You can almost taste Australia. It’s good. 🇦🇺
Let us know which ones in the comments you   thought were Clever or Never.
And thank you to everyone who   entered the competition, there were some 
GREAT entries, it was really hard to choose.  Yes but if this was you, we can’t get in 
touch with you! There’s a business email   in the description below this video, get in touch 
with us because you’re one of the winners. 🥇  Thank you so much to all my patrons for your 
ongoing support, I really appreciate it.  And if you like this video, make sure you let 
the algorithm 🤖 know by liking, commenting,   subscribing and watching more of my videos.
Just a sec … and don’t forget to buy the book!  I just happened to have a copy hanging around. 
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