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Killer Interval Training Workout

hey guys welcome to your cardio workout with me Rebecca Louise here on X hit we’re gonna begin with one minute warm-up we’re gonna just job on the spot keep running we’re going to add in some high knees and some booty kickers so just one minute just to get our body moving okay it’s give me a few high knees and bring it back down to a jog we just want to make sure our body is moving the whole time okay and give me some booty kickers now and bring it back to jogging should be getting that heart rate up now and give me a few more high knees back to booty kickers and back to a jog okay first exercise will you do a lunge and a jump okay so we want to put our right leg back first you’re gonna lunge down and jump 30 seconds on each leg let’s take it back with the right nice and low with that leg and high as we jump up if you need it modified just lunge it back and bring it back together keep going guys less than 10 seconds to go and they were going to swap over on the other leg in three two one let’s take you onto that left leg 30 seconds remember anytime you need to take a break just press pause and can’t straight back as soon as you can make sure that knee doesn’t touch the floor we’re gonna protect those kneecaps when you do five more seconds I’m gonna take in two star jumps one more let’s bring it back to Center and 40 seconds of star jumps bring your hands all the way to the top for more intense star jump to lower the intensity just step it out to the side okay keep going guys mom this is your cardio workout it’s gonna be good for the heart something out of Mickey goes further each time you exercise okay five seconds to go guys stay with me okay let’s drop it back down to the floor and when they go out on in for 40 seconds if you own it modified step it out to the side if you can jump it in and out keep them that tummy pulled in breathe the whole time keep going guys remember to modify it take it out to the side you don’t need to jump it station guys and three two one bring it back up now we’re going to do rocket jumps so slight bends and jump to the ceiling 40 seconds it’s like bend and jump it up swing those arms through and jump if you want to modify it just stay here and just squat because you can jump to the ceiling so we get through tight bring it up keep going guys it’s supposed to be difficult it’s supposed to be challenging but it’s going to improve your overall fitness okay less than ten seconds to go guys stay with me give me one more jump and let’s go on to burpees jump up nice and high bring it down forty seconds you’ve just got three more exercises and then you’re finished remember if you want to modify it you can step those legs out bring them in and skip out the jump but if you can let’s jump really nice and high you haven’t got long to go guys touch that sky leg straight keep going guys give me one more jump okay we’re gonna take it back down onto the floor mountain climbers for 40 seconds let’s go remember if you want to modify it you can just go one step per time go across or if you think you can do it run with me excellent job everybody keep up the good work you’re gonna please when you finished keep going you just got one minute of running after this and then I promise you’re finished three two one bring it back just standing and let’s just run it out for the last minute keep going guys really picking up that bomb as you can come on you’re just running the last 200 meters of the lap okay keep running guys keep at it breathing the whole time picking up those legs behind excellent job everybody keep going come on push your right to the end keep breathing the whole time less than 10 seconds to go keep going guys and three two one and release if you enjoyed your cardio workout then remember here at exhale we’ve got plenty more you can just subscribe to our channel it’s free it’s easy my name is Rebecca Louise tell all your friends and I hope to see you again soon [Music]
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