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(piano music) – [Mikhail] Today is about
each and every one of you that has shown your support
for not only Susan G. Komen but all the people affected
by cancer, breast cancer all across the world. We all know one person in our
lives that has been affected by cancer and really cancer deserves to have its butt kicked.
(cheering) And that’s why you’re here today. – [Narrator] One year
we’re gonna be here not to march in solemnity but
enjoy to celebrate that we have found the cure. (applause)
Thank you. – [Mikhail] 3! 2! 1! (air horn) (cheering) (music continues) I think cancer deserves
to have it’s butt kicked not only because I see
my patients deal with it every single day in my
practice but also because it’s touched my family personally. I lost my mom to cancer. One in eight women will
develop breast cancer within their lifetime and that’s
a staggering figure for a disease that we do not
yet have a total cure for. This is my second year of
being involved with the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Event and last year we raised over
$3 million for the event and that such an amazing
number because in one day we’re truly making a difference
in a lot of peoples lives. The money raised from your
donation goes to women who are actively in treatment
helps fund transportation to chemotherapy, provides
screening, funds more research, reduces disparities and finds cures. Sit, sit, good girl. There were so many kids
that were at this event and that really set an
amazing precedent for them for the rest of their lives. They’re able to see how
people can come together in such divisive times
and do something amazing to help a lot of people in need, and we’re also able to
make this a fun event. Yes, breast cancer is hard. Yes, it’s a serious and
devastating illness, but that doesn’t mean
we can’t bring laughs to those who are sick, we
can’t bring laughs to children. I saw a group of people
that call themselves Survivors and Thrivers, and
initially I just thought that was their team name but
these are people that actually have breast cancer or have
survived breast cancer and beat it. Watching these people
and the amount of support that they have for each
other and for all the people that came to support them, it really touched me because I see people battle breast cancer all the time. It’s a difficult illness to
deal with, it really eats up a lot of your life between
chemotherapy treatments, sometimes radiation, surgery. But to watch these people still be proud that they beat cancer, to
still be proud that they’re actively battling cancer
and be out and about, to be bringing their kids to the event. That level of inspiration
can’t be beat by anything. I wanna leave you with
some takeaway points. Number one, know what’s normal. Male or female you should know
what’s normal for your body. If something pops up that
wasn’t there before, if some new pain occurs, go see your
doctor, easy way to check out and find out what’s going on. Then, if you’re interested in getting breast cancer screening, which
I do recommend, starting at age 50 is 100% recommended,
but starting at age 40 could also be a good time
and that’s the time you should go see your doctor and have that initial conversation. If you’re one of those woman that has a personal family history of breast cancer, it’s a good idea to go
earlier than that even in your 20’s and 30’s and start that conversation earlier on with your doctor. I wanna thank you from
the bottom of my heart for watching this video. If you came to the race thank you so much, and just because you
didn’t come to the race it doesn’t mean there’s
nothing you can do. In fact, you can click
on the link below in the description and donate
to help find a cure. Let’s make it our mission to make sure no woman or man has to die from
breast cancer ever again. Thank you so much.
– Thank you, thank you. – Pleasure meeting you.
– Pleasure to meet you too. – Yeah, of course thank
you for coming out. – I wouldn’t miss it, 14 years. – And a survivor too,
congratulations keep it going. – Thank you, thank you.
– Stay healthy. (uplifting music)
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