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KICK BUTT BLASTER | PIIT28 Street Fighter Inspired Workout

(upbeat music) – [Instructor] Round one, fight! (upbeat music) (grunting) (electric buzzing) – Hadookin (grunting) – [Instructor] K.O (video game sounds) – I hope you guys really enjoyed that little Chun-Li movie trailer. Guest starring Sam as Ken. And right now we’re gonna
do a bunch of cardio, obviously lots of kicking
to increase the heart rate, to burn the fat and also to work on Chun-Li’s sexy thighs. Okay so, because this is a PIIT28
special you’ve got seven moves, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. And you want to do this
workout four times through for an entire 28 minute workout and you’ll be done for the day. Okay, so your moves are, the shuffle bounce, plie calf raise, front kicks, plie punches, squat side kick right, lunge kicks, and finally squat side kick left. There is a lot of kicking so you wanna make sure to wear some shoes to protect your feet, and really when you’re kicking, engage your core and be a street fighter. Okay so here we go, hitting start, we begin with the shuffle bounce, right? – [Female Voice] Get ready, here we go! – Arms on guard, and we’re shuffling, just like here, just like so, 23 seconds on one side, 23 seconds on the other side. So this is just to warm you up, and to feel really street fightery, mm hmm, Do you like how I matched
my hair, and my colors? I’m very proud of myself for that. A little bit more, three, two, switch sides, guard the face. Nice work! (indistinct) Tights not falling out. You can kick so many people. We’re gon be fine. Just fine. Shuffle, shuffle. This is gonna be the easiest
move of all by the way, so just appreciate. Hold on, fight. (exhales sharply) Get ready, get ready, this is just a warm up. Okay. Now, plie calf raise okay, now we’re gonna strengthen those legs, ’cause Chun-Li’s thighs are like, they’re so strong, that we’re gonna come down to a wide plie, wider plie. We’re gonna come down, and lift up, okay. So we’re down and up. Actually let’s go down and up like that. Elbow, and lift. Down and lift. (exhales sharply) and up. Now, I don’t know if you play Street Fighter, I don’t really, but Sam plays it at home and I got intrigued by the costumes. And I noticed that over the years, Chun-Li’s thighs have
gotten bigger and bigger, which is really interesting. Well other parts of her also got bigger, like her boobs, but it’s very interesting that
the thighs have gotten bigger because I feel like us
girls are so obsessed with this inner thigh
gap thing but honestly, I don’t know if anyone else cares. I think strong thighs are awesome. (exhales sharply) One more. Okay, next move. We got front kicks, ’cause obviously she is
all about kicking guys. So what you wanna do, guard the face, kick, kick, okay, as high, and as powerful as you can. Kick, okay, the other really weird thing I noticed about Chun-Li is that her legs, got darker and more saturated over the years I don’t really understand, I think they started
out like the same color as the rest of her body. And then I just saw the recent one and they’re like, they’re not even like brown, they’re like red brown. Like, like a desert on fire
or something like that. I don’t really understand so, yeah I’m gonna have to
figure out what I’m gonna do, if I wanna wear that costume outside, if I should get like brown
leggings or something or just wear nude leggings ’cause I’m not really sure it is very risky. – [Female Voice] One, rest – Wooo! Okay, okay, next one. Plie punches. So we get down low, okay. Inner thighs, shining outwards. Knees, nice and bent. Toes striking out. Just like that. Here we go, punch, punch, punch. (exhales sharply) Just like that. Little bounce. Nice work guys. Lots of cardio. And this one doesn’t even
bother your neighbors. Come on. Abs tight. Arms, pushing out. Okay like you’re, releasing fireballs. We’re punching, your (indistinct). (panting) Let’s go. Breathe. You got it. Strong. Fight. 15 seconds left let’s go. (exhales sharply) Faster, don’t slow down. You got this, you’re doing so good. (panting) A little bit more. – [Female Voice] Three, two, one. – Boom! Okay. Next step. We have squat side kick right, okay. Activate the booty, activate the thighs. Slow it down just a tiny bit. So check it out. You’re coming into a squat. – [Female Voice] One, go! – Step up, and squat. Step lift, and squat. Just like that. Keeping that back, tall, the chest open. Guarding the face, the entire time activating the shoulders, because your harms are up, your arms. Down. Boom! You got it come on. Low. Up. Looking at your opponent. As you kick them. You got it, come on! Push! (exhales sharply) And look, not disrupting
the neighbors at all. My heart rate, so high, one more. Boom! Okay. Now we’ve got lunge kicks okay. So, hands on the hips, or in front of you, whatever you wanna do, we’re going to bring the leg back, we’re gonna kick. Switch, front, okay, alternating, boom! It adds, a level of balance, into the movement because
it’s the same leg, that goes back, that is the leg coming up. Boom! Up! Okay, are you feeling this? ‘Cause I, am dying. Not easy being a street fighter, come on. In fact, I don’t think the physics of the Street Fighter
actually make any sense but, this has been really fun. Making a channeling workout for you. Hey and thanks for letting me be so creative on this channel, I love dressing up. One more! Oh my gosh. My legs! Guys we got one more move. It’s squat side kick left okay. Finish it strong with me. We’re going that way. Get ready. Squatting first. Squat and kick, come on let’s get this up. Boom! And kick. Boom and kick. Just like that, get low (grunts) Down. Fight. Pressing, with the strength of your core. Kicking, as high as you can. Up! A silent killer I think this one is. We’re not jumping, we’re not doing any burpees, but I’m dying. (panting) – [Female Voice] Three.
– Almost there! – [Female Voice] Two, one, rest.
– Oh my gosh. Okay guys, give yourselves a big round of applause. You just finished your
Chun-Li thigh workout. This was your first one, remember, three more times. Replay this video, to get your entire 28
minute PIIT28 workout, stands for Pilates
Intense Interval Training. You’re amazing. I love you guys. And I’ll see you next time. Bye. (upbeat music)
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