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Jump Through Jump Back, Ashtanga Yoga With Kino

hey everyone it’s keno here today’s video is going to be all about jumping back and jumping through this is probably a really common question for students when you begin the ashtanga yoga practice because there’s always a jump through there’s always a jump back it’s between every posture it’s between every side there’s always one waiting for you something I always like to say is when in doubt always jump back so you can find that ability to really work into the strength of your whole body it’s a coordination of dynamic flexibility with powerful strength the first thing that we want to do is test out the basics of the movement which is a simple core strength exercise first thing that we’re going to do with a comfortable cross-legged position hold on to your ankles next pull your knees in close to your body and round your back point your toes keep your body tucked in a nice little ball and take your arms forward this is to test out how long your arms are everyone thinks oh my god my arms are too short but if you can find this position you find the space oh you have the clearance then you know you fit now a lot of people won’t be able to bring the thighs into the chest this is not a body length position but a strength position so you’ve got to get the core strong so pull the knees into the chest inhale exhale go back to hover there you just jump back now you pull it in you just jump through we’ll do that five times exhale back inhale up exhale back inhale up make sure your low backs on the ground exhale back inhale up let’s do two more exhale back inhale up one more exhale back hold it find the ABS pull them in low back on the ground inhale up and rest that’s a great little tool to make sure that your core is coordinated so we can begin that movement for jumping through now from downward facing dog the easiest thing to do is to find that same easy coordination so here we are press with the shoulders don’t send the butt really high keep it low pull the knees into your chest and then inhale jump pointing your feet and this feels just like that little hovering position that we were in keep the shoulders pressing up round the upper back and slowly wiggle your feet come all the way through lift your hips up and then exhale down go back in the same way feet they on the ground press up with the shoulders walk the feet then step back exhale chaturanga dandasana inhale upward-facing exhale downward facing next we’re going to move on to moving through a little bit more strength okay so after we jump forward we’re going to see if we can get our feet off of the ground so it’s kind of like a little loss in a position where you’re balancing into the core of your body okay it doesn’t happen right away just little by little slowly will happen okay downward facing dog then prepare your shoulder girdle tuck your tailbone under remember don’t jump up jump up jump forward bend your knees inhale little jump point the knees in between the arms remember on the last one we just walk through from here on this one I want you to see if you can press up with the shoulders pull the ABS into the body hover your feet and slide them through until you can exhale down if you can do that motion you can jump all the way through now we’re going to see if we can come back to the same place as we were jumping back this time your feet are going to be off of the ground so gently lean back and we’ll see if we can lift the hips off of the ground inhale press up and forward exhale slide the feet back now instead of just going right back from here like we did on the last one you’re going to bend your elbows and bring your chest close to the ground so keep the feet down elbows bent chest close to the ground exhale chaturanga inhale upward-facing exhale downward facing now we’re gonna see if we can put them together so the feet remain off of the ground the entire way see if it’s possible to point the knees in between your arms as you’re jumping forward and jump into your shoulders okay here we go from downward facing dog press up with the shoulders then inhale jump the knees in between the arms and slowly all the way through it takes a lot of practice it took me a couple years to get but I hope you see the progression step by step now for jumping back crossing the feet inhale take it exhale we’re going to go to low loss in a position instead of touching your toes to the ground and the loss in a position you’re going to squeeze your abdominal muscles into the centerline elbows have been while squeezing in and then exhale chaturanga okay this could take even longer here we go hands forward of your hips squeeze it in remember press up with the shoulders inhale take it up move back to the last one we’ll hold it there bend your elbows exhale with the power of the abdominal muscles chaturanga inhale upward facing exhale downward facing now one last little tool that will help you with the jump back position sometimes the endurance that it takes to move from the front of your wrists to behind in Lowell asana will leave you completely exhausted so you can also practice just jumping back from the cross leg velocity’ let’s take a look at that and that’ll be the last little exercise that we do for this crossing your shins take your hands on the ground press up with the shoulders meaning protract your shoulders pull into the center line with your abs get your lift as high and is supported with your core as you can first so pitch the shoulders forward up hold it exhale chaturanga non-nasa if you can do that you can jump back it’s just a matter of endurance remember when you’re going for the little asana don’t jump but feel the abdominal muscles pulling into your core and press off with the shoulders do that little by little and one day it will come
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