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Oh so I’m now inside Maron guffaw which is the largest fort in Rajasthan and also the whole city of jodhpur has been built around this floor inside those are really ground maharaja’s palace which I’ve just had a look in and also there’s some incredible use the blue city and the whole of job poor from up here so hot today the Sun apparently is always shining really brightly on jawed Paul I read that in a guide somewhere it doesn’t really matter what month of the year during the day it’s pretty intense the heat and at night slightly cooler not as cold as pushkar during the night though here as I suppose it’s a city small temple at the end of the four n shoes off so the temple is right here as you can see the sky is completely blue not too much pollution in sight and the reason why all the buildings are actually blue is because my convention is so hot that it’s to cool down the city essentially best year found of the blue city in this little gap here check it out so just left the four which is above me on the hilltop and you can see John Paul behind me working my way down to the city and gonna be exploring a few places with some bazaars and also a clock tower which is famous you can see it over there but probably can’t see it on the camera and now in the center of jokbal this is the clock tower which is his most famous landmark there’s a market around this area and it’s called Sardar market it sells basically everything as most markets in India tend to I’m getting the feeling the market has more of a traditional village sort of feel to it you can see a lot of open stalls and it seems a lot less touristy than obviously other cities I’ve been to why you don’t need supermarkets in India whether everything’s fresh food devices vegetables just go down to market and get it pretty good view of moranga for from the bazaar area here the village fields gone away a little bit now approaching more the normalcy Center job yeah it’s like most Indian cities but it’s cool it’s a different vibe Rajasthan in this central area there aren’t too many buildings sucia painted blue and something I didn’t mention earlier as well there also glue because it was to signify they walk divided by Brahmins who are more used to be the highest caste in India it’s the next day I’m still in Jodhpur and I’ve come to somewhere called the tourgee car shower which is this really cool early step well which is pretty steep and the four is just up here it’s a nice place to come to chill out as you can see there’s a lot of people just sitting on the steps and relaxing here as it’s in the shade too which is quite an important thing to find in jodhpur as i’ve experienced today as well the sun it does shine just so brightly so as you just saw I took a rickshaw through the streets of Jodhpur and I’m now a place called Jaswant fader and this is the view of job Palmer her anger for is over here it’s a really good view of the fall especially as the Sun setting I’m gonna go inside there’s some gardens I believe it’s a Cenotaph actually but I’m gonna just get a few shots of this FIFA super nice spot you can see some of the other senators here and the view and behind me just want Dada interesting personal discovery I’ve had more selfies in this location than anywhere else in India yo it’s now the evening a couple days later I’m still in job poor I fell ill over the last couple of days so it was hard to make enough content to make a proper video of Jodhpur but I did my best and I hope the video is long enough we’ll see when I get down to editing here anyway I’m heading to jaisalmer tomorrow bridges on the far end of Rajasthan by the border with Pakistan famous for its camel safaris I’m hoping to do one and I’ll see you there peace
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