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Jamie’s Top 5 Healthy Tips | Quick & Easy | Jamie Oliver

Hi guys, Jamie Oliver here. I’m here in my test kitchen and I’m gonna give you 5 quick and easy healthier tips. Many of us every week go shopping and we buy
this beautiful, white, crunchy, spongy bread, but in the last ten years the brown bread
has got better and better and more delicious and the swap out from white bread to brown
is actually really profound. Okay why? We’re about 12 grams deficit in the amount
of fibre we have per day, but just by swapping out to brown you can
promote way more fibre. Your average kind of two slices of white bread
is about, sort of two grams of fibre. You know for brown bread some go up to seven
grams, so it’s a massive benefit for a little swap
out. We’re talking pasta baby, the brown pasta
is way more nutritional. This has got about three times the amount
of fibre than that and that’s a massive, massive health benefit and it feels kind of
more fulfilling. This will fill you up for longer. So, what I do is I mix it up. I actually buy both right, and then depending on the sauce I’m doing if it’s a
lighter sauce, more of a carbonara, you know more of a kind of creamy or olive
oil-based sauce, I tend to go for the white pasta just coz
it’s light and silky, but then on the brown pastas… you know this does actually have more flavour. It’s more robust and it’s fantastic with tomatoey pastas, ragouts,
meat sauces – you know really really good. So, I’m not saying swap it out full stop I’m
saying use your common sense, mix it up. A great swap out, but I would say get a bit
of both and then when you’re cooking your dishes follow your
instincts. This one’s a big one, it’s rice and I’m gonna be honest… I have both in my house. I’m not saying swap that for that I’m saying
get both. Brown rice is gonna be more nutritious than
white. Why? There’s way more micronutrients in here, iron,
zinc, copper, we’ve got a little bit more fibre, it’s got
more flavour and I think for some dishes this is a really
appropriate swap out that’s more nutritious for you. So, for things like, you know, lovely stews,
ragouts, little tagines, for salads… fantastic. For the white rice there’s certain things
that are just, you know, I would have that with. A beef stroganoff for instance or a lovely
curry. You know that lovely, fluffy kind of nutty,
neutral rice I believe is beneficial. So, I think you need both, but when you can
that is a brilliant and more nutritious swap out that’s going to
look after you. Let’s just talk about mayonnaise. Oh yeah
baby we love it. Dip the chip in there, making your coleslaws, dressings. A hundred grams of this stuff is 700 calories. It ain’t no joke and if you have this regularly
it is gonna, it is gonna absolutely make a difference to
your health. But you could swap this out for incredible
organic yogurt right or sour cream. A 100 grams is 80 calories. So, 700 calories, 80 calories. So, let’s just talk about organic dairy. You’ve got the calcium, you’ve got the B vitamins
in there, you’ve got beautiful, beautiful flavour. Organic dairy is delicious. Sour cream, yoghurt, amazing. You hit that up with mustards and a little
bit of extra virgin olive oil, chilli sauces or you can make amazing
dressings, amazing dips and amazing things to do little slaws with right. So, you’re getting better flavour, better
nutrition and way less calories right. That my friends is a brilliant swap out. We got some butter. Absolutely delicious. We love butter. You can swap it out for extra virgin olive oil. Now extra virgin olive oil is absolutely famed
for being a heart healthy oil and if you let me just pour it onto the plate
here… look at the colour. What’s interesting about this is you get a nice mix of different fat, less saturated
fats than the butter. It’s delicious and also a little trick if
you put it in a little dish. Pop this in the fridge, it solidifies and you can butter
it like butter. But, also if you get into the plate here, that colour, that greenness
comes from the polyphenols. They’re kind of like antioxidants and we
don’t fully know how brilliant they are, but we think they can help us kind of
kill free radicals in our body. So, it’s heart-healthy, it’s delicious, it’s a brilliant, brilliant
swap out. What are you waiting for?
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