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Jamie’s Christmas Panettone Bread And Butter Pudding

Panettone used to be seen as an Italian
delicacy But in the last few years, it’s flying off
the shelves all over the place and it’s a delicious indulgent alternative to the classic Christmas
pudding All I’m gonna do is take the end off And then we can take the base off
and then the sides like this. Just 1 centimeter slices. We don’t waste
anything and you can’t get anything wrong There’s nothing you can get wrong
even if you were a little bit tiddly on the old sherry, you could still do this
beautifully The Panettone is gonna be used both for the custard soaked filling,
and to make the outer crust of the tart instead of pastry To stop the crust sticking, lightly grease
a 28 centimeter loose bottom tart tin Smash-up fine, two tablespoons of Demerara
sugar and mix with 2 more tablespoons of sugar with
the granules left whole What you’ll find is some bits will be crunchy,
some bits will just kind of lightly caramelise which is nice Coat the tin, keeping the
excess sugar for later So to line it, I’m just going to trim this
base here off this brown crust because it’s not quite so delicate I’m gonna put this onto the
bottom just like that. And then all I’m gonna do, is use these little
crusts, squeeze them and push them up against the sides like that. If you do it sort of a little bit scruffy
and not so perfect, it’s still great So that’s our base done. Now time to make the custard Crack 5 large free-range eggs into a bowl,
add 100 grams of golden caster sugar and whisk for two minutes. Heat 300 milliliters of double cream and 300 milliliters of whole milk with 125 grams of
unsalted butter and the husk and seeds of 1 vanilla pod. Leave to simmer on a medium heat for 5 minutes Then, whisking constantly, add the hot
cream mixture to the eggs and sugar And pour some over the panettone Just a third goes in. It will get sucked up straightaway, it absorbs very quickly. Then we have the rest of this custard In actual fact, we’ve got all of the bits
that are fallen off of the wonderful panettone Plus this bit here. Break it up
get in there with a spoon and you can see straight away, it’s just like the
most gorgeous sludge you can get So I’m going to put half in and I’m just going
to lay that into our mold And then some undeniably
beautiful flavours We’ve got really nice quality 70% chocolate Give it a spank and then I want about 60 grams Just little chunks and I’ll save half for
on top and then marmalades that lovely bittersweet orange and the chocolate. Fantastic! So just about 60 grams in and around here Spoon in the rest of the
panettone and custard mixture Making sure you’ve removed the vanilla pod
then top with more chocolate and marmalade and the leftover Demerara sugar So there you go, our really easy delicious
dessert ready to be cooked So 25 minutes at 180 degrees celsius which
is about 350 degrees Fahrenheit In it goes And then when it comes out it’s gonna look
amazing Just timed me to clean down
and have a little sherry Look at that, you’ve still got a little wobble
in the middle which I like After leaving it to rest for 10 minutes , it’s
time to plate up; here we go! Crispy on the top, spongy in the middle. Gorgeous! It’s good hot it’s good cold It’s good for dessert, it’s good as an
afternoon tea A little bit of ice cream Mmm! Oh yeah! Marmalade and chocolate. Such
a brilliant combination Mmm that is the chocolate marmalade panettone bread and butter
pudding A beautiful thing that anyone can do that
tastes absolutely delicious Happy Christmas!
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