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Jamie Oliver & Family React… To Themselves.

all right come on guys what do you mean you don’t like it you haven’t seen it yet look watch it wait you’re gonna right come and sit down because we’re gonna look at a whole load of stuff over the last 20 years great come on keith um i’ve been really missing jewels in the garden [Music] oh look at that haircut though nice highlights i like your hair like that yeah like that yeah like that it’s sick apparently don’t watch this sorry about your haircut i won’t ever cut your hair again look how i cut your hair show me to cut your hair no i’ll cut your hair no i’m really cheap no okay you ready that was so nice doing that series in the back garden though why are you all on school holidays this is not wine this is groundnut oil or sunflower oil and we never planned for any of the kids to get involved like buddy was just so curious buds you look nothing like my child you must belong to someone else are you back [Applause] looking eating cake have a look at that sticky toffee pudding mum no don’t open the door oh god oh no i did didn’t i you did oh my god it’s all sunk [Laughter] she’s so cute [Applause] i need a toilet oh no not the peeing one he will go to toilet anywhere anyway there’s not a place if i introduced him to the queen he’d go just a minute ma’am and he’d just take a slash anywhere anywhere there’s nowhere he hasn’t made a toilet [Music] dude that is basically that is my life right there pretend that never happened but too late i’m going to play that on your wedding day buddy no thank you granddad [Applause] you definitely look good in this what year was this this is your hot year yeah this is my good year this is when i was hitting the gym well they look lovely and the chicken that’s nice chicken looks nice you are in charge of the nougat you are in charge of the chocolate christmas let’s do it i can’t watch it no no i can’t watch my phone i hate this so much that was comfort food that was a nice series i love that i think this is when the family looks like the most presentable yeah definitely things have gone downhill since then why i think we’ve all just got more haggard buddy you don’t have such a good job you are buds look at that around your mouth what’s this oh my god jules this is pre-kids mate that chocolate tart is epic i still make that to this day it’s a brilliant tart i’m thinking to myself i don’t know which tart i prefer dad but or have that you were thinking about jake for an hour yeah exactly remember that great oh bless you no you love me then ah poppy we were in love for god’s sake before we made you mum pulling this was the build up for you being made poppy dad oh my god [Applause] i can’t remember this oh yeah this is what i fancy look oh cowboy you love me i love cowboy outfits cowboy outfit christmas should be fun for everyone oh yes [Music] yes look come on look at the movie who has a dad that can dance like that it’s like your grandfather grandpa who do you know right that has hair that can do that well you still talk about your hair there’s a pattern not even i talking so much about my hair [Music] oh you’re not proud of your dad no no that’s really scary what’s wrong with you tell me what’s wrong with me i’ve got an mba thanks very much member of the british empire oh it’s hair again hair again that’s why i only wash my ear once every five days look at the body that’s quality tv even the busiest of you will be able to master that hair color oh i’m not weird i’m a professional i’ve been in this business for 20 years
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