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Italian Vegetable Tart | Gennaro Contaldo – AD

look what I am and a beautiful island of a Celina to make a fantastic veggie tart yes vegetable tart with my very good friend Bartoli you’re gonna love it it is so simple to make and so tasty first of all you need 225 grams of flour you need 100 grams of Bertolli with butter and olive oil it’s much easier to work especially when you make a pastry because it’s not that hard so you mix them together you mix it well a little pinch of salt then again you mix it but you have to work him a little bit you can see look at that it’s become like a scent then use couple tbsp of water just to regroup it grab them all together empty on the table and then start to use it like you might pasta you can see the way it’s all together that’s done it took me a minute give me that press it to real group it now I need to wrap this in a cling film and put them inside the fridge to rest for least half an hour rich another one is coming magic this is stayed in the freezer for about half an hour so easy just press him your ends turn the other side as well when you roll round pastry always make sure then you roll it around no squared now it’s done let’s roll it out so easy you can see when you use Bertolli with butter and olive oil you don’t need any flour underneath it because it won’t stick beautiful roll it out that real group him again rub it rolling it fantastical then you get a king film on top and roll it out try to adjust it don’t be afraid to patch it up the excess one the other on the side like this bit easier just to remove it now less blind bake it for about 10 minutes it’s time to do the filling so I just grilled some aubergines and it – onion let’s get a paper cut it lens way we cut a knob it’s about 50 grams then just go straight in then you start with the onion just cook them up a little bit now it’s time to put the roast paper inside this lovely juice just trading is only take about a couple of minute to three minutes Selena where all the capers grow so you can handful squeeze them a little bit and then straight in fantastic stir them a little bit you put a little bit of oregano that give it a lovely smell aroma and flavor give master let’s get it a little bit of a chili just to remove the top you break it I will put inside the about half cut him a very fine basil there’s about three large leaves the smell when I cut is unbelievable just put them inside then mix all together now let assembler the tart just put the filling inside [Music] just spread them all around another color and now we do the aubergines just everywhere make sure you cover the corners that’s done fantastic we’re gonna make the mix now for first of all you need 2/3 old egg crack it mix the two hundred milliliter of a milk just pour all inside keep mixing little pinch of salt because some beautiful salted ricotta look at that unbelievable great inside about 50 grams just feeling a mix now this is unsold to record just break it your end is hundred grams so good mix again pull them on top all the mix now we have to bake this one for about 25 to 30 minutes 180 let’s see what happened oh my god it is incredible look at this look at this now I need a little bit more of this wonderful mussels to celebrate it few capers and this is Italian vegetable tart and was a joy now it’s time to taste this oh my god again the onions I get the paper a little bit of chili as well the Bassel the capers but a pastry explode inside your mouth try to make him because it’s so good I would go and enjoy do you know why she is the best product love you [Music]
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