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Is Youtube Dying? So Boho Beautiful Is Changing ♥ Adpocalypse Now

this whole situation is just Causing a lot of stress in our lives, and we’re losing sleep over it. It’s causing us to question How we’re going to even continue? hey guys, hey guys so I don’t know how to start this but We wanted to bring you up [to] speed on what’s going on with Youtube these days YouTube is in the middle of what is being called the ad pocalypse [of] 2017 and what that means is there’s just a massive Advertiser Boycott of YouTube about two months ago the Wall Street journal wrote an article That pointed the finger at Google in Youtube for playing most of their top-Tier advertisers ads before questionable content [either] being placed next extremists and offensive content and then because of this article all the biggest advertisers on YouTube started to pull their money out of YouTube this caused Google and Youtube to go into a massive panic [and] their first response was to d Monetize any video they could find with questionable content but that wasn’t enough the d monetization strategy did not appease the boycott this caused a Massive loss for google we’re talking analysts are saying somewhere around seven hundred and fifty million dollars same But how does that actually affect the YouTube community? Well first and foremost Anyone that got [d]. Monotype is making far far far less money? But then there’s the second-tier creators which we are part of where We just started seeing a lot less ads in front of our videos meaning that our Money our revenue that we make off of our YouTube channel started Plummeting, there’s like a wrong You see all these videos popping up in the last month I would say of people being like I’m quitting youtube [I] have to close down my channel Do you understand it is going to get worse before the hemorrhaging stops you have? Advertisers freaking out YouTube’s freaking out and now creators YouTube is just kind of slowly dying right now so I am quitting YouTube But for us you know as much as this whole boycott is putting a lot of stress on our lives We just want to let you guys know [that] we’re not going to let this stop us from continuing to bring you free Yoga Travel inspirational videos I think what we’ve created and continue to create with boho beautiful is so special and It’s so much more valuable than letting YouTube tell us whether or not we can continue back in the winter When we sold all of our stuff and we decided we were going to take a jump and a leap of Faith fully into ourselves And boho beautiful, we’re leaving in our van with prince driving out to the rockies and we recognized in a huge way what a risk that was but it wasn’t a risk like most people thought it [was] a risk because we Knew we were putting all of our eggs into the youtube basket, and it’s just it’s scary You know YouTube is completely out of our control in the back of our minds We always had some fear that Something could happen or some changes could be implemented into the youtube where it could affect us and affect our lives And it’s a giant corporation that at any moment could dictate what our value is at the end of each month Rather than having our own future and our own destiny in our own hands which was the idea Bubble and us creating it from the start and we actually I did a youtube video a couple weeks ago about how we make our Money which is really ironic because right after we posted it this whole boycott started and we stopped making money, but it was really Amazing to see how many of you guys reached out to us asking if we have a donate button Because you feel [like] you wanted to Compensate us for all the free yoga [videos] you’ll be doing our channel Which is first of all incredibly sweet and everybody would consider reading those kinds of comments was like it was really special Yeah, and it really got us thinking because we talked about it, and we don’t really feel [comfortable] just posting a donate button Oh, I’m just taking your money for free like that. So we’ve decided to start a patreon account because through a patreon account We can continue to provide you guys more value to the Patreon community and continue to make free content on YouTube So for those of you guys that don’t really know what a patreon account is it’s a separate website where people can Pledge creators and with each pledge you get different rewards So one of the really exciting things that we can’t wait to introduce you guys is a live streamed hour-long yoga classes We also actually want to offer you guys Q&A as well that will be live streamed on the patreon We’ve never done anything like this before so it’s definitely going to be a new challenge for us But we can’t wait to figure it out and get it up and going So at the end of the day with this whole ad boycott. We’re really trying hard to look at it Like a paucity. It’s just given us an [opportunity] to expand. What we do When things happen in your life that affect you it’s truly just up to you. How you want to perceive it and in this situation, we [have] to make this a good thing So we’d love it for you guys if check out our patreon page and let’s keep this Going let’s keep the positivity as strong as it is and not let anything like a youtube situation Take that away from us the honest thing you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys for all of your support for all Of your love that you continue to give to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Yes We’ll see you soon When life gives you obstacles you either have a choice to let it affect you and take you down Or you could take the punch and get right back up you
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