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Is This The Biggest Candy You’ve Ever Seen?

we’re not satisfied with the so-called world’s largest gummy worms so we’re going to make our own that’s a lot bigger so we have some stuff today i like gummy worms gummy bears are pretty great i know a lot of people like gummy worms gummy worms are probably my family’s favorite snack to have on the long car ride but it just could be bigger you can already buy bigger versions of gummy worms this right here is like a three pound gummy worm and i gotta say this is a good step up but i think we can do better here’s the basic idea using the gummy candy recipe that we’ve shown you in the past we’re going to make an enormous gummy worm almost four feet long i’m eating this and it’s sour it’s just making me salivate it’s hard to talk i’m just letting it happen following the trend of the three pound gummy worm we’re going to take things up to over four feet long and so here you can see we’ve got a piece of corrugated pipe and this is where we’re going to be making our gummy worm in so it’ll be about four inches tall over four feet wide did you dip this in extra malic acid malic acid is a sour powder that’s often used in sour candies oh you actually tried it yeah i didn’t think that was gonna happen i was gonna take one for the team to try it but he just went for it oh wow that’s sour guys real sour all right so here’s the idea we’re going to prep our corrugated tube yep then we’re going to start making our gelatin candy and we’re just going to fill we’re going to do the red and blue variety so we’ve got some red jello some blue jello our corn syrup and we’ve got some gelatin we’re just going to be making normal recipe and we’re going to fill the two sides with the red and the blue we’ve got some domes these were like christmas ornaments make your own christmas ornaments come into handy so many times we actually use these in the giant skittles they’re a great size they’re just going to fit right on the side here we’re going to use hot glue to attach them should be great this recipe works really well if you’re trying to get a very clear pour on stuff by just letting it sit removing all the bubbles skimming it and if you really want you can like pour it into a glass and let it cool down and cut off we don’t actually need it to be perfectly clear none of these gummy sour worms that we have are clear so if it has a little bit of opacity to it that’s not a problem for us [Music] [Music] [Music] i like it all right this is fantastic and it’s a lot of heat so we’re gonna just let this cool until tomorrow yeah we did it it’s been overnight this is set it’s nice and nice and solid gummy i mean it’s squishy but it’s solidified squishy not liquid squishy all right let’s see if we can actually get this to peel apart yeah [Music] oh my gosh this is ridiculous yeah [Laughter] gummy worm gummy worm oh no oh yeah oh that looks so good oh my god what color variation we have the malic acid we gotta make it sour [Music] this is ridiculous all right i’m very happy with our results of our gummy worm i admit we could have gone with something to add opacity to it and then it would look more like it when i first thought giant gummy worm my thought was like the clear gummy worms that aren’t like the sour ones i was looking at the giant ones i was like oh they have like a sour giant one that’s even better so i got that we didn’t change our recipe for that but i’m still very happy with it it is a giant gummy worm that’s fantastic i want to do taste tests oh well that surface acid mmm it’s not identical but it’s similar it really is pretty much the same as like normal gummy worms the clear kind of boy matt flower gets you it will right about now it’s so good well we’ve got our giant gummy worm and we need to put it to a couple tests for strength so i want to grab one end of it and just spin around in a circle and see how well it holds together first i want to see if we can both like how far we can stretch it oh it’s so oh the malic acid just dissolves gooey outside i don’t think we’ll be able to hold on to it well enough to tear it let’s try i don’t want it i just want to see if it’s oh it is stretching and my hands are like just sliding down all right you want to just swing this thing around i do i do i want to just okay we’ve got a tear right there so well that might be where it tears oh 21 pound gummy worm here goes [Music] eagle [Music] no no no no no no no no no it’s gross wait i’m gonna try this side i actually don’t think i can lift it that way here this part’s gonna tear off and then it will weigh less there it is it was covered in grass now yeah all right the only way i can hold on to it was by digging my hands into it stabbing it yes that didn’t work so well [Music] i want to see if we can swing and smack the pieces of gunman like a sword fight oh your weapons falling apart if i can tear to an inside part i’ll take a bite out of it i can’t and it’s covered in it’s actually remarkably tear resistant there we go that’s just inside part it’s bite resistant gross it’s hard to buy your interview all right high five yeah i hated that i’m going to try and toss it do it oh it worked kind of thought it was just going to stick if i do a little toss it sticks okay i think i’m i’m tapping out it’s getting stickier i can’t i’m just thinking i’m done i’m i’m out here no no guys that’s not all we’ve always got more for you to see hit that button right there to subscribe so you’ll never miss out this one see the next one talk to you then
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