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Is MOLDOVA Europe’s Cheapest Country? How Expensive Is It? 🇲🇩

hello and welcome back to kitchen yo Moldova what is arguably the cheapest country in Europe let me know what you think in the comments below right now I’m outside my accommodation which I’m going to show you a little bit later so before jumping into anything let’s do a quick currency breakdown from the pound to the Moldovan lay one pound equals twenty roughly 22 I guess we can say then ten pounds would then be two hundred and twenty just underneath it which would make fifty pounds just over one thousand lei that would make a hundred pounds just under two thousand two hundred Moldovan leg quite often in Moldova you’ll see a lot of vendors selling on the street fruits and vegetables which is nice to see stray off the street here we have a neat house you see some of the prices here remember the 20 lei is around one pound so hot dog for a pound even the state grill there for 21 lei sausages 19 more grill for 19 you can see an espresso in americano for 10 lei just around 50 P double cheeseburgers and cheeseburgers have been more expensive between 1 and over 2 pounds there and a salad for 450 so just 20 P here we have the mighty Andes pizza these are dotted around all over the capital city so Moldovan chain here we go so now seated inside Andes BC you can see it’s a pretty cool atmosphere let’s take a look at the menu salads here 75 55 60 between 3 & 4 pounds here we can see soups for just a couple of pounds just over 40 lei and lasagna and different pastas beneath 4 pounds and here we go all the different pieces around 80 lei so we’re talking four pounds for a pizza in a nice sit-down restaurant like this prices go up a little bit for steaks and Phillips of chicken 90 or so apart from that one week four 120 55 per chicken pancakes 65 for salmon hoecake burger for 85 single prices on this side you can see just 64 the vegetables sound a bit more expensive at 165 just over 1 pound for a portion of fries it’s not too bad you can get fried chicken and fries for over 3 pounds all copies here for just over 1 pound mostly a couple of them going to 2 pounds and there is dessert milkshakes 36 days biscuits milk shakers 37 for just half a liter of cash now bare 20s that’s one pound and can see the different prices of wine as well very affordable not going more than four pounds for the largest size dotted around the city are these trolley buses here and if you want to take one it’s just too late just to show you how deep that is let me get out my currency exchange Wow okay so to Moldovan lay equals zero point zero nine one here if you’re a backpacker on a budget definitely Moldova’s your place take trolley buses eat from the supermarket’s you will last for months as I’m walking along the three here I can see the prices of a few pastries eight lay eleven thirteen seven and ten down here eight and a so how much is it to get yourself a SIM card and data here in Moldova I went with mold sell on my first day in the country and I paid a hundred and thirty lei which is just under six pounds and I actually got twelve gigabytes very very good deal additionally I want to mention in all the parts dotted around the city you can get Wi-Fi they actually have it here somebody told me in Moldova they have the third best Wi-Fi public Wi-Fi in the world I could be wrong with that fact that’s what I was told I didn’t really believe it but since I’ve been here every park I go to flick up my phone and there’s the Wi-Fi so you know pretty impressive right here we go Moldovans supermarket titled number one anybody from Moldova let me know if this one is a bit more expensive or about to find out now the exact prices let’s start with the water you can see around seven lengths or the bottle here a lay there and through a big one 11 and 8 ending on the brand here you can see them forage of 7 remember 22 roughly is 1 pound so all of them less than 50 P for the small ones and even the big ones a pack of these gingerbread biscuit cakes I pick some up the other day they’re really good actually these ones look like they might be made of sediment anyway 14 so again much less than 1 pound pints of milk all below 20 [Music] all below one hand this is where things get a little bit more exciting with the wine look at this bottle down here dinara didn’t veil it’s a Moldovan wine merlot as well 2011 64 65 that is less than three pounds for a bottle of Merlot I bought this exact bottle a few days ago it was one of the best balls and wine I’ve ever had quite incredible we’re in Moldova you can get here we have click over for just 59 that’s more Moldovan wine Pocari is the more established and well-known brand 10 pounds here you can see 199 that’s just on the 200 of course 137th to white and the Rose a bit cheaper around 7 pounds what about the vodka is it shoot you better is 87 here 82 beneath 5 pounds I just got kicked out at the supermarket some older guy saw me filming and he wasn’t happy with it he didn’t really speak English and wouldn’t really listen to me it also unfortunately I had to cut things short there on the prices right now I’m about to head for some dinner and I’m gonna take a yandex to reach a particular restaurant which is supposed to be very nice I think a little bit more expensive than the average place it’s quite an authentic half Moldovan half romanian restaurant so I’m gonna call a Yandex taxi which is the app they use here instead of uber and let you know how much it costs and the distance and how long the journey takes to the restaurant we’ll start taking the taxi from the atrium mall to the restaurant which you can see behind me looks really good it was 40 full a which comes to around 2 pounds 4 kilometer journey so overall that’s about 50 P a kilometer very good value for taxis here in cap so let’s head inside to this really authentic looking restaurant and try some of the food it’s going to be a little bit more expensive like I said Wow check it out here you can get a good feel for the place so if now sat down let’s take a look at the menu here we can see the different wines 250 and 550 remember 220 is around 10 pounds however you can get wine on tap for just 160 and that’s a thousand milliliters it’s a lot of wine you want to get it a cheaper way there’s also beers in here too and it’s coming over just over 1 pound for most of them sparkling wine as well here we can see a few prices of some different snacks you can just read them salads just 50 60 75 lay the traditional house specialities you can see here ranging from 180 to 250 and some of the side dishes just 60 a roast meat with sour cream and scrambled eggs 150 roasted trout with sauce 78 and how about the desserts just over 2 pounds to most of them before wrapping this video up I wanted to quickly show you my air B&B that I was staying at in Kitchener and as you can see in this shot here it’s a little shaky because I was rushing super badly to check out the room and I realized I hadn’t taken a shot of it yeah so I really quickly was just panning here and you can see there’s a balcony with a nice view all of this comes to just 23 pounds a night 500 lay incredible value I think for a room like this in another country it probably would be 30 to 40 pounds worth so it’s really really good value right in the center of kitchen out there I hope this gave you a good taste of Moldova and shows you just how affordable it is as a country and by no means saying it is the cheapest country in Europe but certainly is one of them and if you want to take advantage of that if you are trying to save your money and you don’t want to go to these expensive Western European trees try Moldova try something different and perhaps you’ll be pleasantly surprised thank you very much watching the next video is on Transnistria so stay tuned for the country that doesn’t exist
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