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Intense Ab Burn // PIIT

– Hey guys, Cassey here. So you guys absolutely
brought it in 2016 January. You killed it! And I introduced PIT to you, Pilates intense interval training, and you have wowed me
with your enthusiasm. So for February, we’re
going to continue on and we’re gonna go a little bit harder because I never want
this to get easy for you because you’re just getting
stronger, all right? So today’s video is all
about the intense ab burn along with the intense interval training. It’s gonna be super
fun, need no equipment, just you, your mat, and a pair of sneakers that you can hop around safely. Now before we get started, I want to talk about February, okay? Because February is the month of love, and this month I want you to
focus your love and your energy towards some inspiring women or girls that really motivate you
to be a better person, a stronger person. So the hashtag for February
is #powergirlcrush, and on February 1st, I want all of y’all, every single one of you, to tweet or Instagram
someone, or a lot of girls, who inspire you to be a power
woman, a power girl, okay? Because it’s strong women
who lift each other up and not tear each other down. Oh, you better know that’s right. All right, guys, so download
the new February calendar at, make sure you use that hashtag, and let’s go ahead and
get started power girls. So I’ve set up my blogilates HIIT timer, we’ve got seven moves, they’re 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off, and you are gonna go hard, you ready? We’re starting in 10
seconds, it’s starting! (upbeat pop music)
Okay, there we go. Guys ready? Split crunches is what’s up, we’re starting with those abs.
(timer clicking) Your legs are all the way to the ceiling, hands behind, gonna
split open and come down. Now make sure that you’re
lifting with your chest, not your neck. We’re working those abs, okay? You’re gonna open those
legs nice and wide, point those toes, getting
the thighs at the same time and lots of stabilization
in your lower abs. Whew, you can hear my
voice shaking right there. Exhale, lift up, inhale down. How ya feelin’? You got less than 20
seconds left, let’s go. And this is just the beginning. We’re going to really
firm up those muscles underneath that layer of fat and then burn that fat with
cardio moves in-between. I got it all figured out for you. Come on last three, (timer buzzes)
and one, very good. Okay guys, we are onto froggy hops, okay? Kind of death, but kind of fun. So hands right underneath your shoulders, palms flat, legs out, three, two, one, go hard.
(timer clicking) In, and out, in, and out. My eyes are looking right at the mat, I’m landing with a flat foot. And this is clearly going
to get your heart rate up. Beautiful, work it. Abs nice and tight, arms nice and strong. You don’t need to look anywhere else, look right down at your mat. Keep that neck in line
with the rest of your body. Whew, twenty seconds left, let’s go! In, and out, froggy hops. One time I tricked my sister
into eating frog legs, ’cause we told her it was chicken, and when she found out, she cried. It was so mean. Last one, whew!
(timer buzzes) Okay, very good. Hollow rock! I feel like we haven’t done
this one in a long time. Now hollow rock, really important to get
this form right, okay? Heels together, hands
right on top of each other, gonna imagine you’re like a banana (timer clicking)
and all you’re gonna do is rock. Whew, now squeeze your heels together. Hands; try to keep them
behind your head, okay? Not here, right here. And you’re just rolling back and forth on your lower back, okay? Squeezing your heels together, keeping your legs nice and straight. Arms right by your ears. Whew, this is a core killer. I’m telling you if this
is an intense ab burn, that’s what you wanted, right? So that’s what I’m give to you. Lift, and lower. Come on, keep it tight, keep it tight guys, stay
strong, you’ve got it. Whew, oh my goodness!
(timer buzzes) Okay, now we’re on to your
twisted mountain climbers. Check it out guys,
mountain climbers normal. I’m gonna go forward this time, twist the opposite elbow. Hands underneath, get ready, three, two, one, here we go.
(timer clicking) Twist, twist, twist,
twist, just like that. Nice and light on the feet. My eyes are looking right
down, right down at the mat. Opposite elbow towards opposite knee, yes. How you feeling there, you feeling good? Well you look good, let me tell you that. You are a power girl, let’s go. Have you thought about who
you’re gonna power girl crush? Think about it as sending a
Valentine to your girl crush. Could be someone you know,
someone you don’t know. But I want it to be
someone who inspires you. Someone who inspires you to
be a better, stronger person. Three, two, one, whew!
(timer buzzes) Okay, now, V ups. I’m kind of sorry, I’m kind of not. These are basically V teasers, okay? Try to keep your legs straight, can’t then bend the legs.
(timer clicking) Arms long behind, you’re gonna lift up, come into a V, come
right back down, oh yeah. It just got real. Inhale, exhale, lift. Now the key thing here is I’m
lifting first with my abs, and then I bring the legs up. It’s gonna make it a lot easier. Beautiful work, arms long behind. Keep those legs straight, eyes forward. Just focus, you’ve got this. You’re looking good! Now don’t tire out, no, not now. You can do this! It’s only seven minutes long
for round one, (chuckles) and you’re gonna work
towards those abs you want. Relax.
(timer buzzes) Yes guys! Okay, plank jacks, and you got one more, we are done with this round, okay? You know plank jacks, hands
underneath the shoulders, And if you need to walk it
out like so, you totally can. Ready, let’s go, whew!
(timer clicking) Out and in, just like this, whew! Keep going, you’ve got it. Nice and light, keeping your booty down. Don’t plank jack with
your butt up in the air! You’re gonna stay right down here, okay? Hands screwed into the
mat, long legs, you got it. Come on, breathe, breathe,
you’re doing amazing! 20 seconds left! Let’s go, in and out, and if at any point you get
tired, just walk those legs. Okay, don’t stop, seven seconds! Five, four, three, two, one, whew!
(timer buzzes) Okay, that was really good. Finally, your hip twists, and you’re done! You’re done with round one! Your elbows right
underneath your shoulders, and you’ll keep that plank,
(timer clicking) and twist, and twist, and just like that you’ve got it. Keeping those legs together,
keeping those toes together, we’re working those obliques, working that strong, beautiful
core, your powerhouse. Come on, twist it, twist it. And I’m also feeling my
upper body too, okay? It’s keeping me up, nice and strong. You got 18 seconds left, come on now! You look so good, come on, keep looking forward, looking down. What are you looking at,
what color is your mat? Mines peony, it’s matching
my bra and my booty shorts. Come on, keep going. Whew, fight it. Three, two, one, (timer buzzes)
knees down. And go ahead and come
into that child’s pose. Inhale through your nose. (inhales loudly) Big exhale through your
mouth. (exhales loudly) Let’s do it one more time. Inhale through your nose. (inhales loudly) Big exhale through your
mouth. (exhales loudly) And slowly slide those
hands towards your knees. Give it a big shoulder roll. And guys, you just finished round one of your intense ab burn for PIT! Go ahead and do this three more times, if it’s your only workout for the day, or if you’re following
the February calendar, then just do it once and move
along to the other workouts. Again, go ahead and tweet or Instagram, your favorite power girl crush, and let’s get the hashtag
trending on February 1st. All right guys, I love you so much, and you’re my power girl crush. For reals, bye!
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