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Inspecting Agricultural Products | To Catch A Smuggler

♪ ♪ SIMS: This Lagos, Nigeria
flight is known for us as a high-risk flight. I love working this flight. There are a lot of medicinals
that we’re picking up. It’s just an interesting
melting pot of agricultural products. Good morning. MAN: Good morning. How are you?
SIMS: How are you? SIMS: I’m good. We’re gonna scan this flight
and we’ll see what we have. Do you have any food
items in your bags? SIMS: What do you have,
sweetheart? SIMS: Frozen soups? SIMS: I try to give off
positive energy, you know, to the passenger. You’ve done this before? SIMS: Uh-huh. You learned
your lesson before. SIMS: All right, good to know. They’re more receptive to
understanding the process. SIMS: You got a list? SIMS: I love it, awesome,
awesome, awesome. SIMS: Awesome. They’re more receptive to
wanting to help to not bring anything that’s gonna
potentially harm US agriculture as a whole. We do have a pest that has
been found, right there. WOMAN: Oh. SIMS: The fear is,
worst case scenario, an invasive species gets
out into the environment. They can cause massive
destruction to agricultural products or plant
products that we have
currently here in the US. Good morning. MAN: Good morning,
how are you? SIMS: I’m good, how are you? Any food items in your bag? MAN: Yes, food
is here and here. SIMS: What kind of
food items do you have? SIMS: All right, is that
all the food you have? SIMS: Okay, once I start
going through the bags, if something
prohibited is found, you could potentially
receive a penalty, a civil penalty for
failure to declare, okay? All right. All right, so here we go. SIMS: Uh-hmm.
This is garri. I have to look through
your garri to make sure. Garri is a form of the
cassava and when it comes
in bundles like this, we have people
that stick other items, so that’s what I’m doing now,
just inspecting his garri. You said you had garri,
you have dried fish. SIMS: But you
didn’t declare this. This is not
allowed, sweetheart. MAN: Hey! SIMS: Uh-huh.
This is not allowed. MAN: Oh.
SIMS: Egusi is a melon seed. MAN: But I passed through. SIMS: And in this form,
it’s prohibited, because of a storage pest
that we’re concerned about, one of them is
called Kapra beetle. MAN: Ah. SIMS: You will cry?
MAN: Yes. SIMS: Well you, I
don’t want you to cry, but I will be taking it,
because it’s prohibited. SIMS: No, sugar. I get it, egusi soup, I know,
and it’s very delicious. But, when entering, I
cannot let this pass. Stop looking at it,
let me take it away. All right, so I
appreciate you. Have a wonderful day, okay? I try to be very sympathetic,
knowing that it’s a local home town treat that is
specific to that region. I try to go into
it with a heart, but this is what is set
forth when it comes to
protecting US agricultural. Okay. What we got next? Captioned by
Cotter Media Group.
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