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Insane ONE OFF Limited BMW Concept Car | 2002 Hommage

[Music] my car for the day guys what’s up supercar blondie here in munich germany and i’ve got this baby this is a one-off come with me you will never have seen this before in your life there is only one of these in the world and i have the key welcome to the supercar blondie channel this is the 2002 homage car now this here just check this out before we get in this is a turbo sticker now the reason for that is this car pays homage to the very first series production car in europe to have a turbocharged engine that was a bmw back in the 70s all right let’s open her up looks cool hey i really like how it looks oh my god wait till you hear what it sounds like are you ready for this this is crazy don’t you wish all bm sounded like that right come on we have to hear it [Music] what did you reckon at that how good does it sound that’s freaking insane so this is an homage car as i said and it was built in 2016. now it pays homage to you see that car hiding right there this one the o2 series from the 70s this series was the very first to have that turbocharged engine in europe and i got the keys to this one too so then i can show you the similarities between the two cars this is a 1976 o2 model now the turbos actually started in 1973 but this is the actual car that they wanted to pay homage to now quite like this it’s very bouncy the seat in these old cars super soft and bouncy okay [Music] i think i should get one of these cars so this car was actually an everyday driver’s car but because it was so sporty and so cool back in the 70s they actually made it into a racing car as well and that is why you’ve got on this homage car racing stickers you’ve got turbo meister written across here because bmw’s racing team actually was sponsored by jagermeister so it’s got a similar riding style as well you’ve got a turbo instead of a deer this car here is actually a straight six turbo charged bmw and that’s that sound that you just heard doesn’t it sound incredible this is a based on an m2 and it came out in 2016. everything here on the front written backwards you see turbo and that’s so the people in front of you can see in their rear view mirror that a turbo charged bmw is coming up on them and they’ve done that here as well turbo backwards their headlights are cool look how gold they are here and that is because they wanted it to be kind of yellow in color because a lot of racing cars back then had yellow headlights so that’s what they’re doing there also this headlight here and this blinker is separate and that’s what they’ve got here on this car headlight and blinker separate the reason why i haven’t shown you the interior is because i’m not allowed to and it’s never been seen before and i think it’s going to stay that way forever it’s going to be kind of a secret what’s inside but it has this really cool roll cage as well that made it like super super sporty what’s a really cool feature is look where the bmw logo is it’s on the side and that was a major feature of the o2 series as well that’s because interestingly they couldn’t put this logo up here on this rubber wing so they had to find space for it down here so they wanted to do that here on this car too what’s really cool about the tail lights is see how they’re all blacked out it’s only when you turn them on that you can see the taillights see this water line here goes all the way around the car they’ve done that on this car but they’ve updated the look here it is in exposed carbon fiber all the way around the body of the car you can see also here they had to put uh extra body panels like a wide body kit on this car and they’ve kind of done the same thing on this car in that they’ve just made it a little bit more wide-bodied you’ve got these rims these are quite cool like a lot of racing cars back then had very detailed rims or wheels and so they wanted to do that as well thank you so much to bmw guys rock thank you so much for bringing out these beasts for us to see on the supercuff londy channel make sure you subscribe guys because i’ve got some crazy stuff coming love ya i’m out yes [Music] so [Music] you
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