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Indian Tex-Mex – Shart Week Day 1 – Epic Meal Time

welcome to Shark Week what’s the shirt my shirt is Lenny gamble with your underwear and you lose a shirt is when you think it’s just a pee and it’s a poop so everyday this weekend Epic Meal Time Monday to Friday we’ll be releasing a new video that’s 5 videos and each of these videos will be designed to give you gas and simultaneously leave you a drip drop drippity ladies and gentlemen back to pepto cuz this is Shark Week Shark Week has brought to you by the Epic Meal Time video game available for iPhone iPad and Android download link is in the description you play this game and we get more bacon today on Shark Week we get a little cultural understands we need to decide which has the worst aftermath burger but Indian or tex-mex cuisine so we did the logical thing I made a fusion of Indiana tex-mex cuisine Korean beans fish let’s start – Shark Week off education here’s how to properly make a bacon we’ve laid out strips of bacon fold back every second strip lay down two new strips horizontally fold the bacon back down like this remember son keep that wheat tight if you read gaming tightly you just ain’t leaving right it’s pretty simple ain’t you ever give your sister a basket weave braid no linear a bad brother today we with curry curry bacon weaves not at all recommended for little pissing your pants as mainstream as wash slice that chicken real slow cut up chicken into pieces since we’re white or Indian plans for this chicken will be severely limited and predictable Pat Dory chicken [Music] this place to read of sounds [Music] very not Indian we use beef for our children or bacon son to add to our chili [Music] exceptional bacon we flip or curry they stood up onions he’ll cry dry your eye we’re mixing these onions with bacon chunks great look like Instagram in here beef bacon onions plenty of butter plenty of cream add some beans over here we’re making some more chicken with more cream and more butter we do butter chicken better than some Indian tandoori chicken quesadilla tortilla and sour cream salsa except we put tandoori chicken in this fusion quesadilla Buster’s glasses it’s thirsty pump on a curry Jack jump back some curry powder than a shot of Jack Daniels and onion as a chaser dum this is still a cooking show for real so we care about presentation cut up our quesadillas into two triangles just like how they do a Taco Bell here’s our butter chicken curry bacon we taco [Music] a full bowl of butter beef and bean chili epicMealTime taken fusion cuisine game as you know how we like those [Music] we made an Indian tex-mex fusion spread starting with this butter beat and beat chill out over here some tandoori quesadillas with salt the sour cream and cheese that’s bacon weave butter chicken curry tacos this will get you the upkeep Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] next time leaves your genes this is sharp news which means we have a new video each day Monday to Friday sponsored by our epicMealTime video game for iPhone iPad and Angela the game is on sale right now for this week / download link is in description support at picnic support 8 [Music]
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