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Increase Your TRICEPS Size & Strength NATURALLY In 7 Days!

hey what’s up guys welcome back to the channel so i actually want to start off today’s video with a fun question if you could keep the pump feeling in your biceps or triceps for the rest of your life which one would you pick i mean pumped biceps look amazing from the front but then you wouldn’t be able to scratch your own back unless you had a back scratcher butt scratcher butt scratcher can’t you butt scratch your hair as for me i would choose triceps they’re two-thirds of your arm and i really don’t see a downside other than maybe busting the sleeves of most shirts but if you’re unsure which pump you would like best you can check out the biceps growth training video i already created right here and today we should be able to annihilate those triceps enough for you to make a decision so just like the previous videos in this series i’m going to teach you a technique that will help you to spot more growth utilizing foster stretch training and remember this technique is only to be done at the end of your workout so if you’re training with a split like chest and triceps or biceps and triceps train triceps last and then utilize this technique so let’s get started exercise number one is gonna be a triceps rope push down and you’re gonna do four sets of ten to twelve reps and you’re resting about 60 to 90 seconds in between sets now the reason why we’re using an isolation type movement is because the first step to this technique is to acquire an insane pump and the push down allows us to focus on a hot flex unlike other exercises like skull crushers which focus a bit more on the stretch now if you don’t have access to a rope that’s fine you can still use a straight bar or viva but if you do have a rope that additional shoulder extension and abduction will activate the triceps allowing for an even more hardcore contraction on every single repetition but don’t separate the rope or extend your wrist at the bottom guys this does nothing for your triceps so just push the rope behind your torso and if you feel some rear delt activation that’s fine and it’s to be expected another quick tip don’t stop at the 12th rep just because it’s the 12th rep alright if it feels like you have more gas in the tank especially on your final set stop when the pump is so insane that you feel like your triceps are going to explode the bigger the pump the more effective this technique will be exercise number two is the powerbomb and we’re gonna be doing three sets of two to three reps with a 20 second hold at the bottom of every repetition again wrestling about 60 to 90 seconds between sets but before we go over the technique guys be sure to tap that like button and also leave a comment below for that youtube algorithm it really helps me out so make sure you show your support if you enjoy the content all right so now that your triceps are pumped and engorged with blood from the first exercise we want to apply a weighted stretch to try to expand and stretch the fascia but don’t go too heavy or too light here pick a moderate amount of weight and depending on how set one goes increase decrease or keep the same weight but once ready get the dumbbell over your head and focus on a slow negative with a 20 second hold at the bottom make sure your wrists go below your elbows and remember that we picked this exercise because it places your shoulders into extreme flexion which in turn allows for more of a tricep stretch especially in the long head once the 20 seconds are over extend your arms back to the top and repeat for two more reps and guys this is going to burn like crazy but you need to fight through it maybe keep a lighter dumbbell close by just in case you have to lower the weight between reps it’s totally fine to do that and now for those of you who really like to torture yourselves here’s a bonus exercise the half dip isometric hold you’re gonna do three sets and for each set you’re gonna do four repetitions with a five second hold once you get it to about halfway on the exercise now for most of you this workout is already pushing your limits by the end of exercise two but if you want to take it a step further this is gonna be the exercise to do it so what you’re gonna do is get yourself to the top position of a dip and then slowly lower yourself to the halfway point don’t just drop down go down nice and slow and controlled and when your elbows reach about a 90 degree bend you want you to hold this spot for five solid seconds and then as soon as those five seconds are up you’re gonna return back to the top and complete three more repetitions but if your abs feel like they’re about to fall off and you still want to push your limits grab a heavy band to help you out i actually always have bands with me for situations like this and for stretching mobility work between sets and my friends over at iron bull strength have great deals on bands and other fitness equipment that you might need for the gym or maybe even your home gym and i’ll post that link below my pinned comment and you guys can use my code ms10 for 10 off the entire site now for the best results i want you to utilize this technique two to three times a week max especially if your triceps are a lagging muscle group do this for three to four weeks and then de-train your triceps so they can fully recover that means no tricep specific workouts for about a week however guys don’t expect inches on your arms right away but i guarantee by the end of week one you’ll have a much stronger mind muscle connection to your triceps which will lead to more intense workouts and more growth over time especially if you’re currently stuck in a muscle building plateau don’t forget to tap that like button on your way out and of course if you would like a full program you can take to the gym with you right now check out my five day split right here it’s the program i’m currently running and it’s just made me remember how much i love drop sets so switch things up try my program and every workout takes like 60 to 90 minutes max to complete and you can even use my code ms7 to try it for one week free and as always more good stuff coming soon see you guys
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