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I Was 410lbs – Now I’m Half The Size | BRAND NEW ME

[Music] i was addicted to diet soda i was drinking 15 to 20 a day and i weighed over 400 pounds if i wanted more pop i got more pop i wanted more video games i got more video games i knew what i was doing to myself was truly killing me losing 200 pounds seems so astronomically impossible i was like you know what i’m doing this right now i remember stepping on the scale down 50 pounds looking at myself in the mirror and being like you can do this [Music] so we are back at my old high school and this is the football stadium where i spent a lot of time screaming in the stands i was too big to even play football by the time i was 18 a senior in high school i weighed over 410 pounds i mean i i had a lot of friends in high school i was the funny fat kid that would jump on people and whip my boobs at people i was just a goofball i put on a face to make it look like i had my life together even though it wasn’t i was bigger than everybody else i was given sunshine and rainbows of an infinite no checks to life if i wanted more pizza i got more pizza if i wanted more pop i got more pop i wanted more video games i got more video games and that was just the the reality i was pre-diabetic had super high blood pressure not even my best friend phil from high school knew how dark my situation was and how i looked at myself there were a lot of jabs at david uh about his weight but he did he always seemed to kind of brush them off and you know i admired that i would eat almost in a costco sized bag of reese’s almost every day like a 24 pack every single day a typical friday night would involve going to buffalo wild wings he would have 24 wings and a a platter of fries and then by nine o’clock you know he’d be wanting to go to taco bell or applebee’s and then have a whole nother meal it would be common for him to put down eight to twelve sodas in in a night evening nice man yeah diet coke was his drug of choice the amount that he put down per day was sickening i was addicted to diet soda i was drinking 15 to 20 a day it’s crazy to think that like back when i was in high school when i’m playing video games i’m out here just each video game when i’m done i’d crank out a 12-pack of diet coke in a matter of three hours and like that was that was a normal thing for me to do i’d hide the diet coke cans so my parents didn’t know how many i was drinking when you’re drinking this amount of diet coke all the synthetic sugars just it makes you feel hungry and it just makes you feel like crap there’s a little little reese’s peanut butter cup for you i still do eat them on occasion i’m not gonna say i don’t but i don’t eat them at the same level as i used to i would eat 30 to 40 those bad boys the biggest thing for me was the idea of looking at losing 200 pounds seemed so astronomically impossible so it never really tried and i never really looked at myself of just saying hey you got to change who you are so when i was 22 i was in my junior year college and i read a book called the compound effect by darren hardy and it just changed the way i saw myself that book was like how do you lose 200 pounds you lose two pounds a week for a hundred weeks and you lose 200 pounds i was like i could do that and by the time i hit about 50 pounds down when i stepped on the scale it was like the click and i was like i’m changing everything like the holy crap this is real and i’ve never looked back i go to the gym five to seven days a week 400 pound david would be dreading the gym right now because it’s gonna be painful it’s gonna be fun i’m gonna be sweaty but today i’m looking forward to it why because i choose to be we’re doing a full body we’re gonna do a little bit of rowing some sprints we’re gonna do some dead lifts i was 410 pounds i made the decision to really live an accountable life at 22. lost about 150 pounds so for me the skin removal surgery was like and i respect some people that they don’t want to do it like for me it felt like a chapter ending decision like obese david is done if you look at some of the before pictures i just had really big droopy boobs and then this big flop stomach and um yeah i mean there’s just no when you’re 400 pounds and you have these big little boobs there’s there’s no amount of weight loss that’s going to get that off that’s just there’s surgery it’s the only option skin was just holding back to who i used to be it’s like i’m not him anymore what inspired me to do the bodybuilding show i just want to do something different i want to push myself i did a bodybuilding show 400 pound david couldn’t even fathom losing 15 pounds and i did a bodybuilding show that it was so for me it was the new challenge come on drive feet we live in a very unique time where people are misconnecting body positivity and obesity i understand we all need to be love our bodies but loving our bodies also means respecting our body and the food you eat if you truly love yourself you will do things that are treating your body with the respect it deserves when you push your limit what you think you can do and you push beyond failure what you think is failure and you put out that 315 you’ve never done before the brain just goes i’m a champion i can do anything so someone who’s obese watching this right now who wants to lose the weight the number one thing to me is don’t over complicate i ain’t gonna do it these things aren’t astronomically big decisions it’s about committing just doing the small actions every day let’s go you
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