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I Was 386lbs – Now Look At Me | BRAND NEW ME

at my heaviest weight i was 386 pounds i felt diminished i felt very embarrassed just disappointed in myself i honestly could not fit through the door with my son in my arms i’d have been down and called my husband and asked him to come here so you could take care of him that was a very big realization for me i started my weight loss journey about three and a half years ago i have lost 248 pounds and i’ve done it for my children [Music] i’ve been morbidly obese since i was a teenager my relationship with food was i was very dependent on receiving that emotional satisfaction with food it never occurred to her that she wasn’t like everyone else until someone in her peer group pointed it out you know kids can be really cruel at that point when the pure reaction and the bullying kind of began i think it made it worse and now it became an emotional problem i kind of ate what i wanted when i wanted there were times that i would go and order a cheeseburger and fries there and then drive across the street order dessert or additional food there so people didn’t assume that i was ordering it all for myself do you want a forker are you good i’m good my kids are adelie and ezra ezra is special needs he has cerebral palsy at the time i was over 300 pounds when i had him he was very ill he’s had many surgeries over the years and he needed a mom that was going to be able to take care of him appropriately the turning point in my weight loss was definitely trying to pick up my son and put him in the bathroom and i couldn’t fit myself or him through the door i had to put him down and call my husband and ask him to come home from work so he could take care of him i felt diminished i felt very embarrassed just disappointed in myself that i had gotten to that point where not only could i not fully take care of some basic needs but i couldn’t help my son in the moments that he really needed me that was a very big realization for me that i needed to change my life at my heaviest weight i was 386 pounds i weigh about 140 pounds now my lifestyle is in my gym that is a part of who i am now i work out five days a week um if i could work out seven days a week i would i love dead lifting i love squat i love i love working delts [Music] i feel pretty happy with the amount of excess skin that i have it represents growth and change and evolution of who i am and who i plan to be and it’s good it’s okay to have loose skin it doesn’t define me as a human being if you ask me if i’d love to get it removed i would say yes because i want to compete in bodybuilding my interest in bodybuilding sparked probably after the first year and a half of being in the gym itself i want to be able to show other people that it is possible that you can go from this to a completely different mental attitude and discipline i have learned so much from her with her emotional journey the weight journey she’s accepted her body the scars the skin all of it is a story of her life i am very proud of myself and my achievements i think i’ve come a very long way i think i’ve created a better future for my kids i am very active in their lives more so than i ever have been before there’s always an opportunity to be better and do better and you’re going to fall along the way and that’s okay but you don’t give up you keep going you
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