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I Was 287lbs After My Family Died – Look At Me Now | BRAND NEW ME

after the death of my mother i started using food to comfort myself and i put on about 20 pounds and then when my father died there was another 30 pounds by the time my brother died i was at the highest weight of 287 pounds when i looked in the mirror i saw someone who was just really broken and lost i knew that if i didn’t change my mentality that the physical didn’t stand a chance i have lost over 150 pounds i feel fantastic in 2009 when i lost my mother it was very sudden very out of the blue she had struggled with addiction and hit it very well a lot of us did not know and then one day i got a call that she had had an overdose it was just devastating i started using food to comfort myself and to cope and i put on about 20 pounds then my father passed away in 2012. he was diagnosed with parkinson’s i was his full-time caretaker and i unfortunately found him deceased one morning as i was going to check on him when my father died you know there was another 30 pounds and it just really started spiraling out of control my brother and i definitely took two different paths when it came to coping with our parents loss his was alcohol and drugs but my drug of choice was food almost a year to the day my brother died he had been struggling ever since our parents passed away with addiction we really thought that he had beat it one day he relapsed and he died we didn’t find him until about four days afterwards by the time my brother died i was at the highest weight of 287 pounds so i started experiencing a lot of soreness in my back i finally decided to go and have it checked out and met with a surgeon who told me that i would need surgery he looked me in my eye and said i don’t want to hurt your feelings but if you do not get some of this weight off after this surgery you’re going to be facing another surgery in the future another level is going to just not be able to keep up with all of this weight that you’re putting on your spine i knew that i had to get this weight off to be able to live i needed help to figure out how to grieve and lose these thoughts and behaviors that have led me to this weight the first thing i did to lose weight was to learn what was in the food that i was eating i did not do much exercise at all i hated exercise until i met brandon i started out at 287 pounds and i have lost over 150 pounds now i weigh 145 pounds and i feel fantastic i didn’t have a support system you know they were dead so having his influence having him in my ear telling me you can do this you’re not hurt that really motivated me chest up push it up yes ma’am good sit it down rest we took it slow made sure she was comfortable with herself and then after that put out put on a gas pedal and she was doing great i work out at least four times a week when it’s a little colder outside that’s been really limiting with covet and everything but typically i’ll do five days sometimes even six i consider her a friend and so one thing that i’m really proud of her for even just taking that step when a lot of people wouldn’t have even tried to do these things [Music] i keep the photo of my spinal surgery scar around just to remind me when i’m maybe not wanting to go work out when i’m wanting to maybe fall back into some bad habits and it always reminds me of where i was and where i am now you know it just shows resilience and reminds me to keep at it i love helping people lose weight so i would love to share more of my stories i’m not just this girl whose parents and siblings died there’s a lot more to me i’m living that now and so i’m proud of myself and i’m sure my parents are too you
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