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I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Hot Cheeto Burrito

– Okay, so here we are, Eating Your Feed, the show where the man
behind the camera, Adam, makes people make food that they’ve seen in viral internet videos. Today we’re going to be making the Flaming Hot Cheeto Burrito. So this restaurant
Sayulita’s, and they make, apparently many of
their popular menu items with Flaming Hot Cheetos. Today we’re interested in the burrito. And the burrito is that big. Carne asada, a liquid avocado, sour cream, a bunch of Flaming Hot Cheetos, and a scoop of liquid cheese. To help me out, I have
Rie, Tasty producer, chef extraordinaire, anything
else you want me to call out? – Your friend, are we friend? – Yeah, we’re friend. Today we’re making this. – The size of a kitten. – Pretty massive kitten, actually. – Half a cat. It doesn’t have rice and beans. – That’s what I noticed, too. Maybe there’s something
to that combination. Anything you think I should watch out for? – I think there’s still
a lot of ingredients, make sure to season everything well. – Hopefully I can just have
a perfect burrito to present. First step, we’re gonna
start by marinating the beef. I think this is Wolfgang Puck’s apron. I made a video with him two years ago, and he left his apron behind. Hopefully he never watches this video. I have one 1.89 pounds of flap meat. I also got this, cuz on the internet when you’re bad at cooking,
you want lots of little tricks. You go like that, and you can
stick all of your ingredients in there and it stands up straight. Nice new cutting board. (tapping) So I’m kinda making this one up, too. I mean it doesn’t matter. Like, you just put tasty
liquids and spices in a tub, you put the meat in there, and then you’re good to go, right? So we’re gonna start by juicing
some limes and this orange. Can you do that trick? Ooh! It releases the juice. I’ll start by rolling the
lime, then I’ll cut it. Then we’ll take this thing — (clattering) People watching this video
are enjoying the speed at which this is happening,
but in real life, it took many minutes. Shut up. Oh, this was a juicy — do you hear that? (laughing) Alright, that’s gonna be enough juice. Oh yeah. So we got our juices, goes into the bag. Garlic, do like five cloves. Add a bunch of cumin, that much. Chipotle chili powder. A lot of recipes call
for some kind of other smoky pepper type thing,
we have this ancho chili. A pinch of salt, oregano. Next we’re gonna take cilantro,
the silliest of the herbs. Get it? People are laughing. Like, this much. If your cutting board
does that, it’s not safe. Put some olive oil into it, to
kind of, smells pretty good. Okay, in my meat goes. (squishing) And now we got a bag o’ meat. This’ll go in the fridge
for at least an hour. Okay, so it’s time to start making, to try making, tortillas. These are gonna be flour tortillas. You know, there’s a ton
of recipes for this. It’s flour, a fat, and salt, essentially. Some call for baking powder, most ask for a little bit of
water or some ask for milk. I’m gonna start with
three cups of flour here. Teaspoon of baking powder. Some salt in here. We failed to buy lard, but I
did manage to buy duck fat. It’s like if you made fat into a butter. Look at that. Smells like a bird. It’s like, melting from
the warmth of my hand. Adam asks if that’s the name of my memoir. Oooh. Not an exact measurement. Four wads of that. So now I’m gonna start
clumping this by hand. Ooh, that’s a weird feeling. It said use warm water. It’s already bustin’ a move, here. Oh, that might’ve been a
mistake, why did I do that? Give me some more flour. I, it became very wet, now
I’m trying to balance it back out with some flour. I’m a total dough newb, by the way. In every video we do where
I have to do a dough, I (beep) (beep) bad. Okay, I think this is
actually going pretty good. The dough is bouncing back. I’m gonna wrap this in plastic so that moisture doesn’t escape. (slapping) Give that an hour to rest. (upbeat music) Cuz we’re making a spicy
burrito today, I thought, well, I’m gonna have a
spicy beer cocktail as well. So we’re gonna make a
michelada real quick. I’m referencing a Bon Appetit article, it’s called “How They Make
Micheladas in Mexico”. I’m gonna juice some limes, I found a better juicer this time. Oh yeah, this is like a spicy salt. Put a little bit in the lime juice. Oh yeah. Yeah, look at that, nailed it. This is for a big batch, so I’m just kind of
making up the proportions. Yeah, a little hot sauce, dash
of Worcestershire-shir-shy. Oh, I guess I’ll do ice next. So this is a tomato-y clam juice. And for this, it’s pretty much
just one-to-one with beer. Just pretend that that ratio’s perfect. It’s delightful. We’re gonna start rolling
out the dough that we made. There’s some white spots on here that I hope are just the pieces of fat. See how big we can get this stuff. It’s so squishy. This is amazing feeling. I’m just gonna try to
get a basic circle shape, which we’ve all be in an
art class where we try to draw a circle and it’s just
the hardest thing ever, so. God! How do you get a circle out of this? It feels nice and thin and light. I think I’m going to fire up my griddle and just see how this cooks. Ooh yeah, it’s good. Got some stuff happening
already over here. Stuff is puffing up,
I think I’m just gonna have to turn this a lot. Oh god. Ah, that’s so hot! I’ll keep my hand on here
until it’s time to turn it. Oh yeah, that’s what I want. Look at that. It’s definitely like, the
doneness of a quesadilla at the moment, so I think
if I tried to roll this, it would not go too great. (crunching) – Ah, that’s good. – Yeah, I mean I think if I do this again, but just flipped it fewer
times so it didn’t dry out. So we’re gonna make our cheese sauce now. A little roue action. Like, you’ll rue the day
you were born, Adam Bianchi. I perfected this technique
making cheesy hamburgers. Adding the cheese is so much fun I’m having a hard time stopping. Alright. Uh oh. I think it’s broken. Cheese sauce attempt two. So I’m actually gonna take my milk and warm it in the pot first. In the meantime I’m
gonna grate this cheese. Put this back in here. Two tablespoons of butter,
three tablespoons flour. This ratio looks a lot better this time. Okay, now I’m gonna slowly add the milk and just pour it everywhere
at the same time. Scalding milk underneath
the pot, that’s good. I wonder if I can blot up this milk without setting a paper towel on fire. Nope. Okay, that’ll take another minute. It’s cheese time here. Way more togetherness on the spoon. Creamy texture, okay. So that’s a cheese sauce. Oh, here’s a good idea. Take some of my leftover tortilla test. (speaking foreign language) You should just stop the video right here. One thing I am gonna do is pull
our meat out of the fridge. Ooh. So it can not be super cold
when we’re trying to cook it. And I think I’m also gonna
pull it out of the marinade, so that it can be a little drier. Time to avocado sauce. So the guacamole that’s in the video was pretty much just a
super creamy green sauce. I think I’m just gonna do
avocados and lime juice. (clanging) Salt. Ooh, that’s a lot. I think it’s fine. It’s time to grill some meat. We have a hot cast iron here. And there it is. I’m basically using this like
I would if I were grilling. I feel pretty good about this. Boom, first flap down. We’re gonna let it rest in some foil until we’re ready to slice. Alright, so here are our
neon spicy cheese crunchies. Aka, Flaming Hot Cheetos. A little taste test. (crunching) I mean they’re so good. The meat has rested, we’re
gonna slice into it now, to kind of match what is
happening in the video. We’ll cut them kind of into these strips and then against the grain like that. Give me one second. Can you — It’s like a solid medium. In the video, it was like,
well-done chunks of meat, but I think this is pretty good. You can have that, Adam. – Needs more salt. – The time has come to
make the perfect tortilla to wrap up this burrito video. Flour the surface. Retrieve the dough. A generous portion. Alright, I’m just gonna
go for a mega tortilla with this one. I’m gonna try to do
this one very carefully. People who know how to make tortillas are gonna be laughing at this video. Adam just muttered, “They
won’t be the only ones.” That’s pretty much a perfect tortilla. (upbeat music) What do you think? It’s uh, it’s big. It’ll fold, so we’re gonna go with it. Here we go. Beef, add a pinch of salt to this cuz I underseasoned it slightly. Next, green stuff. Guacamole is not an extra
$2 at this burrito place. Crema, which is satisfying
all my fantasies of eating Elmer’s glue as a child. The good stuff. I don’t want them poking
holes in my tortilla that I worked so hard to make. You ready for this one? (smooth jazz) There you have it. If that doesn’t look like that — … then you’re a liar. Now for this fun part. Ooh. I can go. (jazz music) Hey Rie, look what I made. – Burrito. (laughing) It’s not giant. Wasn’t it a giant burrito? – It was, yeah, it was pretty big. – [Rie] Okay. – And the problem is, I could
only make a tortilla so big. – The most important thing is flavor. – That’s totally what I was focused on. Ready for this, Adam? – Ooh, the color. – [Andrew] Yeah, look at that. – [Rie] Pretty. – Cheers.
– Cheers. I like the crunch. I don’t wanna admit this is good. I mean — (laughing). Cuz it’s Cheetos. – Yeah.
– Junk food. But it’s good. – You do keep eating it. Yeah, I think visually
we pretty much got it. I’m actually surprised at how well these components work together. – I didn’t help you at all. This time. – Pretty soon, I’m gonna be
coming over to your videos, telling you how to do stuff. (laughing) Another day in the books,
here on Eating Your Feed. Adam, how about I make you one? Watch, this is gonna be the best one. The cheese is like, as hot
as cheese could possibly be. (laughing) Is this why you only had
potato salad for lunch? No no no no no no no no no no no. (upbeat music)
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