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hi i’m katie and i’m a tasty producer when i started here i was actually making a lot of the top down recipe videos and what we do is we cram like an entire recipe that might take 30 minutes or even half a day into like 30 seconds or a minute so today i’m gonna watch one of those old tasty videos that i don’t know which one it’s gonna be and i’m gonna try to make it the twist is i can only watch it one time i feel like i have a really good memory but it’s been a long time since it’s been put to the test so i could be a bit rusty i’m still a little afraid because those videos go so fast oh okay a caramel apple upside down cake i wonder whose recipe this is it’s alvin’s recipe so we know it’s gonna be good but we also know it might be like a little complicated i’m gonna have to really look at these amounts ready set go sugar a third cup oh god baking powder okay two eggs two eggs two eggs a third cup of oil a third cup of milk okay we’ve got and he’s just doing all in one bowl so that’s good vanilla didn’t see how much that’s okay okay now we are on to making the caramel i didn’t see how much butter a cup of caramel oh so he uses like pre-caramel sauce with the butter that makes my life easier and then he sliced i think this is a granny smith apples and he’s gonna bake that for 25 minutes oh at 3 25 i think and great and that was 25 minutes was that 25 minutes guys i already forget i’ll just keep checking it in the oven i feel good but like there’s a lot of numbers in my head right now like was it a cup and a quarter of flour was it a cup and a half of flour it’s gonna be interesting some things i’m worried about is if i don’t cook it at the right time like that caramel at the bottom could burn because it’s an upside down cake they’re like a little bit spongier and springier getting those ratios right oh my god was it two eggs or three i don’t remember [Music] all right i am about to embark on this experiment i’m gonna be making the cake first i’ve pretty much forgotten most of the things i watched but i do remember the steps so the first thing i’m going to start with is the cake remember at the beginning i was like it’s a cup and a half or a cup and a quarter of flour cup and a half of flour so remember that guys i’m gonna go with a cup and a half you don’t really want to get the flour wrong though because if you put too much flour it’s going to be like a super dry dense cake a lot of times when you make a cake you will like do your dry ingredients in one bowl and your wet ingredients but this goes all in one bowl which is helpful so i’m just gonna build from what i remember it’s probably not in the order of the video i don’t oh no one look nobody look at this i think a half a cup of sugar sounds good i don’t remember how much sugar i think we’re gonna do some baking powder i see it here this is gonna help the cake rise again i don’t remember but a lot of times it’s a teaspoon or like a half a teaspoon okay now there was the oil i think it was a third cup oil and a third cup milk i think it was about the same ratios oh salt was there any salt did he not have salt in this recipe alvin tisk tisk i don’t think there was any salt so usually i’d add salt i’m not going to okay so a third cup of oil it’s a little one to one ratio there and then there was eggs and guys i really cannot remember if it was two to three eggs two eggs two eggs two eggs the eggs are what kind of help bind everything together it makes it moist it makes it spongy i’m not a pastry chef but too many eggs i think can make it like too dense like just be like a rubbery too rubbery and then like too few and it can be really delicate but i don’t think we’re gonna go wrong with three eggs i’m gonna do three eggs all right choices made it’s like i always make the wrong choice i think that’s everything that goes into our batter i’m going to kind of make a judgment if i need to add more of anything once we see like the texture of my batter because the batter in the video was like very smooth and like almost a little ribbony and mine is looking like a little clumpy oh god i don’t think i should have put that other egg or did i put too much flour i’m second-guessing everything i’m doing here i’m gonna add a little more milk guys i hope this tastes good all right this is looking more of the consistency of the video okay so this is like what i’m talking about that more ribbony texture it’s a little smoother no regrets okay batter is done boom now we gotta make that caramel [Music] so now that we’ve made the batter which i’m very scared of now we’re gonna be making the caramel and this part i’m feeling a little less nervous about because we’re not making it from scratch we are going to use dulce de leche which is like the milk based caramel it’s already made for us he cut up the butter but this also is going to have like a lot of fat and stuff in it so i don’t think i’m going to need to add too much to it so maybe i’ll start with a half of a half a cup so a quarter cup of butter and i think he cut it up into pieces so it melted evenly and quickly it was in pieces right guys memories they’re crazy hmm did he do a whole stick of butter that’s a lot of butter if he did a whole stick let’s see what this looks like when it melts you know what butter makes everything better so i don’t think it’s gonna hurt if i just add a little more i’m gonna just think that he used all of this right now i’m worried i may have done too much butter just because it’s like kind of splitting with the caramel you can kind of see the fat like pulling away from it but i think if i stir fast and this melts more maybe it will incorporate the butter better okay okay so see now it’s all mixed together so i think we’re okay our caramel looks good it’s coming together i’m not feeling as scared as i was and while it’s still hot i’m gonna pour this into our baking pan here while it’s still pretty warm i want to cut these apples and get them in it didn’t read how many apples so i guess i didn’t get any of the numbers i only saw steps so i’m just going to cut as many apples and i’ll just start filling up this pan and that should be fine were they skinned who likes skin on their apple i don’t remember we’re gonna commit to this so it might be a little thin but that’s all right it does remind me of like being in like finals you know when you can see the textbook page and you can see the photo that’s there and you know the answers like in the third paragraph but like you just can’t read the paragraph from your memory and like if you just could you would know that’s how i feel right now i think this looks pretty with the overlapping like you know if you didn’t overlap maybe you should have overlapped that’s what i’m gonna say with so much confidence okay i’m not sure how he tackled this inner circle but i think i’m just gonna overlap them again this is it once i put this in no altering it yeah his batter was definitely like a little bit runnier than mine [Music] slam it down make sure it gets evenly distributed okay i should have been preheating this while i was making this cake i’m gonna get the oven i think that it said 325. 350 is pretty standard for baking i’m going to go like the little lower and slower to see so it doesn’t over bake and i think it said 25 minutes so i’m going to wait for this to heat up and i’m going to check it in 15 probably moment of truth big deal we’ll see how it comes out so now i’m starting to worry that i thought it was 3 25 because i saw 25 minutes to bake when i looked at it in 15 minutes it was still really like not cooked so i’ve added 10 more minutes we’re going to get to the 25. i think it’s going to be okay but i think it’s definitely going to take longer now than 25 minutes i think it should have been 350. so i’ve taken the cake out of the oven after extensive checking on it but i think i could have maybe over baked it i don’t know right now it’s giving me like pancake vibes i feel like it might be a dry cake let’s see i’m gonna try to do the flip reveal right now [Music] okay well what i can see is that some of our our caramel burned a little and maybe it’s because i didn’t add maybe i added too much butter so we are also missing some apples that got stuck up in our caramel usually with an upside down cake this caramel is just like super luscious and runny and just like dripping off and this caramel is really thick i’m gonna take a photo and see see what alvin thinks i today guys what’s happening i definitely added an ellipses to that because you know it’s like i don’t want him to think that i thought this turned out great so the cake did not turn out as pretty as one would hope but let’s see how it tastes now the cake is good it’s not great it’s not as like spongy and light as i would have liked it to be what i do like about what i did is i like how thin i cut my apples because it’s a nice little crunch overall the cake is also not too sweet which is good because you have this caramel you have the ice cream so i like the sweetness let’s look at what the actual recipe is so the first line of it says preheat the oven at 350 degrees already starting off bad i did 325 it was one and a half cup flour so i did that right it was a third cup sugar so it’s a little less sugar in the cake i think half cup is good then you add eggs which is two eggs then it was a third cup oil and a third cup milk so i did that right it was a tablespoon of vanilla extract okay well i completely forgot about vanilla extract maybe that’s also why it’s feeling like it’s just missing like a little something and then we move on to making the caramel where you put the dill chili de leche with two tablespoons of butter and then he used three granny smith apples i used one if i was to give my cake a rating i’d give it like a seventy percent it’s still passing but it’s almost a fail it’s like if someone gave it to me i’d be like okay my advice to you guys would be just read the recipe don’t do this [Music] you
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