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I Tried To Make A Gourmet Dessert Shopping Only At The Dollar Store • Tasty

my shirt looks like a couch i love it don’t you think no well hey guys it’s katie and this is my husband chris hi and today we’ve got a new challenge i am gonna try to make a gourmet dessert shopping only at the dollar store wow so when you say gourmet what is that what does that mean um i feel like the best thing to do is just show you what i mean oh wow it’s basically like artwork on a plate yeah it is very artsy this challenge is going to be about how the food tastes and also how the food looks cool gore maybe this will work out or gore maybe it won’t it’s not funny it’s so bad it’s good it’s very bad i don’t think it’s good i think it’s great you guys let us know in the comments if that was a good pun did it even make sense it gore might have [Laughter] why do i think this is funny i just got back from shopping and i’ve got to say the dollar store had a ton of stuff it had eggs it had cream cheese butter cake pans and i now have a plan i’m gonna make a cheesecake with a strawberry topping and a coconut cookie crust and then on top of that i’m going to have italian meringue sugar shards candy crushed up cookies so let’s just get right into it first thing i’m going to do is make the coconut cookie crust for the bottom of our cheesecake i found these coconut cookies that i’ve never tried before so why don’t we try one now ooh they taste like toasted coconut take about 16 of them and put them through the food processor and grind them up till they’re nice and fine if you have a small food processor like mine you’ll have to do this in batches add this to a small bowl and three tablespoons of melted butter mix that up until it becomes a nice wet sand texture and then i’ve lined an 8×8 cake ban with cooking spray and parchment paper add our crust to the bottom make sure you get this nice and compacted that way it really sticks together once it sets in the fridge because this is going to be a no-bake cheesecake this looks nice and even so now we’re going to move on to making the filling i got a classic cheesecake mix from the dollar store and the instructions are really easy so all we need to do is add the mix to a bowl and then eight ounces of cream cheese beat this until it’s smooth and creamy now we’re gonna fold in our whipped topping all right that looks pretty good add this to our cake pan and then use an offset spatula to smooth it out and make it nice and even i’m gonna put this in the fridge and move on to our next step okay and for our final element of the actual cheesecake we’re gonna make a strawberry topping now they didn’t have fresh strawberries at this dollar store i went to but they did have strawberry jello so the first thing we need to do is combine one packet with three quarters cup boiling water mix that together until the sugar dissolves i’m doing the speed set method which you then add cold water and ice and this is just quickly bringing down the temperature of the jello so it sets faster stir that until the mixture thickens up then remove any leftover ice with a slotted spoon i’m going to use a ladle to gently spoon on the jello mixture to the cheesecake i want to make a thin layer not a big thick one i think i ended up using about a half of the jello mixture make sure wherever you put this in your fridge is very flat so that you don’t have like more jello in one area don’t want that so the next few things we’re going to make are going to be the garnishes that go on top of our cheesecake so i’m gonna make an italian meringue and i got some sugar that was for coffee sugar but sugar is sugar so we’re gonna measure out about a quarter cup of sugar and add two tablespoons of water i’m gonna swirl that around a bit just so that all of the sugar meets the water they get acquainted put that over medium heat and let that go until it reaches 240 degrees fahrenheit while that heats up we’re gonna whip up one egg white at room temperature no it came unplugged we’re plugged in we’re ready to go okay here we go you’ll beat this egg white until you get soft peaks we’ve got soft peaks let’s take the temperature i’m taking your temperature okay we’re at 240. so with your beaters on we’re going to slowly pour in the sugar and then you’re going to turn the mixer up to high our meringue is done it’s sticking to the bowl next thing i’m gonna make are candy glass shards first thing we’ll do is add half a cup of sugar to a saucepan and then a quarter cup of water so we’re gonna heat this up somewhere between 295 to 300 degrees fahrenheit we want to get it to the hard crack stage like hard candy like a jolly rancher so you can add food coloring to your candy to get different colors but i’m going to go for a more natural look and get that golden brown caramel color all right i think we’re there so we’re just going to pour this on some parchment i have oh yeah while it’s still warm you’re going to tilt your pan up and down and around to try to spread this out we don’t want thick hard glass we want like thin delicate shards once it’s cooled take something heavy like a meat mallet or a fork or a spoon and you can start hitting it just get out any aggression that you need to get out but just hit it and all these cracks are gonna form and then it should just peel right off and then you have these nice little glass pieces the last thing i’m going to do is make a which is a french term for basically a fruit or vegetable puree that’s used as a sauce on the plate and i feel like every gourmet dish has it so i’m gonna make my with strawberry jam and i’m gonna measure out two tablespoons then add one teaspoon of water and we’ll mix that right up and then to make sure there’s no clumps in it run it through a fine mesh strainer all right looks good all of our elements are ready to go the only thing left to do is assemble this bad boy i’m going to use a white plate for this because it’s a blank canvas and the colors are really going to pop off of it i’m taking my cooley and a pastry brush and i am going to paint the bottom of the plate next we’re going to place a thin slice of cheesecake in the middle okay gotta restart we have more cheesecake it’s fine reset take two great we’ll just tuck in anything that fell we’ll clean up those crumbs i’ll top that with crushed wafer cookies crushed freezer dried strawberries i’m going to add a couple pieces of candy then we’ll take our candy glass and put that on top and then pipe on some meringue my meringue is not as stiff as i want but i still think it looks pretty we just have to keep going so that’s what we’re gonna do last but not least i’m gonna add some coconut pieces we’ll finish this off by adding some more on the plate and last thing we need to do is clean it chris [Music] here it is whoa oh my god that looks like something from a fancy restaurant and you’re not saying that because you’re married to me no no it looks really good if if it didn’t i would say it looked like trash i really want to taste it all right let’s try it all right oh it’s really good this gore makes the grade whoa thank you guys for watching and let us know in the comments if you want to see chris and i cook together hey i’ll cook something something crazy goodbye can you carry me off yeah let’s go here don’t make me seem heavy though make me seem light as a feather [Music] okay oh my god [Music] you
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