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I Tried To Make A 3-Course Meal In 20 Minutes • Tasty

oh the prosciutto hey guys it’s katie and today i’m gonna be doing the tasty 20 minute challenge and i’m wow that seemed really sad hold on i’m going to try to recreate a restaurant quality meal that would normally take me half a day to prepare in 20 minutes for my appetizer i’m gonna be making rosemary fagasha for my main course i’ll be making creamy tuscan gnocchi and for dessert i’ll be making a chocolate chip ice cream normally this would take me half a day to make but i’m going to use some hacks some shortcuts but it’s going to taste delicious i hope you really don’t want to say this but start the clog okay oh my god what do i do first okay preheating so right now i’m just preheating my uh airfryer which i actually have never used this before so whoo i’m also gonna preheat my oven so the first thing i need to do is what is make my vagasa okay first time i started the appetizers which is my rosemary fogasha and i am going to quickly slice these guys in half and this is a little hack you put them on two lids and press them down and you can slice them all basically at once like this okay so this is a rosemary focaccia it’s not really focaccia because i’m using pizza dough so that’s a little trickle shortcut it’s not going to be authentic but it’ll still be yummy and we’ll be adding these tomatoes and some rosemary let me grab where’s my pizza dough there’s my pizza so with any good fugacio you gotta have lots of olive oil so first i’m gonna put it into this pan we’ll add the olive oil go big with olive oil it helps get it nice and crispy i can’t get it out of the bag it’s fine i got it okay okay this is great all right i’m gonna put this onto my sheet tray and we’re gonna spread it out into a circle because that’s the airfryer is a circle and you’re gonna press down your fingers to make these little divots and the divots are gonna catch the olive oil and it’s like with pizza dough it’s pretty easy to make it’s fast it’s filling and it’s delicious i’m also gonna spray this guy with cooking spray so it doesn’t stick the airfryer is my first hack because it’s going to go a little bit faster than it would in the normal oven guys i’m so nervous i need to i need to zen for a second okay great i’m going to add in more olive oil over the top you really just a lot i like a lot and then i’m going to put my tomatoes over it that looks like too many tomatoes too many tomatoes taking some tomatoes well how much how much time has it been already okay great this is i was supposed to be farther than this it’s fine okay so now i’m just breaking up sprigs of rosemary it smells delicious calming it smells calming and we’ll put this over the top that’s what it looks like all right it’s going in oh my gosh [Music] setting the timer for 16 minutes so this is going to cut it tight because that’s a 1658 that’s fine next we’re going to make the ricotta gnocchi so normally gnocchi’s made with potatoes you have to boil the potatoes i’m making it with ricotta because it’s kind of a hack it’s a shortcut and it’s they’re super pillowy i originally discovered this kind of gnocchi because i had all this ricotta left over from a lasagna there’s not a lot of moisture in this ricotta so i’m gonna skip squeezing out the moisture which i would normally do to save me time i don’t think anyone should be cooking under this type of pressure i only have like 15 minutes left i don’t feel good okay so now i need to put three egg yolks in i underestimated or overestimated myself oh don’t break the yolk when you’re separating eggs to get the yolk but this is not pretty i gotta go wash my ass i didn’t think this through i didn’t think it through kelly this is i have to go wash my hands it’s a place to watch it don’t feel this don’t build myself i’m going i’m going kelly kelly’s nose this is a disaster okay salt pepper what if i am nowhere near the time i don’t put pepper in this well there’s pepper in this now i don’t normally put pepper in this but there’s gonna be pepper in this and it’s gonna be delicious i think i think right we’re gonna do this just be a cup i’m measuring with a quarter cup this is taking me longer [Music] this is the gnocchi i’m making the enoki so i know it doesn’t look like gnocchi but it’s gonna be neogate my station is a mess what i need is a sous chef i am feeling the pressure i’m feeling a lot of pressure oh and i need to add flour guys it’s all good i’m just get my hands in here because why not this one usually takes me like 20 minutes and i thought if i i could condense it down to like 15 to 12 but um i don’t i don’t know that i’m gonna be able to do that i’ve got my ball of dough here and we’re gonna cut this into quarters i’m going to start rolling this guy out so now this is the fun part you get to roll your gnocchi out really fast really quickly so now we start cutting them into pieces try not to get them to connect to each other how many minutes do i have the guests might not be getting dessert tonight who knows who knows oh the prosciutto i’m supposed to have put prosciutto in the um the oven so where is the there we go and we’re preheated so that’s perfect timing [Music] kelly from culinary just told me to use a diet kelly our culinary producer is backstage helping me [Laughter] kelly was so much cool and calm and collected and i am a mess we are at nine minutes oh my god i still have to make the sauce and uh in the sauce that the gnocchi will cook i have a lot to do still but i could be done maybe i just gotta kick this sauce up a notch and make it quick great and then i am gonna get some oil going in our pan we’ll let that heat up and i’m going to keep working on these guys as we go okay i basically need to cook the gnocchi i need to make cook up my onions i need to saute them so that they get translucent and nice and soft again these are not how i normally i like to make them want little and fluffy like little pillows but they’re kind of chunky boys today just a few chunky boys i’m gonna put my onion in now okay great so we just want to get these guys as close to translucent as possible oh this is at six minutes i need to cover with oh it’s starting to brown it doesn’t look that pretty it’s fine because it will taste yummy i hope oh i didn’t use flaky sea salt on it guys it really doesn’t look great it’s okay though because you just have to keep moving forward a lot of stuff doesn’t always look good but it tastes good i will finish this new game okay we’re going warp speed warp speed um yeah things have gone wrong for sure things have definitely gone wrong kelly stop laughing kelly’s over here like the whole time she knows like oh she forgot the salt oh she forgot the flower like i can feel it i don’t i don’t know what happened there yeah i love you too kelly it’s so scary oh my god four minutes that’s as much gnocchi as you’re getting and it’s not gonna be even i’m gonna add now the garlic and red pepper flakes i was just too brave i thought i could do pasta again okay yep it takes four minutes to do what i’m about to do so that’s not gonna make it i’m not gonna make it but that’s okay i’m gonna just keep a positive attitude some heavy cream i am gonna put in sun-dried tomatoes because can’t have creamy tuscan without it oh my god it’s france i am never this is disaster this is how i like i know on competition shows like i would just never i would never survive how’s the prosciutto oh god they’re crispy oh god they’re crispy they’re burning they’re burning good we’re good they don’t look too bad they look a little over it’s fine i’m gonna try i’m trying to make dessert i’m gonna try this is not actually ice cream it’s an ice cream um and if i try to make ice cream that would take like four hours so i am going to do it this way yeah i don’t think i was running enough in the beginning of now that’s what i oh my god i have a minute 47. great okay i’ve never used this one before it’s going well it’s going great it’s going great this is what’s going on inside my brain we’ll come back to that do you have to have a plate in 20 minutes it’s about three cups this is not what it’s like in me in the kitchen lemon juice some parmesan cheese 30 seconds [Applause] so katie did not finish um yeah this is a nightmare i’m very sorry internet i’m very sorry to anyone that watched this i was in here the whole time in the back cheering katie on kelly stop laughing i thought she had it and then some things happened so i didn’t not i so i failed that’s okay i’m okay i i really do think that my nerves did get me at the beginning i was so nervous about this i don’t know why i told katie she had to get that focaccia in the airfare within two minutes of starting or it was not going to cook and when i checked the clock it took her over four minutes to get in i’m confused where the tomatoes and rosemary went on on the vacation because i saw her put it on but now it’s gone i’m so happy with my ricotta gnocchi and just like introducing that to the world if you haven’t tried it i am so excited to be passing that along that is really good and then it’s a nice like saltiness from the prosciutto and the basil is really fresh and for dessert we have got some nice cream here which is the banana ice cream and i’m very excited to try this it’s more like vanilla than chocolate chip that’s really good and with nice cream it’s not overly sweet i did get kind of a chunk of banana in there so it’s not even fully fully mixed together but overall really really yummy and just a great way to have a quick dessert i think that it’s a 25 minute meal should i say that do you think it’s a cinnamon roll i think i could have gotten it done [Laughter] well that’s it let us know in the comments if you guys want to see me do this again please please please i want to have a chance at redemption and keep a lookout for more episodes and we’ll see you guys real soon bye oh yes [Music] you
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