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I Tried A Mac & Cheese Maker • Tasty

hey guys i’m nietzsche and today i’m gonna be reviewing the mac and cheese maker i’m gonna be seeing if it works if the mac and cheese taste good and if it’s worth buying i am super obsessed with mac and cheese it is my absolute favorite food so the steaks are really high for this one it’s extremely light which always gives me a little bit of hesitation it says on the box here that it’s a quicker way to prepare mac and cheese it probably takes like 15 minutes maybe to make like a box mac and cheese on the stove so we’ll see if this is quicker than 15 minutes this is supposed to be an all-in-one mac and cheese maker i’m pretty sure like when i make like box mac and cheese the pot that i use is all in one but completely electric which is great you don’t need a stove perfect mac and cheese nation was apparently established in 1995. i don’t know what or where that is but i’m pretty sure i fit the qualifications to be a member of mac and cheese nation so holler at me also right here on the bottom everything is better with cheese and that is not a lot so far this product is speaking truths to me it’s talking to my soul and i’m feeling really good about it let’s open it up and see what’s inside i’m really bad at opening things up just like my heart great we’ve got instructions which is always important this thing is so extremely light like it just does not feel durable at all but i guess you don’t need a lot of weight to make mac and cheese this is our stirring knob this is kind of like a fun thing to play with like a fidget spinner or something we’ve got three settings here for you to put it on low simmer and boil this right here is our ingredient slots and cap we’ve got our built-in strainer which is great this is what they call a handle very glad that they pointed that out to me we’ve got a heating element here this is how we heat it we’ve got almost two full pages of warnings you definitely want to be cautious and you definitely want to be careful but a little alarming that you have to be this careful so there are a couple of recipes in the back of this for homemade mac and cheese bacon mac and cheese and store-bought mac and cheese we’re going to go with the store-bought mac and cheese because if you’re buying this product you’re probably looking for something simple and quick and that is the simplest and quickest option so i’m gonna go wash this thing get my ingredients and then we’ll get to making mac and cheese okay so i cleaned this thing you can’t put it in a dishwasher or submerge it into water so you just have to wipe it down with the you know soap and water looks like there’s a non-stick coating on the bottom seems like it’s simple enough to clean but we’ll see how easy it is once we actually make our mac and cheese we’ve got like our little mini spatula here which i think is actually super cute so i guess that’s where they’re coming in with our one pot goodness you don’t even need a spoon or spatula to stir it because our little starting our little stirring handle already has that covered so i put just under three cups of water in here it says do not overfill it or the water will boil over but there is a max field line in here so you can tell easily you know how much water is too much we’re gonna put our ingredient cap back on now that we have our water in we’re already on low so we’re just to turn our notch up to boil here it says that it should take about six to seven minutes for it to start boiling so we’re just gonna wait and see what happens it’s been 30 minutes and not only is our water not boiling but it’s literally cold are you sure yeah like it’s oh my god we changed the plug i even tried to like turn it to simmer i don’t know what you guys want to do because this is literally not working like yeah do you want to feel it and this is supposed to be the freaking quick one so either way this thing’s getting an f even if it were to start working right now i want mac and cheese though like i’m not leaving until i get mac and cheese just want to make mac and cheese then i i’m down like let’s do it let’s do mac and cheese mac and cheese nation has supremely let me down because that gadget did not work but i still want my mac and cheese so i’m gonna show you guys how to make a one pot mac and cheese recipe that actually will work we’re going to start with five cups of milk here we’re going to bring it up to a simmer okay so my milk has reached a simmer i’m going to add my pasta now now that we’ve simmered down i’m not enraged as much and i’m just gonna let this cook until it’s tender i know this isn’t the video that you thought you wanted but this is the video that you need so my pasta is all cooked i’m gonna turn off the heat i’m gonna add my cheese my butter salt and pepper and i’m just going to mix it until it’s nice and luxurious the one thing our failed gadget did get right is that cheese makes everything better and i’m feeling a lot better now that i’m finally putting cheese to macaroni this is not the greatest sound ever my mac and cheese is looking great now let’s uh put this in the bowl and taste it i love mac and cheese we’re gonna add some parsley just for garnish just so we can get a little fancy it’s beautiful look at those colors guys i love it we have now made it fancy and now all that’s left is to give this thing a taste that’s what i’m looking for right there nice cheesy creamy delicious flavorful mac and cheese that’s what i need in my life that’s what you need in your life that’s what you need in your life that’s what you oh you’re right here that’s what you need in your life i feel like my energy levels just skyrocketed because this is so absolutely delicious mac and cheese maker unfortunately you get two thumbs down for me because you didn’t even work but this mac and cheese gets two thumbs up so if you guys have any gadgets that you want us to try let us know in the comments below if they don’t work we will make it work until then i’ll see you guys later oh 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