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I Recreated The Viral Boba Pancakes From Taiwan • Tasty

hey guys it’s me Jasmine and today we’re making a surprise recipe for my friends Katie and Kelly you guys know how I’m always talking about Boba yeah and remember I showed you guys those Boba pancakes I had in Taiwan yes no we’re gonna make those today a couple years ago I went to Taiwan I tried these super delicious Boba milk tea pancakes the pancakes are black tea infused it’s got this amazingly light whipped cream on top that’s infused with milk and tea literally tastes like a milk tea and then we’re gonna top it with these luscious boba pearls we can’t go to Taiwan right now so I figured why not bring Taiwan to Tasty we’re not making like a breakfast three ways no surprise yay yes what’s with your shirt this is us it’s me Katie and Kelly are you the one that’s quacking yeah I talk loud and a lot let’s cook so we’re going to start by infusing the heavy cream so I have a small saucepan here just going to add some heavy cream and then one black tea bag I love tea infused anything so good we’re just going to keep that on low for about five minutes and then let it cool we’re making this early this is going to be used for the cream that goes on top of the pancake but we need to let it chill after so we can whip it so we’re gonna make this one first but we’re not gonna let this boil for too long because if it gets too dark we’re not going to get that beautiful white in the cream I’m using black tea so it tastes like a milk tea if you like other teas like green tea or oolong I haven’t tried it with them but I feel like that could be something very fun to experiment with in my opinion this is the most important part of the dish I feel like most of the Boba flavor comes from the cream this looks about done I am going to transfer this into the Bowl here and cover it and let it chill for about four hours y’all aren’t ready I’m excited I’m sad that we have to wait four hours you know what with patience comes great things isn’t there a phrase with greatness comes great responsibility there’s the patience one right with it with page all good things come from those who wait great things patience is what it gives it to you I’m the one guy that got left behind while this is cooling we’re going to make that’s maybe the best part I don’t know man everything’s so good about this dish well let’s make the Boba first I have my Boba here I made this from scratch earlier if you want to make boba from scratch you should check out my video of how to make bubble tea We’ll add the Boba into the pot I’m just stirring this so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan and now I will let that boil for about 20-25 minutes until they’re done the Boba looks done let’s take it out look how cute they are sometimes when you make it from scratch they can turn out a little bit lighter just depending on what sugar you use and you can also flavor them if you want to have flavored Boba what’s your favorite type of flavored original if I ever go to a new Boba spot I’m always getting a classic like signature milk tea with Boba no alterations to ice level or sugar level because I want to know what their standard is you got to have a good base you know someone once called me a boba elitist I was offended at first but it’s not my fault I have good taste in Boba so I’m just a boba connoisseur to be less pretentious I’m gonna go rinse these under cold water to keep them from continuing cooking and then we are going to make our brown sugar bath when you make boba there is some sugar used to make it but not a whole lot so the flavor’s not incredibly strong we’re actually using muscovado sugar but if you only have brown sugar that works totally fine water we’re going to cook this down until it becomes a little thicker what’s the difference between muscovado and brown sugar so muscovado sugar has a higher molasses content I use muscovado sugar more for a look thing to get it nice and dark like the Boba you’re used to seeing at Boba shops but you can use brown sugar also the higher content of molasses in the muscovado sugar just gives it a richer flavor it’s leaving a streak as I pull alongside the bottom of the pan it’s nice and thick and I’m just going to pour this over my Boba oh baby look at how dark that is dark and Rich I’m giving this a good stir so it’s all evenly coated I’m gonna let the Boba soak for about an hour and in the meantime let’s get started making the pancakes why are you so excited so excited why aren’t you excited I will be one lone duck on this shirt okay okay the pancakes taste so good they are tea infused and you can definitely taste the flavor of the tea and the pancakes I’m gonna take some milk and then add some butter and a couple bags of black tea I actually my mom is friends with a tea Master a Taiwanese tea master and we get all our tea from his tea farm so I’m melting the butter down and I’m infusing the tea into the milk everything just needs to fuse together like a happy marriage are you nervous a little bit you know like when you try so hard to give someone something that you think they’ll like and they’re like oh it’s like getting someone a gift it’s one of those so I’m a little nervous so we’re gonna let this cook for about 10 minutes making sure to really get that tea flavor out of the tea box but I’m not gonna let it come to a boil once your liquids are boiling and you have your tea in there you have a high chance of burning your tea leaves which will just give it a super bitter finish and we don’t want that especially not when I’m trying to impress my friends I actually throw Boba parties so I’ll have people come over we’ll make the dough from scratch everyone can everyone can roll it all up obviously I haven’t had one since the pandemic started so once it’s lifted bubble party at my place the butter is melted and it’s been simmering for about 10 minutes you can really see the deep rich color of the tea that has come out now we are just going to squeeze out the excess liquid from the tea bag be careful because uh if you puncture it it’s all gonna fall out now we’re gonna just transfer this we’re gonna let this cool and then come back and make the batter all right it’s time to make the pancake batter this is actually the same pancake batter from tasty101 how to make the fluffiest pancakes if you want to make those go check it out this one is just tea infused that’s really the only difference in this bowl here I’m going to add some flour sugar salt baking powder and baking soda I’m just gonna whisk that in this bowl I have the tea milk butter mixture it’s cooled we’re gonna add a teaspoon of vanilla and then an egg yolk I’m just gonna mix this together this pancake was on the list for what to do when I got to Taiwan and actually it was a really hard journey fine ending it we couldn’t find the place that I was like tucked between this famous mall but we just couldn’t find it I’m happy we went because they don’t serve these pancakes anymore they changed their recipe it’s pour in this mixture and we’re just gonna fold it in I’m gonna fold this so it doesn’t get over mixed some lumps are okay but not too many I travel to eat I let my taste buds guide me I feel like food is the window to culture I love this one specifically too because it’s like a mix American and Taiwanese flavors pancake Boba all right this looks good adding in the egg white so I added in the egg white after and it helps it rise a little better making it more fluffy the batter looks about done we’re just gonna let this rest for 15 to 30 minutes let the gluten relax and that’ll help make it light and fluffy when we cook them it’s time to make the pancakes I’m gonna add some butter we’re just gonna let that melt we are going to add some batter I’m doing a third cup but these are going to be large large pancakes in the cafe it’s nice and large very generous they know that you would want more than a regular sized pancake so you’re gonna to deliver oh hell yeah especially if it’s for my friends we’re cooking on medium low heat there’s some extra sugar in the spatter to make that milk tea flavor really come to life and we’re just going to cook it for about four minutes and until we see these bubbles rise and then they’re ready to flip wow gorgeous yes the color is beautiful like a royal milk tea okay this looks good I’m gonna plate this and I’m just going to keep doing this until we’re out of batter all right now we’re going to make the cream again this is the best part so we’re going to start with that infused cream that we made at the very beginning marscapone and powdered sugar it was so hard to find the mascarpone I was standing in the cheese section for so long and I couldn’t find it and then I finally found it in the charcuterie section so tip go to the charcuterie section if you are trying to make these pancakes so we’re going to mix it and start it on low and slowly build up to medium speed we want it to be thicker but still slightly runny because that cream has that very nice glossy finish on it but still runs down the pancakes and drapes over it like beautiful curtains the colors definitely looking exactly like it did in Taiwan got a good texture that will lock onto the pancakes and mesh well with the Boba all right this is beautiful not too thick not too runny let’s get to assembling moment of truth it’s time for assembly we have our pancakes our Boba that has been sitting in the brown sugar bath for an hour in our cream that was just freshly made so we’re going to start with taking one pancake and placing some boba on top now we’re going to top it with our second pancake add more Boba we’re gonna keep doing this until we have four pancakes stacked now we can top it with our milk tea cream that is beautiful so fluffy look at the way it’s just falling down the sides it’s like a beautiful waterfall finally we’re going to top it with a scoop of boba oh my God okay it’s done all the hard work and waiting oh I’m so excited it feels like we’re really just right back in Taiwan at bellapock Cafe I’m really excited to share this with Katie and Kelly I can’t wait for them to try it this looks incredible the cream looks like actual clouds okay eat it if I could curse I would this is so good I cannot believe it the pancakes are fluffy just like she said the Boba is chewy and tender you can tell it they’re homemade it literally tastes like I’m drinking a boba tea I’m gonna take this and maybe this one for later this is so good Jasmine yeah I’m very excited shall I you shall the texture is really crazy with the Boba and the pancake the muscovado sugar reminds me of like sticky toffee pudding it’s just got these nice mapley notes almost in there I really think that the milk cream tea part that is what sells it with the Bob on top those two things together that’s a dynamite pairing and it really does taste like boba tea if you haven’t had Boba so you’ve had fresh Boba baby yeah that’s the ending that’s the ending oh yes tasty 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