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I Ordered Amazon’s Worst-Rated Hair Wax Strips | One Star Reviews

ready you need to really rip it off right I serve the mustache ready 1 2 3 Oh as you may have seen before on 1 star reviews I usually visit businesses that have rated quite low online I put the reviews of the test in real life however reviews go just beyond businesses they go all the way to products people have a lot to say about products so I’m gonna head onto the Internet order some of these products and put it to the test for myself I’m gonna order a DIY waxing kit all right so a lot of these at-home waxing products are quite highly rated oh wait we’re getting a little lower now blue steel sports I read the instructions but the wax just stuck to my back and didn’t pull any hair off I ended up this is for woman or men with women hair I expected wax strips what I got was a bunch of sticky messy glue like stuff well there’s a lot of negative reviews on this one that’s for damn sure but I’m gonna order it for myself and hope for the best [Applause] [Music] blue steel sports hair removal wax strips a safe and easy way to remove unwanted hair leaving skin as smooth and hair free for weeks legs bikini chest and back I guess it doesn’t mention face I wanted to test this product to the very limit judging by how much hair I had on my face from not shaving for so long that was clearly the best option alright let’s see what we have in the box this one actually seems to come with a lot of instructions which is quite nice we separate the double straightaway rub it vigorously between your knee deflection start the moustache Freddie I’m gonna start with moustache ready 1 2 3 oh [Music] did it get any of my hair off it got like what like four hairs does it even getting any of my hair off oh well the wax kit definitely did not seem to work on my face but everyone in life deserves a second chin so I decided to call blue steel directly and see if they can help me wax my chest this time hello is this blue steel sports I just ordered your product it’s your company ok I actually tried a little bit on my face before but it didn’t really quite work but maybe the face is not a good idea actually work on the chest or like kind of around the nipple area so far blue Steel’s customer service was on point I wanted to give her product a true and fair test and she was kind enough to donate her time to talk to me through waxing my chest step by step I noticed when I peeled one of them off it didn’t quite come off smoothly got it I’m not super hairy I think this should be good okay thanks I’m gonna give that a go holy cow it worked which yeah kind of initially happened with me but now that I spoke with you and kind of took the time to read through the directions I’ve noticed actually I’m missing a full patch of hair on my chest now the center of my chest was as smooth as a seal thank you blue steel while I had the owner on the line I had to get to the bottom of the negative reviews have you seen any of the reviews where some people were saying you know about the sticky residue is there any sort of message you might want to give someone you know before they go and write a negative review I ordered this product in hopes of waxing my face and nipple areas but ended up with a perfectly waxed chest because in actuality it’s not meant for the face in today’s age so many people are equipped to negatively review a product based on their personal negligence not the actual products function this product in fact works fantastically when done right if we can all just step back for a moment and have a breather and read the instructions through you will be happier with all of life’s results otherwise you’re just gonna end up covered in goop whatever hairy body began with so thank you blue steel maybe I’ll hit the beach in like three to nine months okay [Music] you just like get it for weeks I don’t think I’m doing it fast you
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