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I Make Sparkling Paper Mâché Characters For A Living | Glitterville Studios | Creative Genius

well i was always sort of a a dreamer kid i have a report card where the teacher said he’s always daydreaming and that’s going to cause him trouble and that’s probably true but the flip side of that is when you’re a creative person and you have an imagination unless somebody else tells you that you can’t do these things then everything is possible hi my name is stephen brown and i’m the creator of glitterville studios where every day is a holiday i always loved holidays my mana would always craft with me and we would start crafting for christmas like in june and we would craft and craft and craft and you’re heading towards the holidays and all the other kids were getting really really excited that christmas day was coming but the closer christmas came the sadder i got because the minute people unwrapped their gifts on christmas day it’s pretty much over and i remember one christmas my nana saying to me well we have to get up tomorrow and we have to make something else because we have to make every day a holiday so one of the first things i’m going to show you this is a line called beezy and she’s just a wacky bumblebee who’s out doing her thing with a honeypot and flowers this was a fun project for me because it was all illustration that actually gets turned into dinnerware lots of times i’ll just draw things and then the person who’s looking at the drawing is me and i actually make everything from my drawing but in this situation that drawing that i was making and painting actually got turned into dinnerware like this so it was a really fun project glitterville is really based on living in my own mind and creating a a place that i feel happy and comfortable and magical people always ask is this like a fashion collection is this where you sit down with a big marker and you start deciding this is what this is going to be and this is this collection and this is the sugarplum collection and this is the beezy collection and i’m sure a lot of people work that way but for me it just doesn’t i may see a bumblebee on my way to lunch and say oh bumblebee and come back and start drawing a bumblebee and that’s how that starts so instead of thinking of it as a collection that’s been well thought out it’s usually just oh that sounds fun i’ve always believed that craft supplies should be really simple what you turn them into can be extravagant but i don’t ever want to have to depend on a particular product or something that i can’t obtain and because we travel all over the world for years i have dragged suitcases full of paints and glitter and clay and paper for paper mache it wasn’t until a couple of years ago someone said well you should start trying to work digitally and i was like no i’m not doing that i don’t feel the paper i don’t feel the paint i don’t you know see all of that and i started dabbling in it and then i loved it all of a sudden and it was one of those things that it’s like oh my gosh this is going to free me from carrying every product i have all over the world so today it’s very easy for me just like a set of dinner plates to sit down draw it paint it it’s reproduced and in the showroom in no time now some of my most favorite characters i ever created are marie bontwinette and napoleon bone apart which is just a wacky skeleton couple that people have in their homes at halloween all over the world after i graduated high school i went to study costume design for television and film i immediately moved to new york started working lots of crazy jobs and doing things that people said oh you probably can’t do that like designing windows on fifth avenue that’s not an easy thing to get into but by chance i did get into it and started doing windows and that led to another thing and at the same time i was doing movies and that led to other things my advice is always do everything i never limited myself into just a particular path when i was little i had a tiny little mug that looked similar to this that was like a little santa face and i loved it i think that somewhere in my mind i’ve thought about it all these years and i came up with papa noel and if you look he has a funny little mustache a little curl of hair and of course a cute little mouth at the bottom you never know what the item that’s going to have huge popularity may be and in this case it’s a solid color ball may not be the most interesting thing in the room but this set of sugar plum pixie is one of the most popular things in the collection we have lines of holiday glass everyday glass everything now in the sugarplum pixie colors sometimes an item starts as an ornament small like cala wishes the camel and then he’s so popular that then we make him big in a display version [Music] glitterville itself is sort of modeled after a small little you know one of the little stores in paris so i actually like it not too big and having showrooms that i use as studios is a great way to do it because you get to play in all of them now it wouldn’t be a glitterville tour if i didn’t at least acknowledge my love of cake and frosting and all things yummy like cakey ice creamy and the mother of all things confection marie sweet who even has cotton candy hair making product is an interesting thing because you know if you’re just making things for yourself you can make them anytime there’s a casualness to that but when you have a line like glitterville there is a schedule that must be kept stores all around the world shop for their products in january you have to have next christmas ready by this christmas and to do that you have to start a year in advance which i’m terrible at i never know what will i be thinking right before that so i procrastinate some and do it right before the show and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t it’s one of those things that you know the buyers are coming and it must be ready when glitterville started there was only about six colors you know it was lime green hot pink sky blue orange you know it was a very basic set of colors and the showrooms and the studio everything looked like that and it was really beautiful it almost looked like a cartoon and when people would come in they would say oh my gosh this is so lovely but i could never have it in my home or my store it was so out there it was such a down the rabbit hole magical place that they couldn’t imagine having it there was a man who and i have no idea who he was he came to me at one of the shows and he said can i speak to you for a minute and i said sure and he said you are extremely talented your stuff is beautiful he said but you need to rethink the way you show things and the color palette that you have because it’s so austere that people love it but they don’t know what to do with it i said okay thank you and after that show we looked at the entire situation and changed the colors to a completely different palette and at the very next show it was like the world just opened up and people said oh my gosh where have you been and it’s like well right here glitterville has given me a path that i could do everything when i first went to school i wanted to be an actor that was sort of way laid because i got a scholarship and costume design so they’re like oh you can’t do acting because now you have this so i moved to costume design and i kept dabbling back and forth in new york and i also wanted to work on tv so i worked on that some and then i thought oh well magazines would be fun and so i started working on that and then you have windows i had no real path i just knew that i really love doing all of these things and for me glitterville has given me a platform to do everything i want it doesn’t matter what it is i can do it all under the guise of this whimsical place called glitterville if you like this video then give us a thumbs up and subscribe for more maker tours just like this one you
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