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I Lost Half My Bodyweight – In Just One Year | BRAND NEW ME

my heaviest weight was 323 pounds my entire life i’ve struggled with my weight i had this self-critical voice in january 2020 i weighed 323 pounds i’ve lost over half my body weight i used to shy away from any color except black but now i’m ready to embrace it i have bought a couple of red dresses recently and i’m about to show them to my sister i think she might get a shock when she sees them oh my god i have an awful lot of black in this wardrobe but as you can see i’m definitely starting to introduce some more colour prior to losing weight i was a uk size 24 but really a 26 the u.s 2022 when i was a teenager i remember buying a size 16 fake leather pair of flares and keeping them for years in the hopes that one day i would be able to get into them i’ve always had issues with my weight i’ve always been overweight as a child and then as i got older i started to put on more weight i have food addiction which means that i constantly use food as a means of escape i used food as my method to create a barrier between me and the world i was never able to wear heels before obviously you know like weighing 300 plus pounds it was a lot of pressure on the soles of your feet but recently i’ve started buying a few pairs of heels like the boots that i’m wearing today i started journaling last year and eventually i realized that i had this self-critical voice consistently telling me that i was worthless that i had no value i realized that everything i’ve ever thought about myself is a lie i was like i can do this and not only can i do this i am going to do this and i’m going to do it now in january 2020 i weighed 323.8 pounds i’ve lost 175 pounds i basically started a calorie controlled diet and i ate less calories than my body needed for fuel i also did one hour walking every single day and that’s the basic principle of how i lost weight so i have bought a couple of red dresses recently and i’m about to show them to my sister i think she might get a shock when she sees them because i have never worn full color in my whole life i absolutely adore the color i think it’s beautiful but it looks really small which is slightly worrying adriana is my older sister she’s lost 92 pounds and she was really one of my inspirations for losing weight before she was hidden inside herself i think i suppose seeing her in color now will will really reflect the transformation of the woman that she is now that she’s bright and vibrant i’ve never been able to express myself through fashion because i didn’t want people looking at me so i would wear black leggings and a baggy black jumper now i get to wear things that i always wanted to wear i can express myself through fashion oh my god look at you jesus oh my god oh my god you look amazing thank you that’s just incredible what a transformation i mean she’s just a different woman a completely different woman you look amazing it’s a bit of a head rush it’s incredible actually it’s incredible i’m so happy for her losing weight has obviously had an amazing effect on my self-confidence i feel so much better about myself when i look in the mirror now i don’t hate myself i appreciate myself i would describe my transformation as completely life changing you
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