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I Lost 130lbs In 11 Months | BRAND NEW ME

in the last year i’ve transformed myself from overweight to a fit and healthy mom before i lost weight i could not walk without feeling out of breath and exhausted at my heaviest weight i was 281 pounds i think the moment that i became pregnant the light bulb went off of what you do not only affects you it affects your daughter as well i’ve been overweight for as long as i can remember since childhood i had a very unhealthy relationship with food i was never diagnosed with like an official eating disorder but i do feel like there was some sort of addiction or binge eating disorder there i just sort of ate my emotions being overweight had a huge impact on me physically it just made it very difficult to just sort of function in life i would go for walks and i would get winded i did not realize the impact that it had on me emotionally because sometimes you can be in such an unhealthy state that you don’t even realize one two good job two three [Music] four that’s right [Applause] what comes after four four what number is this five good job the turning point for me to lose weight was that i got married in 2018 and then i became a mother in late 2019 and then the pandemic began in 2020 and i was very concerned i just wanted to set a good example for my daughter i wanted to be here for her and i knew that i needed to do something different i started off by journaling what my goals were so like what my short-term goals were what my long-term goals were the pandemic helped me to reset because i had more time to like really self-reflect and so because i was home more i was paying a lot more attention to my environment my stress levels the kind of foods that i was eating my exercise routine currently looks like strolls with olivia through the neighborhood um for the first part of the day and then later on i’ll do like a hip workout routine with weights for about an hour or so i have not been to the gym my entire health and wellness journey everything has been at home workouts which has been super convenient for me at my heaviest weight i was 281 pounds in total i lost 131 pounds so in 2020 my friend asked me to go on a hike and i had to turn her down and just let her know that i would only be able to go through um like a park through like a nice walk in the park with her because i just was not physically able to hike at 281 pounds and so for a birthday present after she found out that i was on my health and wellness journey and that i had lost some weight she bought me this beautiful hiking backpack and i just love it inside of the hiking backpack is a book with a list of like local trails that i’ve been looking through that i’m really excited about exploring and then there’s like a hiking log book so i can kind of like write down like where i’m hiking and the date and like my feelings and my thoughts in the moment as i’m hiking and so i’m really looking forward to like filling in the first page of this book very soon i am going hiking today with my friend chiquita going hiking is important to me because being outdoors is really good for my mental health it gives me peace it reduces my anxiety levels it fills me up with joy i love nature and it just makes me happy and to be able to do something that i haven’t been able to do in so long is just going to prove to me the progress that i’ve made on my health and wellness journey the main differences i’ve seen in brie since starting her weight loss journey was that she’s more athletic she has so much energy and she’s so encouraging and she’s just always encouraging everyone around her to live a healthier lifestyle while also loving themselves my biggest reward is being able to go to the playground and run after my daughter to be able to like get on the slide with her go down the slide with her to be able to walk around our backyard and run around our backyard together to be able to take her for walks down the street and our neighborhood together without feeling like super winded or anything and having to cut like experiences short because i’m exhausted so just being able to like engage more actively with her is like the best benefit so far [Music] you
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