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I Lost 100lbs To Become The Sexiest Version Of Myself | BRAND NEW ME

[Music] at my heaviest i was 254 pounds i couldn’t deal with my weight i was too heavy my back was always killing me but i was probably consuming anywhere between 4000 and 5000 calories easy between just the snacks the whole you’re pretty but you need to lose weight it was really hurtful i lost about 100 pounds in the course of the last seven years and wanted to become the best most sexy version of myself that i could be it was always a dream to wear a two-piece and feel comfortable today i’ll be wearing for the first time a two-piece baking suit [Music] at my heaviest i was 254 pounds i wouldn’t really look at myself in the mirrors i would avoid mirrors i would avoid cameras i would avoid public places at all costs or i would try to go during times where i felt like there would not be as much people ever since i was little and i can remember i was always on the bigger side and i was always standing out i was always the bigger person i remember my grandpa always telling me you have a really pretty face if only you would lose the weight and that’s something that i grew up with and it scarred me you know for my entire life the whole you’re pretty but you need to lose weight it was really hurtful to hear all the time my turning point was just you know this time when i went to an amusement park and i attempted to ride a roller coaster but as soon as i sat down and tried to close the little door i was too big for the ride and that was very shocking to me when i first started exercising i really couldn’t do much i was too heavy i started by literally walking 30 minutes a day i started incorporating jogging and alternating between walking jogging and sometimes short sprints i currently weighed 154 pounds i’ve lost a total of 100 pounds when i started losing the weight i started doing some crossfit classes you know i lost 100 pounds so i had a lot of skin and primarily in my stomach area and my surgeon said that i was a very good candidate for a 360 body lift that’s what he suggested and it’s pretty much they left you from the back and tuck you all the way to the front a total of four kilos which is about eight pounds a little over eight pounds of just pure skin it was always a dream of mine to wear a two-piece and feel comfortable in it today i’m going to my friend lisa’s house she has a pool and i’ll be wearing for the first time a two-piece bathing suit i’m nervous but overall i’m just very excited [Music] i met alexa two three years ago uh through a friend her weight loss journey was amazing she is a very disciplined person and i saw her going through a lot after the surgery alexa seems to be more confident she seems happier and she just seems to be more outgoing if i could speak to my old self i would just tell her that she’s beautiful that she’s strong and you know that she can achieve absolutely anything she wants in life because that’s that’s exactly what i did [Music] i feel accomplished you know for the first time i can finally just reveal all the hard work i think the next chapter is just to continue to work on myself to continue to work on my self-confidence i actually got my surgery done summer of 2019 and i became pregnant december of 2019. i want to set an example you know i want her to live a healthy life i want her to live a good life you know and i don’t want her to go through whatever it is that i went through you
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