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I Let Fans Choose My Workout…and I Almost Died | PIIT28

– Hey, you guys! I am really, really, really regretting that I asked you to make a workout for me because all of these revenge
workouts look terrible! So I went through all of them
and I picked the worst one and the worst one is called “Our Revenge” by Sabine from Germany,
you little devil, you. Okay so you guys, today, we, as in you’re not just
gonna watch me do this while eating chips, you’re gonna do this with me too, today’s picked revenge workout consists of burpees, of course, tuck jumps, of course, single legged burpee,
’cause one isn’t enough, froggy hops, oh gosh it just gets worse, plank hop overs, reptile jumps and we end with a cherry on top, plank jack donkey kick. Seriously Sabine? Do you wanna kill me? I think after years of food baby and the 100 burpee challenge and all those crazy things I make you do, I suppose I will have to repay. So you guys, today we’re
using the PIIT Pocket app. I’ve inserted all of
Sabine’s moves in here along with her title “Our
Revenge” with the devil emoji. And basically, all moves are
45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. You have seven moves and today we’re gonna
do one round together but you need to do all four. So you guys, here we
go. I am really scared. Please pray for me. (sighs) Let’s do this. Putting it right there. We begin with burpees, you guys. Up in here. Give me a
pushup and bring it up. Okay, just like that. Not so bad yet. Oof! Lift legs. Bring your elbows back as
you do those tricep pushups. But if you don’t want to, you can always do those on your knees. You can also bring your elbows out if you want more of a chest workout. Ooh! Lifting, breathe out. Now if I weren’t talking,
this would be a lot easier! But I’m gonna try to encourage you as we are doing these moves. (heavy breathing) Lifting. Five more seconds. (upbeat music) Okay, very good. Now (sharp exhale) next
up, we have tuck jumps. Okay, not so bad. Not too bad. You guys, with the tuck jumps, make sure you’re bringing
those knees all the way up. (heavy breathing) Here we go! Tuck jumps! Tuck jumps! Just like that. Oh gosh,
this is a heartbeat scorcher. Woo! I am not liking this right now. Oh my gosh. This is cardio central. And you guys know, Cassie
does not like cardio. Of course, what would
my revenge workout be? All cardio. And lift those knees up. Higher! 15 seconds, let’s go. Up, up! Use those arms. Ooh, higher! Almost there. (upbeat music) A couple more. One more. (sharp exhale) Okay, 15 second break. Single legged burpee. All right, with a single legged burpee, take out the push up. (sharp exhale) Five seconds. Here we go. One leg up! Make sure you do the other leg next time. Here and lift. Strong leg, focus,
belly in nice and tight. Oh gosh. That leg is dying. You know what, you guys?
You go at your own pace. Whatever you need to
do to get through this. You’re gonna be just fine. And if you’re tired, go ahead
and just give me a plank. 15 seconds more! (shrieks) (upbeat music) You’ve got it! Keep going, you guys.
You’re doing so good! (shrieks) Okay. Okay, next we have froggy hops. Okay, you guys, froggy hops. You’re gonna get down
into your plank position. Both feet are gonna come flat right next to your shoulders. All right, here! Froggy hop, just like that. Make sure you press
those palms into the mat. Out and in. Let’s go! Stay strong. Core tight! Power through these! Breath in through your nose,
out through your mouth. Ooh! And I’m regretting asking you
guys for a revenge workout! (yelps) 15 seconds. Come on, let’s go! Keep breathing. Keep pushing. Almost there. Okay. My legs are dead. Oh gosh, it’s so bad. We’re doing plank hop overs. Okay, imagine you have a mat. Maybe you do have one. I don’t. Today, you’re gonna jump over the mat. Oh gosh! Here we go. Feet on one side. Hopping over, hopping over. Woo! The carpet is a little slippery but I guess that makes it a
little bit interesting today. Woo! Come on. Lifting, lifting. Abs in tight. The quads are on fire. (sharp exhale) I am tiring out, you guys. 15 seconds and I’m slowing down. You guys at home, keep pushing. Maybe you’re better at cardio than I am. God, I hope you are! Woo-hoo! Keep going. One more. Oh, my legs! Okay, two more. We have reptile jumps. I
am sweating like crazy. Okay. I wish these breaks were longer. Okay. Reptile jumps, here we go! You start with one leg right here and we switch and we switch and we switch. Light with the legs. (heavy breathing) Let’s just get through
this. You’re gonna be fine. (heavy breathing) Land with those feet flat by your hands. Keep breathing. Almost there, you guys.
15 seconds right here. (heavy breathing) I keep looking down at the timer, wishing it were saying “three, two, one.” (heavy breathing) Come on! One more. Oh my gosh, okay. Last one. Plank jack donkey kick. I hate you for this. This is so bad. Okay, last 45 seconds. Let’s go! Down into that plank position, you guys. Plank, jack, donkey kick. Plank, jack, donkey kick. I’m gonna take it one at time. (sharp exhale) Ugh, come on. You got this. Out, in, push! Oh gosh. Half way! Out, in. In and push! Oh my gosh. I’m so tired right now. (heavy breathing) Sweat is dripping! Eight seconds. (heavy breathing) One more! Oh my god. (heavy breathing) You guys, I am smashed. Sabine, you killed me. You made me never wanna ask for another revenge workout ever again. And I have a lot of sympathy for you guys. That was ridiculous. Now if you guys want to download- I can’t even move anymore. If you guys wanna download
the PIIT Pocket app, head into the iPhone or
Android Google Play store and type in “PIIT Pocket” and go ahead and make
your own custom routines. But don’t make it this bad. Okay you guys, I’ll
see you next time. Bye! (“Keep On Doing What You Do”)
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