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I Have Vitiligo – But My Date Had A Surprise For Me Too | DATING DIFFERENT

so today i’m going on my first blind date so what makes dating different for me is people’s first impression when they see me with my with my vitiligo growing up is very difficult and it definitely made me the person i am today [Music] on the first date um i definitely would be down for you know a kiss a peck or two definitely not objective to that if she can make me laugh the whole day then i i’ll definitely be impressed so i feel like far’s first impressions i think i’m definitely going to make a great first impression i’m going to look the part that’s going to be half of half of the battle right there and just let my personality do the rest my name is javon woods i’m 35 years old and i live in waldorf maryland currently my hobbies and interests are music and modeling i love preparing shows events and then i love modeling and getting in front of the camera as much as i can so the first places i had vitiligo was probably like either right in here or like on my lips probably right here i wore glasses so it started right here to form like where i wore my glasses like you know around these areas around here so that’s probably where it first started but pretty much every year my skin or you can see more of my vitiligo coming in more of my natural skin going away so [Music] the type of women that i typically go for are normally like artsy type women you know kind of in an industry similar to mine maybe music some type of art passion for some type of talent that they do you know looks wise definitely i love a looker you know a beautiful woman but uh other than that you know just be yourself that’s it [Music] my name is lynne faith i am 34 years old i am a housing specialist here in d.c and i’m a christian dream interpretator i have not been on a blind date before i’m excited a little nervous so i’m excited hi how are you doing i’m jay hey i’m lynn it’s nice to meet you yes okay nice to meet you nice to meet you as well [Music] are you from dc i am what what i was born in d.c i was born in southeast you i’m from d.c okay born and raised uptown what do you do so i’m model do you i am a i’m a model i’ve been modeling for about three years now be about four years this summer that’s what’s up look at you modeling and stuff i never really thought i would be a model but i had a friend reached out to me for a specific project yeah and um you know because of my skin you know i’m saying people always want me behind up the camera and stuff like that and um when we posted the pictures they just went viral like i’m talking about wow people start reposting re hashtagging and reposting our pictures and i’ve been booked and busy ever since then and that was that was three years ago so see that’s a blessing that’s what’s up you know before this data we’re gonna have to play some of the games just know you won’t get dust just because you just because you’re cute don’t i’m not gonna let you win just because you kid okay i think the date is going very well right now we’re both talking and laughing communicating so can’t really get any better than that so educate me educate me on on you so as you can see i have vitiligo it’s an immune deficiency type disease so it’s basically [Music] basically the cells in my body are always fighting to see which pigment it really wants to be you know the white pigment or the black pigment but um pretty much over the years just spread and you know what i’m saying is i become more of my my vitiligo side of the pigment so growing up as a kid with vitiligo um it was very rough you know definitely a lot of name calling a lot of bullying you know a lot of kids not really understanding you know what my condition was i’m not a stranger to like autoimmune diseases or conditions i have alopecia which is where the immune system attacks the hair follicles it sees it as a threat and so yeah i have short low low hair no we got stuff in common already that’s what i’m talking about you want to look i’m taking my hat off beautiful as ever still i love it i love it i guess that’s kind of similar to yours mine started small like a quarter and then it just started spreading and it took a minute because your hair is your glory for a woman especially when i lost my hair it was it was a struggle of finding a new identity because a bald head is a bold look what i love in a woman is definitely personality passion i definitely want to find out you know your love what makes you happy but puts a smile on your face that’s what i’m more concerned about someone that’s open and honest then you know just willing to communicate so um i heard through the grapevine i’m just i’m just saying you know i heard to the grapevine that um you do what’s called what interpreting dreams or what is what’s that about how is that yeah so um i interpret dreams um usually someone will have a dream um they’ll call me and ask me the understanding of the dream and whether or not they’re supposed to like act on it so let me ask you this if i left here today and i had a dream about you tonight how would you interpret that it just depends on what the dream was about um okay yeah let me well let me wait and see if i actually have one tonight and if i do okay then i’ll let you know so i definitely enjoy my day today um i definitely had a good time definitely full of laughs and good company and i definitely had fun yeah i had a lot of fun we played games i definitely want to see you again uh maybe maybe i’m i’m down for a rematch he beat me twice in connect four so yeah i’m down for a rematch i think lean’s reaction to my vitiligo was great her eye stayed you know stuck on me glued on me the whole time she never really gave me a double glance or double look he was very acceptable to all of that type of stuff so it was great this date taught me that there are still good people out here still good opportunities to meet good people you
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