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I Don’t Care If Men Think I Look Manly | MIAMI MUSCLE

i don’t care if men think that i look manly i love how my body looks and i want to empower women to feel the same back when i was in wrestling i got called all the names i wanted to create an empowering space for women to get ripped and not feel judged you can be buff and you can be a babe halfway come on four yes ma’am six more and you’re done i don’t know what end yeah right now i weigh 158 the stage weight is going to be around 1 35. i write down i’m going to be a pro every single day my name is julia renee i am 24. i live in austin texas and i am a bodybuilder i own the buff babe academy which is a group of females that are all wanting to build muscle build confidence [Music] beef oats and eggs together a lot of people are like ew that’s gross and then we need hot sauce i started bodybuilding i want to say about three and a half years ago it really kind of stems from when i was in wrestling in high school i was the only female on an all boys wrestling team i did a lot of weightlifting did a lot of competing then i got called all the names i never wanted any female to feel that way [Music] so we have the egg yolk with the bats even the beef that we’re using is a 90 10 so a little bit fattier beef you got the oats for your carbohydrate source it’s just a great way to start the day my meals are all centered around protein and i have six of them a day every two and a half to three hours and then last step that goes on top my relationship with my body has changed a lot through bodybuilding it can also be really challenging because when you’re competing for a show you get super stage lean and when you see your body look like that and then you try to reverse back and go into your normal healthy body weight it can be really challenging on your mind one of the more magical things about bodybuilding is creating this community around it since bodybuilding is such a very individual sport when you can get together with a bunch of people that all have the same love for it it makes it feel less alone my next show is going to be july 2nd in charleston if i win i’m going to be a pro in the division i compete in which is wellness after that i’ll be competing as a pro bodybuilder there’s a lot of things that go into preparing for a competition not only what you have to do with your body the diet the cardio we’re not at the point where it gets very very hard it’s starting to get hard ready for a leg day we mixed a scoop of pre-workout which has caffeine for energy and focus l-carnitine for fat storage and fat burning during the workout alpha surge for get more blood flow to the muscles i’m probably gonna take half of it and then take the other half when we get there so my high doesn’t wear off we’re headed to the gym right now we’re gonna hit a leg workout and it’s about four or five girls that are also wellness competitors [Music] okay since there’s a lot of us we’re going to have to move quick we’re going to start here once we’re all warmed up we’ll superset it with the leg extension over there i started coaching i want to say two years the buff babe academy is basically a huge group of women that are all dedicated to the same thing they all enjoy lifting motivating each other now push up from your feet that’s why it comes out and then you lock it back in a lot of people comment on my body over social media especially when i get super lean for stage if i’m getting too stage lean then i’m too muscular i’m too manly i look gross and then if i start gaining weight i’m too fat i’m too this i’m too that you’re always going to be too something for somebody that’s the thing about this group of females is that like they push me who’s next we’re not messing around our culture has taught us anything everyone loves a good underdog and we come into this space and are immediately judged just because we are women we can be just as strong as men and still hold our femininity the girls support girls everything she stands for forever on my water bottle bodybuilding has changed how i feel about myself as a woman you can be muscular and you can be feminine and you can be beautiful and sexy all at the same time you can be buff and you can be a babe what’s next for me is to win this next show hopefully after that win a pro show and if i win a pro show then i go to the olympia which is the biggest competition for bodybuilding ever the main goal is to be miss olympia of what i do one day you
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