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I Beat My Binge Eating And Lost 80lbs | BRAND NEW ME

as a teen i became a secret eater when i was having a binge episode i’d probably consume between 1 000 to 2000 calories in one go i think the massive light bulb moment for me was trying on wedding dresses and nothing fitting me anymore and i just had a realization i couldn’t keep going on like this anymore at my heaviest i weighed 220 pounds so when i look at the wedding photographs it always makes me think wow five months before that how big you are and how determined you became just to get into that dress [Music] i think it was hard for my parents growing up because for all they knew they were feeding me really good meals we had no fizzy drinks in the house really everything was healthy and they didn’t realize that behind closed doors i was getting food from other places binge eating disorders something that i didn’t even know i had really it was when i started looking online and researching different eating disorders when i have a binge eating episode it’s usually anything i have in the cupboard or anything i can get from a shop that’s close by so it would be a multi-pack of sausage rolls crisps chocolate anything that’s in a multi-pack that’s quick and easy i’m definitely shocked at the amount i used to eat i’d probably eat two or three of these plates within the space of 10 minutes so my wedding was booked for the september and i tried on wedding dresses and i just felt horrendous it was nothing fitted me it was humiliating i thought i am never i literally walked out there and cried to my mum i was like i’m never doing that again i’m not getting married i had a proper breakdown i spoke to chris and he said beth if you really want to do this you need to do this properly and you need to really focus and you know knuckle down instead of just lashing out i would google how do i lose one stone in a week how do i lose two stone in a month how do i lose weight for a wedding honestly i’d google it all of these things i’d pay for pills i paid for a cream everything i’ve tried and none of it it’s worked but it’s never maintained ever i think my massive light bulb moment was looking online and finding out what a calorie deficit actually was i’ve never heard of it before all it is it’s so simple however many calories that you burn in a day you need to eat less than that and that’s all it is it’s that simple at my heaviest i weigh 220 pounds all in all it took me one year to lose six stone i now weigh 140 pounds it wasn’t until i’ve lost the majority of my weight that i actually tried to go to the gym and i thought you know what beth it’s time for you to go to the gym finally do it and get over that hurdle in the beginning i used to feel really self-conscious coming here especially on my own i now do lots of classes and i don’t care what people think i don’t look at everyone or else around me and focus on myself i think it’s only natural to doubt yourself during a weight loss journey because if you’re anything like me you’ve done it 10 times before and you’ve never really succeeded so i think in those moments i had to sit down take a deep breath and you know tell myself i was only doing this journey once i was going to do it the right way what are we having i’m going to do crispy shredded chicken and a nice sauce with some rice some noodles something quick and easy that’s delicious very nice and all of my followers love it as well during the first lockdown i finally downloaded tik tok and i’ve seen a lot of people uploading like their weight loss transformations and i thought you know what i could do that so i just take loads of videos and photos of the food that i make so i can put it on my tech chalk on my instagram and they can then do my recipe and it’s super easy because it’s all videoed for them i never realized she was binge eating until way after leaving home and hers having a really honest conversation about why she was so unhappy she’s changed so much in the last few years just knowing what she wants no one else can help you and that was the main thing this time around was doing it for me not for anyone now it’s not because i thought i’d look better in a dress because i wanted to do it and i needed to do it with my own sanity so when i look at the wedding photographs it always makes me think wow five months before that how big you were and how determined you became just to get into that dress and how scared i was that you wouldn’t get into it but just go to shows determination getting your mindset in the right place that’s wonders 100 your mindset my biggest piece of advice is slow and steady wins the race every single time take each day as it comes and have everything in balance and just be the best version of yourself my life changed in an amazing way my mental health’s better my body is obviously better my outlook on life is so much better and now i’m helping other people to do that and it’s just amazing really you
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