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I Baked A Dessert Using Only Random Pantry Items • Tasty

[Music] welcome to the great pantry bake off next to me is our one and only contestant catherine who you may wonder let me start over i’m sorry i was so bad hi by the way the reason chris is talking in a terrible british accent is because i’m obsessed with the great british bake off we’re currently on quarantine right now so we are staying home and i thought it’d be really fun to have our own like great british bake off and i forced chris to be the host i love doing it it’s fantastic i have selected four items from our pantry that you’re going to have to use in a dessert recipe of your choosing they are coffee creamer box of pudding jar of raspberry jam and a can of peaches so i just have to use these but i can use anything else in the pantry please yes okay thank you yes let’s just say i’m putting you to the test okay i’ve thought about it a lot and when i say a lot i mean like five minutes i’m gonna be making a peach pudding raspberry tart with raspberry raspberry with raspberry meringues on top i thought an easy shortbread cookie crust would be super delicious with the pudding so first we’ll add one cup of flour a quarter cup of sugar and a quarter teaspoon salt mix those together and then i’ve melted a stick of butter so you’ll just add that to your bowl and then mix it all together so this is going to be delicious take a tart pan with a removable bottom take our dough we’ll place it right there i’m just going to take my hands which i’ve washed and press in the dough [Music] okay oh i’m hot in here great the dough has been spread out on the tart pan i’m gonna throw this in the oven at 350 degrees fahrenheit for about 20 minutes just until it has like a nice golden color and then we’ll let it cool we can do this okay while that is baking i’m gonna prep the peaches first open the can if you can oh and i can wow strain the peaches try to get off as much juice as you can on there save this juice to use in our filling so just set that aside for right now in a larger bowl place your peaches and you’re just gonna mash away it’s a great way to get out you know some stress i’m sure i’m sure everyone’s a little bit stressed so this is a good way to work out those feelings and just mash it up as best you can until it’s in little clumps we’re going to set this aside and i have so i have our tart this has cooled to the touch and we have that nice golden brown not too dark next step i’ve measured out about a half a cup of this jam so just spread that out along the bottom nice and even [Music] perfect i’m gonna go put this in the freezer for about 10 minutes just so it can kind of solidify on the bottom i’ve got a lot of food in the freezer right now hopefully i can make room for this wish me luck why do i always want to creep out for the rest of the filling i’m gonna be making kind of a peaches and cream pudding first thing i’m gonna take is one cup of milk instant vanilla pudding and we’re gonna do a quarter cup of this coffee creamer and i’m going to add a quarter cup of that reserved peaches liquid whisk that up i’ve actually never made instant pudding so i’m excited to see how it’s going to turn out now i’m going to add in our peach puree and we’ll just fold that into the pudding so this is super liquidy which i don’t think is right is this not nope nope because this is not instant pudding and you gotta do this on the stove so it thickens up let’s let’s go to the stovetop magic i’ve been home way too long i’m gonna put this guy in a medium saucepan i’m gonna heat this over medium-high heat until it comes to a boil that will make it pudding oh man i’m waiting for this pudding to boil it’s just in the pudding is at a boil i’m gonna stir him up remove him from the heat and we’re gonna let that cool and as the box says it’ll thicken as it cools okay our pudding has cooled our raspberry jam has set so i am just gonna take this pudding and put it across the top to take a knife to make sure it’s nice and smooth after that i’m going to cover with plastic wrap right on top of it actually you’re just going to let that lay flat on top place this in the freezer for about two hours it’s five o’clock so i do not have a lot of time till sundown so for my final element i’m going to be making raspberry meringue cookies meringue is one of those kind of tricky things a lot of things can go wrong with it even though there’s very few ingredients so tip one when it comes to making meringues is you want to have a clean bowl with no water so make sure it’s super dry first add two egg whites you also want to be sure there’s no egg yolks in your egg whites next i’m going to use a little bit of cream of tartar this is going to help stabilize my eggs and make it a little bit more foolproof add a quarter teaspoon of the cream of tartar then on a low speed we’re going to whip these eggs up until they become foamy okay now that that’s nice and foamy i’m gonna whip this at a high speed until we get soft peaks gradually mix in a half a cup of granulated sugar start at a low speed and just do about a couple tablespoons at a time as this goes i’m going to gradually bring the speed up you really don’t want to rush this part i have and it does not work out well keep mixing this at a high speed until it gets really thick and form stiff peaks basically i’ve taken the jam i’ve put it through a strainer to get out the seeds and then we’re going to incorporate that a little bit into our meringue beautiful now that we’re done adding the jam i’m going to take a piping bag with a piping tip take some of the leftover jam the remaining i’m just going to line the sides of our piping bag with it then take your meringue and you’re going to put it in to the piping bag we don’t want to over fill it so that looks good and then you’ll squeeze that to the end so i have a baking sheet with a silt pad on it you can do parchment paper just something nonstick okay let’s uh let’s give this a try we’re done with these guys they definitely kind of have an ombre effect some have a lot of jam and then it gets a lot lighter i think these look pretty cute i’m gonna put them in the oven at 200 degrees fahrenheit and bake them for about an hour or until they’re easy to kind of pick up off the baking pan okay our meringues are out of the oven and i’ve let them cool i also found in the back of the freezer some raspberries i had frozen a while ago so i’m going to use those too i’m just going to place them kind of like an egg crescent shape around the top of the tart a nifty trick to get your tart out of your tart pan you can take a can place it on your table and you take your tart very carefully and you set it down and then voila i like how it turned out i have no idea how it tastes because again i’ve never made this before we’re gonna let chris be the guinea pig here and taste it press okay you can open your eyes oh this looks beautiful so it’s a raspberry peach pudding tart with a shortbread crust gorgeous and raspberry meringue swirl cookies on the top i’m really excited to taste it it looks great these look great how did you get these to look like this i piped them okay hard work let’s see how it cuts all right oh wow okay not as clean layers this looks really great i’m actually super excited to dive into this why are you going for a super hungry i’m scared this here whoa whoa very aggressive very aggressive let’s see ah oh my god there got it oh my golly miss balls okay now i’m trying hmm it’s really really good with the rice when you get a bite with a fresh raspberry oh yeah okay this is really great based on this you are [Music] the winner of great pantry bacon you are i’m the only one that’s here and of course your prize great pantry baker yay thank you cookies cookies what are you talking about oh you’re a maniac what if i just said goodbye these days cooking we buy cookies [Music] you
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