How Well Does My Editor Know Medicine After 1 Billion Views?

(Dr. Mike sputtering) – Oh my God, it is so bad. – Is it getting worse each time? – It’s getting worse. Hey, guys. We just hit 1 billion views.
(people cheering) And to celebrate, I sat down with my long-time editor
and partner, Dan Owens, to see how much medical knowledge he’s picked up along the way. We added a spicy twist too. Pee-whoop! You’ve edited, or at least
had your hand in editing, pretty much every video on the channel. So you should have all of the answers. (lively violin music) (whoosh)
(beep) – Chest compressions are two inches deep. 120 beats per minute. – 100. – I do it faster than you. – For every one he gets right,
I have to take some wasabi. He gets it wrong, he
has to have some wasabi. And neither of us are good with spicy. Are you good with spicy?
– No. It’s gonna be really bad. Multiple choice?
– Nope. You have to give complete
answers and I’m the judge. Is it safe to crack your own neck? – Mm… – He said,
– You’re like a… “Mm.” – So, the answer is yes, it’s safe. – Cracking your neck is
probably not a bad thing, as long as you’re not doing some crazy techniques on yourself. (affirmative ding) Would you say that’s a fair amount? – Yeah. (Western showdown music) Probably the most weird way to consume it. – Oh, Dan. This is spicy!
– Yeah. I know, dude. – I’m okay for now. I don’t
think I can do that again. (clears throat) How often do people need
to change their underwear? – How often do you need to? Everyday. – I would do it daily. – If they’re all about this easy, it’s gonna become a problem real quick. – That’s what I’m saying. (Western showdown music) (coughing) – Oh! God, Tim. These better get harder. Is it true that alkaline
water is better than non-alkaline water?
– No. – Whether it’s alkaline or acidic, it doesn’t change the
acidity of your blood. That’s not how it works. I’m gonna give you a question
right now. Spur of the moment. What is your blood PH level range? – Range? – Yeah. I’ll eat this while you guess it. (Western showdown music) The kicker on it… (coughing) (clearing throat) – So I can’t give you a range. – Give me a normal blood PH,
and if it’s within the range… – So the only number in my head is seven. – Nope. (negative buzz) Eat it. – What is it?
– 7.35 to 7.45. (slide whistle sound) It’s that tightly regulated. (Western showdown music) The kick is bad. – Yep. (coughing) – Does muscle really weigh more than fat? – Muscle is more dense than fat. I’m gonna say… no. – Well, that’s like typical
trick question that people ask: what weighs more, a pound of
feathers or a pound of gold? They weigh the same. (Western showdown music) (sputtering) – Dude, you know what’s crazy? I feel like I’m gonna
be able to track this all the way through my digestive system.
– Dude, I am tracking it. – It’s right here right now!
– It’s right here. Yeah, yeah. What do you think about
cranberry supplements? Do they prevent UTIs? – They don’t prevent UTIs, but there’s a caveat that in theory, maybe I shouldn’t give
you more information than you asked for. – The evidence… honestly,
like I’ve looked at it. It’s fairly weak. (Western showdown music) I can’t keep doing it. I’m gonna throw up. (sputtering) (Western showdown music) – Is it building? Like, is
it getting worse each time? – It’s getting worse. – Oh. Dan, start getting some wrong. What causes hiccups? – Is that a trick? – (wheezing) Is what a trick? It’s a straightforward question. – The first thing that
comes to mind is like, “it’s not quite known what
causes hiccups, actually”. Or am I thinking of yawns? – Not gonna help you. – So I’m gonna say it’s not known. – Hiccups is just a little spasm
going on in your diaphragm, which is the muscle
immediately below your lungs. – So functionally, a hiccup is a spasm. The spasm doesn’t cause the hiccup. – Yeah it does. – I’ll take your word for it. – You can take my wasabi for it. – Whu! (Western showdown music) It hit my nose this time. – Yeah, when it hits the nose… – My eyes are watering now. – If I’m trying to get pregnant, should I take prenatal
vitamins? (coughing) – I’m gonna say yes. – Should I take prenatal vitamins if I’m trying to get pregnant? Yeah Kora, you really should. (affirmative ding) – I’m actually having a
good time because I didn’t, I’m not clear like how much of this- (sputtering) – Oh my god, it’s so bad. – You got some drool. I might do a Dan cam on this video. – [Dr. Mike] I already wiped it. What are the three
muscle types in the body? – Skeletal. – Ding ding ding! For the first one. – I would recognize- I would, like if, multiple choice would be
clutch. I’d get it right away. – Bear, no, you can’t be here. No, no, no, no, no. No! – I don’t know. I’m gonna give in. – The answer is B: smooth muscle, cardiac
muscle, and skeletal muscle. – All right, all right. – I know this one’s gonna hurt him so bad. It’s making me feel so good. It’s making me not
think about my own pain. I know that one’s gonna hurt ’cause- – Bear looked at me and
he’s like, ‘Are you sure?’ (Western showdown music)
(Sam laughing) – What brings blood back to the heart? – I’m not confident, but I think… Arteries. – A: carry blood away,
veins bring blood back. – Arteries! A: away from the heart. – Here I go. (mimics snorting) (record scratch) – Don’t do that.
– How much that would suck? (Western showdown music) – Is your stomach bad? – It’s not optimal. – [Dr. Mike] Yeah. What connects muscle to
bone, versus bone to bone? – This one always trips me up. – This connects muscle to bone: – I’ll say ligaments. – What connects bones
and muscles together? God I’m giving all of them away! Tendons. – Pee-whoop, man. – Oh, pee-whoop! Pee-whoop. – I’m gonna pre-censor
myself. Pee-whoop, man! (Western showdown music) – Oh, this one’s not gonna
go well. He took it slow. He took it slow. (Western showdown music) (wheezes) I love that we both
look down while we do it. – [Sam] So it’ll be better
for the edit if you look up (laughing) so we can see your faces. Better for the thumbnails, perhaps? – I wonder what makes it go in your nose. Holy crap. (wheezes) – I almost miss the wasabi now. – You’ve eaten so many in a row. – What is the actual name for your abs? – Are you looking for abdominals? – I’m looking for the medical term. – Oh. But like, the Latin? Will you grant me if
it’s a one or two words? – Two words. – Then I’m not gonna get it. – Can you take like a full-on guess? – No.
(Dr. Mike wheezes) – They’re called abs because
the proper medical term for them is rectus abdominis. (sped up Western showdown music) (sped up Western showdown music) Keep the eye contact! That one looked like it went down well. – I don’t think so, man. – What is the hospital term
for when someone’s heart stops and what should they immediately begin? – Code blue, chest compressions. – Heart stopping, that’s the code blue. I’ve talked about this before. Instantly give roles to everybody: “You do chest compressions, you do this”. (affirmative ding) (spoon hitting tooth) – [Dan] What was that? Your tooth? – It was not only a tooth,
but because of the panic, I flexed my hamstring
and I hate myself for it. (Western showdown music) (Dr. Mike snorting)
(Dan laughing) – [Sam] Wanna finish the
rest of that spoon there? (coughs)
(clears throat in pain) (giggles deviously) – What does HIPAA stand for? – Ooh… (chuckles) Health Information… Protection and Portability Act? – That’s pretty close
(negative buzz) but it’s wrong. – Health insurance
protect- portability… No. Protection. God, (Dan laughing) you got into my head. Health Insurance Portability
and Accountability Act. You misspelled it on the
first Grey’s episode. – Oh right, there’s two A’s. – [Dr. Mike] Two A’s, not two P’s – [Dan] God damn, dude. – Did you know how many
comments I got off that? “Mike, you’re an idiot!” (Dan laughing) – This looks remarkably
like bird (pee-whoop!). – You know what? It does. (Western showdown music) See that part’s not so bad.
It’s this part right here. (chipmunk voice) What
you’re witnessing here is the animal beginning to
decompose its own mouth. And it starts spreading
into the nasal passageways. And once the nasal passageways are hit, the tears start rolling in. (teardrops falling) (coughing) And he decomposes. What’s it called when a lung collapses? – Pneumothorax. – (affirmative ding) Ohhhhh! Dan comes in with the vocabulary! – [Sam] Whoa! – How did you know that? – I know what it is, I can
spell it… the whole thing. – Dude, I don’t wanna do this. (slowed down Western showdown music) You gotta make it sensual, too. (Dan laughing) – Stop laughing, Dan. – It’s way better when you
try to be serious about it. – What is the best location to give the treatment for
an anaphylactic reaction? – The thigh. – More specific. – The quad. – More specific.
– No. (Sam laughing) – Get her out. Epi pen into
the upper thigh, quick. It’s the anterior lateral thigh. – Oh my God, dude. – Can we call that a no? What is the principle called in which competent patients have the right to refuse or choose their own treatment course? – Are you just talking about
the phrase “patient autonomy”? That’s called the principle of autonomy. – Eat your bird (pee-whoop!)
and look in the camera. – Are you hearing this? – No. I’ll listen more actively. (Western showdown music) (Dr. Mike sputtering)
(Dan laughing) – If you guys knew what I’m thinking about to try and fight the pain,
you wouldn’t believe it. I’m thinking about how much
my grandparents suffered in World War II. – That’s good, dude. I’m also gonna think
about your grandparents. – Oh, I just had a mean wasabi burp. Oh man, and my stomach just compressed. I felt it go (gross slurp) and it moved. The rectus abdominis. How should you sneeze when
you’re wearing a surgical mask? – Oh, I don’t know. But I’m gonna say… step out of the room. – You have to sneeze forward. The worst thing that you
can do is turn to the side and sneeze, ’cause then
all the sneeze stuff, all the sneeze stuff, all the sneeze particles
comes out onto the patient. (Western showdown music) Should I order sushi? – Yeah, it comes with wasabi.
It’s awesome. (coughing) – What is the term for an enlarged tongue? (Dan groans) – That’s wrong. (Dr. Mike
imitates Dan groaning) Macroglossia, I believe it’s called. (Western showdown music) (Western showdown music) (Western showdown music) – (sighing in pain) I survived. – We survived this and a billion views. (TV static)
Well, first of all, we have to tell the
audience that I’m injured so they don’t think I’m
wearing a weird outfit. It is a grade two hamstring tear slash pull slash tear. (TV static)
Can we put stakes on this? – [Sam] We could. – I want them well done. – Well done steaks?
– [Sam] Medium rare steaks? – He’s gonna know most of them, so it has to be a punishment. Can I punch with my hamstring? (slap) – It’s just not enough of a punishment. (wheezing) Maybe we should do something gross like you and Dilshad did. (electric razor buzzing) – Yeah I don’t like that. – You’re not supposed to like it. – He has to eat four kinder
eggs. He has to eat Bear’s food. I get to shave your head. What
if I make you an ice bath? (beep) What video should
we recommend they watch? What about how to not get sick? – I like that video. – 10 ways of how to not get sick. – Oldie, but a goodie. – All right. Well,
thanks for watching guys. Stay happy and healthy.
Keep watching. Click here. How to not get sick. Pee-whoop! (rhythmic synthesizer music) (rhythmic synthesizer music)
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