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How To Wash Windows, With Rajiv Surendra | Life Skills With Rajiv

and ain’t gonna wash no windows and i ain’t gonna feed no cows this woman’s liberation honey’s gonna start right now and you’ll say hey loretta i love you more than my irish setter hey loretta don’t leave me alone nope [Music] hi i’m rajiv and today we’re going back to basics washing windows something that every grown-up needs to know how to do so i’ve used the blue commercial window glass cleaner stuff i’ve used the vinegar in the newspaper um i’ve used like glass wipes and this by far for me is the most effective way of getting a completely streak free surface for the windows for mirrors for glass it’s it’s just so great all you need is a a bucket of some warm water and just a very little bit of cornstarch so the corn starch goes in the water you mix it around you use one rag to swish the water around and to have like the the wet solution go on the glass and then you use a dry rag to wipe it off if you put too much cornstarch in the water there will be a film on the glass and if you don’t put enough cornstarch in the water then it won’t wick away the grease from the glass so you need the right amount of cornstarch for about a gallon of water so i have this bucket filled to about here i’m only going to put in a quarter teaspoon of cornstarch so just that much cornstarch into the warm water stir it around and really mix it in because you don’t want any lumps or clumps of cornstarch to get onto the cloth as those will transfer to the glass so this simple easy cheap this is the magic solution that is really gonna work on the windows now i’m gonna take my little rag put it in here swish it around and now we can move over to the window which really needs a cleaning because it’s dirty [Music] look at this look at this look at how dirty this is look at this filth [Music] there’s a lot of dirt on these windows and um most of the dirt is actual like real grime i’m gonna take that off of the window first by just using this wet cloth [Music] now i’m switching to my dry cloth i dry clean cloth and i’m just gonna polish all the water off and because the sun’s shining on the window it’s helping to dry the window quickly but you want to do this and check and make sure there are no streaks and that looks really good actually already i’m just gonna also while i’m out here clean this sill which is really filthy [Music] ugh just one window and look at how nasty that water is nasty nasty water oh swoosh what’s on there the standards are slipping that’s what he says when i visit gigi sometimes she will be having coffee geez my friend from ireland we’ll be having coffee in our kitchen and choke juice speed looking up at the ceiling and she’ll see cobwebs and she’ll go oh dear don’t look up darling there’s cobwebs the standards are slipping so now i say that the standards are slipping hear that squeak that’s where squeaky clean comes from you have to use the dry cloth until it’s dry because if you if you stop wiping while it’s still wet those streaks are going to stay on there you want to clean the screen because if you clean your nice windows and just put this dirty screen back in there if there’s heavy rain the rain is going to come through the screen and just splatter dirt back onto the glass so that’s why if you want to do this properly if you want to do it thoroughly clean the screens as well so i take the screens out and you can use this cornstarch water or you can use clean soapy water and you can see it is dirty so rinse that out i’m going to flip the screen over and i’m going to do the other side [Music] perfect [Music] [Music] no chemicals no paper towel not even pennies to make what’s in here the best way to wash windows if you like this video give it a thumbs up if you didn’t that’s fine but please subscribe for more videos just like this one bye [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsbsGo-DjMI

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